Golden Tote Review

I received the items below from Golden Tote for purposes of evaluation. Thoughts are my own.

It’s getting a lot colder now but I must admit that my closet still isn’t ready for the cold weather. So when Golden Tote gave me an opportunity to try out their service, I immediately said yes.

Not only do I like the fact that I’ll receive clothes to add to my Fall wardrobe, I also like the fact that I’ll receive clothes that I probably won’t pick out myself. I mean, I tend to only get basic, neutral, and versatile clothes when I shop because I usually just go for accessories when changing my look. But since someone else will be picking out the clothes in my tote, I was really excited to see what I’ll get.

To purchase a Golden Tote, you need to fill out your style profile then choose between two totes — one is $49 with 2-3 items worth up to $200, the other is $149 with 5-7 items up to a $600 value.


Then pick one (if you chose the $49 tote) or two (if you chose the $149 tote) items from a selection. I chose the $149 tote and picked these 2 items — the Perfectly Plaid Dress and Chunky Knit Pullover.

Golden Tote Choices

And last week I received these 6 items — 2 dresses, 2 tops and 2 sweaters. They were all tucked neatly inside a golden tote (it’s not made of gold, but it has Golden Tote’s name in gold), and included style cards for the two items I picked upon ordering.

Golden Tote Package

Naturally, I was excited to try them all on and see how I can style each. I tried on the dresses first because I wanted to check if they would look good with or without leggings. Here are sample photos. Do you prefer them with leggings?


Golden Tote dresses with and without leggings

I styled the Perfectly Plaid Dress with a red belt just so I can add a pop of color to the dark ensemble but it looks great even when worn as it is.

The second one is a Black and White Pinstripe Dress and I must say that I absolutely love it! Definitely my style! Neutral colors, very basic and thus very versatile. I can just imagine so many possibilities with this dress — just accessorize with either a statement necklace or a scarf, or maybe just leave it as it is. It’s going to be beautiful however you choose to wear it!


Golden Tote tops

On to the two tops I got! I’m happy to say that I’m pleasantly surprised that I love both of them! I loved the navy blue top right away because it has that preppy appeal. In fact, I already wore it to church last week and got compliments on it.

That floral top, on the other hand, is another story. I wasn’t excited about it at first. But the moment I put it on and snapped that picture, I was surprised to see how it made me look thinner than usual. I mean, I know color-block clothes make you look less bulky but I thought that only worked if the “outside block” was darker. In the photos above, it looked like I was thinner on the right one — though those two photos were taken just a few minutes apart. So I’m really loving that top and I can’t wait to use it the next time I’m out with friends.


The two sweaters I received may look like they have similar styles but the Chunky Knit Pullover was way too chunky for my taste. It just doesn’t show too much in the photo below because my arms were on my side but I think it’s too big.

Other than the size, I’d say it’s an awesome sweater.Just order a smaller size than you usually wear. Or stick with your usual size and just pair it with skinny jeans. And again, because of the neutrality of the colors, you can style it with accessories of any color you want!

The last item on my Golden Tote is the Army Green Knit Sweater with leather accent on the elbow area. I just tried it on with some light blue skinny jeans and the fit looks okay. Though I’d probably wear it more often with my usual dark wash jeans.

Both sweaters feel good against my skin which is a huge factor for when I’m shopping for clothes because I have sensitive skin. Anytime I feel like there’s a part of my outfit that doesn’t feel comfortable, you can be sure there’d be red marks on my skin after just a few hours. But not with these sweaters. In fact, not with any of the items I received from Golden Tote.

And what’s great about Golden Tote is that they have a Facebook trading group where customers can swap and sell their unwanted items with one another! That way, you won’t get stuck with an item you don’t think is your style.

All in all, I think Golden Tote is an awesome service. I liked the pieces that were picked for me even though a couple of them aren’t exactly my style. Still I can imagine myself rocking those outfits when I’m out and about.

Be sure to visit Golden Tote to learn more about their service! You can still get a tote from their November collection, though I assume some sizes won’t be available anymore. If you’re planning to get a December tote, be sure to order at 9am PST on December 1st (a new sale launches every 1st Monday of each month) so that you can get exactly what you want! It’s not a subscription service so you don’t pay any monthly fee!


