Pret A Paquet Food Container Review

I received samples of Pret a Paquet food containers so I could share my honest thoughts on it.

Fashion for food! No, I didn’t mean passion for food. I really meant “fashion for food”! That’s what I think of when I see my Pret a Paquet! Look at the lunch containers in the photo above. The covers look so stylish, right?

These lunch containers are insulated and leak-proof, and they store a full lunch, salad, snacks and sandwiches — perfect for bringing lunch to the office or even for a romantic picnic. The sizes of the containers are actually based on the food portion recommended by a nutritionist so you never have to worry about over-eating unless you over-pack the kits. 🙂

Pret a Paquet has 3 food container varieties: the Sandwich Pack, the Salad Pack and the Lunch Kit.

Pret A Paquet Lunch Kit

The Pret a Paquet Lunch Kit, which retails at $12.99, is a lunch box with 3 compartments to separate food. The one I received includes an insulated neoprene sleeve with a blue and black stripes but it’s also available in peach chevron. The sleeve itself   has a zipper closure to make sure it doesn’t leak.

As you can see in the photo above, I tried it with rice, fried chicken and catsup. Now if I were to bring this to work, I wouldn’t want my rice and fried chicken to already be bathed in catsup so I checked if the catsup would leak into the other compartments of the lunch kit. I let it stand on its side for a couple of minutes — catsup compartment on top of course — and I’m glad to say that it didn’t leak. Nice!

I tried it to do the test with broth soup though and the liquid quickly seeped into the other compartments — but still no leak outside the lunch kit! So it’s still good in keeping the liquid inside but if you’re bringing anything soupy, just put that into a separate container.

Pret a Paquet Salad Kit

The Pret a Paquet Salad Pack which also retails at $12.99 makes it easy to bring your salad lunch outside the house.  Aside from the lid and the insulated neoprene sleeve, it also includes a dressing cup so you won’t need to pour your dressing in too early. It also comes in peach chevron and blue-and-black stripes. I did the liquid test on this too and it passed! So it can also hold your soups aside from just salads!

The neoprene sleeves of both the salad pack and the lunch kit fit really snug. So it might take you a few times to get used to putting the container in it but I actually like it that way. The snugness of the sleeve gives me peace of mind that my food will remain intact and not spill onto my bag.

Overall, the Pret A Paquet lunch containers are great to have! Not only are they stylish, they’re also very functional. The only downside? More people might want to steal your lunch at work! LOL!

BUY IT! Pret A Paquet sets are available for purchase exclusively at Target.

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Pret A Paquet Food Container Review — 26 Comments

  1. I think these are the perfect food containers for anywhere you go.I was thinking how nice they would be to take camping and hiking too.Thanks for the great review.

  2. Hi, could you tell me, what is with the smell of food in the compartements, does is mix or taste it like the other things? I mean cocktail gherkin or something like that 🙂 thanks and greez from germany

    • Hi Mina! Are you wondering if the food would smell like plastic if kept inside the container for a long while? If so, I haven’t had any problems with the smell of my food when I use this. 🙂

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  3. What a nice thing, to add color to an otherwise insipid product. I love carrying stylish goodies with me.

  4. They do look fashionable. And they do look to have enough space to actually fit a hardy lunch in it.

  5. These are so cute. As someone who packs lunch everyday they would get a lot of use!

  6. i recently won a couple of these containers. they are so cool. since i only cook for myself i use them to put leftovers in. it saves on using several containers that take up room in the fridge and it makes it easier to heat them up the next day. and…i can eat my meal right out of the container which saves dirtying any dishes. how cool is that?!

  7. I am interested in trying the one that hold salads. I’ll have to remember to locate this in Target tomorrow!

  8. I love the containers – I could use them for lunch at work. Excellent!

  9. Wow, this is really nice! I often have to carry a few different containers just for one lunch. Plus, the designs are quite stylish! I think I know what to get my mom on her birthday. 😉

  10. I would love to have one of these to take my lunch to work. So much better than carrying two or three containers… Thanks for the heads up about this product.