Bokos Sandals: Comfortable, Casual & Affordable Everyday Footwear

Because of the warmer temperatures these past few weeks, you’ll almost never see anyone here in the Bay Area wear anything more than sandals or flip flops — not including clothes, of course. I myself have a few pairs of slippers, sandals and flip flops that I can wear when running errands or taking a stroll in the park or just walking around our apartment complex with my son.

Slippers and sandals feel cooler than closed-toe footwear.

But not all slippers are created equal. I’ve had so many slippers before that were just too uncomfortable — like when the plastic or rubber rubs against your toes, or when the footbed is just too hard. So when I was given the chance to review Bokos Sandals, I jumped at the chance and tried them out.


Bokos is proud to offer unique sandals that have a one-piece design.

Their sandals boast of superior durability and breathability with a non-porous rubber material. They are anti-odor and stain resistant. And because the rubber is non-porous, it’s very easy to clean and wash them. It also means it doesn’t wear too quickly.

Both my husband (who received a pair of black ones) and I (I got the Melon one) love what we received. Right now, it’s the one that I always use when going out of the house because it’s very easy to slip on. There is no need for straps, laces and whatnot. I also love that they’re really lightweight.

Melon Bokos Sandals Black Bokos Sandals

I try to always remember to bring my pair of Bokos sandals to the car on Sundays so that I can just wear them after church (I always wear heels at church!) in case we decide to do some window shopping at the mall. Bokos is a great alternative to the expensive slippers out there. They look great and feel greater on your feet!

BUY IT! Bokos Sandals are available for purchase at for $16 each!


Bokos Sandals: Comfortable, Casual & Affordable Everyday Footwear — 26 Comments

  1. I love to wear sandals in the summer – I had not heard of the Bokos Sandals but I am sure to check them out. They look cute and I like the colors in the photograph.

  2. Oh, I’d love to get a pair of these! And a pair for my Mom – she likes flip-flops, but doesn’t feel comfortable with the piece sticking between the toes. I’m going to get 2 pair of these, one for her and one for me

  3. i like that they are non-porous rubber material. They are anti-odor and stain resistant. These would be perfect for my kids who are very hard on any type of shoe.

  4. They look like they would make a nice pair of house slippers. I’d use them in the hot summer months and use my usual covered house slippers during the winter months.

  5. These look nice and comfortable. Would actually love to get them for my mom. She doesn’t like sandals that go between her toes like thongs. These would be perfect!

  6. These look like perfect shoes for the gym – keep my feet off of the potentially germy floor in the locker room!

  7. These look really comfy! I always have to have shoes on my feet, even in the house I love ones I can just slip on! and the price is not bad either!

  8. Thanks for the review! I am always searching for comfy, easy to slip on sandals for the summer. I have some croc flip flops that are pretty good but I like that these ones are not between the toes. Plus, the price is great!

  9. Oh they look cute, but I always have had trouble keeping Slipper Sandals on my Feet, but these look wonderful!

    Thanks for the post!

  10. These sandals look super comfy and casual, I could definitely see them worn with some shorts and a tee. Thanks for the review.

  11. These sound so nice. I love that they are lightweight, stain resistant and easy to clean. I really love wearing comfy shoes. Thank you so much for sharing

  12. Ooooh I love these! They are perfect to go to the beach in or to simply slip them on your feet if you have to walk outside to get the mail during the warmer seasons. Thanks for the review and recommendation! 🙂