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  1. This is kind of a neat idea but I would be afraid I would get alot of things I wouldn’t wear. Let us know how this continues to work out for you

  2. I love the concept. So nice to have everything just nicely delivered. I also love the concept of the swap as well

  3. I love the tops, the designs are very nice although I am not sure if I would want to get clothes I had not picked.

  4. Thanks for the Terrific Review on the Golden Tote! I love the idea of the service, however, I don’t think I would like someone picking out clothes for me to wear! I am a plus size woman and I have to try on my clothes before I purchase them! However, for a woman your size it’s terrific. I think they did a great job with the clothes and dresses you got! I really, really do love that floral print shirt on you! I noticed right away that it made you look a lot more thinner than the other picture in the sweater! The dresses were great and I really loved the look with the leggings! Very trendy! I also loved the 2 sweaters that they sent! Very nice! All in all, I think they did a terrific job for you! You looked very nice in everything! Thanks again for the Terrific Review and for giving us all a fashion show! I really do appreciate it! Thanks again, Michele 🙂
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  5. When I saw the title, I had no idea what this was going to be about. I’ve never heard of them before. The clothing they sent you is cute. I especially like the black dress(no leggings) and the floral sweater.The prices are very reasonable too.

  6. I love the plaid dress. I want to buy it but I’m afraid that I may be a bit too old to pull it off. I’ll have to ask my husband what he thinks.

  7. I really like the sweater, and as for the dresses, I think they look better with the leggins. Thank you for sharing this post, I think this is a great deal.

  8. This is really cool! I love the prices and you can pick which one suits you, what a surprise too!

  9. I am not sure whether I would take a chance on this. I am not very adventurous when it comes to my clothing and I like to pick and choose. It may work well for others though.

  10. I love the clothes that you picked out. They’re cute and not overly dressy, or casual. They can be worn just about anywhere. I have to get those dresses.

  11. wow i love the clothes of this brand. the green top looks fabulous and a must buy for winter season. i like the sale going on too.

  12. I am not quite sure about the sweaters, but the dresses look smashing on you! Nice enough to make me consider joining Golden Toete!

  13. I love the plaid dress! The printed top, I did not like it until you tried it on, it was really cute. I like this idea, especially if you can go on FB and sell them
    ( trade them ) the for another item if you really don’t like it.

  14. I had never heard of Golden Tote but I love the idea. The clothes is super cute. Oh and I say tights with your dresses I think it looks more appropriate for this cold weather.

  15. I hadn’t heard of Golden Tote before. I will have to check it out because you have some cute stuff there!

  16. What a great collection I love it I am on my way over to check them out. I am not much it to sweaters unless they are light weight and away from my neck so I hear ya.

  17. What a cool idea! There are so many different sub boxes out there. Also, I think the floral top is really pretty on you, even if it’s not your typical style.

  18. Thanks for the Fantastic Review on Golden Tote! I really loved the clothes that you received for the review! They all looked so nice on you! I love the dresses with and without the leggings! I guess if you can afford it, this would be a terrific service, especially if you are in need of clothes and do not have the time to shop! I think I’d be too worried about what type of clothes they would be sending me and if I would like them or not. However, the clothes that they had picked out for you were all terrific and all fit and looked fantastic on! Thanks for the fantastic review and for the pictures and all the information you have shared with us on Golden Tote! I really do appreciate it! Thanks again, Michele 🙂
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  19. I like the second dress with leggings. I love the sweaters and floral top. Very cute on you. I need to check out this box subscription at gmail

  20. I love the clothing. Especially the dresses. No leggings! They should be worn under pants when it’s cold out, or to sleep in. Anyways, I like the dresses so much, I think I may order them.

  21. I don’t like the cold weather but I love the colder weather weather clothing. Fall sweaters are so cute.

  22. Those clothes are all so cute. I’ll take one of everything. I especially love the dress.

  23. All these pieces are so polished and put together. I really like the floral top on you.

  24. It’s time to start thinking about a new fall wardrobe. They have really cute clothes. I’m going to do some shopping here.

  25. I really love those sweaters.. they’re really cute! I don’t normally like plaid dresses but that one is really cute!!