Netflix Titles To Celebrate Milestones #StreamTeam

Being a mother made me realize that even the smallest things can bring one so much joy and happiness. Case in point, whenever my 3-year old says things I’ve never heard him say before.

I know it’s normal for toddlers to pick up so much information from the things he hears and sees but it just makes me so happy and proud when I see his mini-milestones whether physical, intellectual or emotional.

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Now whatever milestone you and your family may have had these past few days or weeks, there may just be a Netflix title to help celebrate it! Here are a few suggestions!

For your kids:
#StreamTeam MilestonesNew Sibling: The Hive: S01E01, Babee’s Room
Losing Your First Tooth: Super WHY: S01E10, The Story of the Tooth Fairy
Getting Glasses: Arthur: S15E09, Through the Looking Glasses
First Sleepover: Bratz Kidz: Sleep-over Adventure

#StreamTeam MilestonesFirst Trick-or-Treat: Jake and the Never Land Pirates: S02E15, Tricks, Treats and Treasure!
First Pet: Beethoven
First Move: The Croods
First Big Game: D2: The Mighty Ducks

#StreamTeam MilestonesFirst Spelling Bee: Akeelah and the Bee
First Dance: Kickin’ It: S01E20, The Wrath of Swan
First Break-Up: Good Luck Charlie: S01E20, Girl Bite Dog
First Road Trip: Diners, Drive-ins and Dives


Plus a few major milestones for mom and dad:
#StreamTeam MilestonesNew Job: The Office
Getting Married: My Fair Wedding with David Tutera
Having a Baby: What to Expect When You’re Expecting
Life as a Parent: Parenthood
Running for Office: Parks & Recreation
Buying a Home: House Hunters

Oh and if you haven’t heard yet, it was announced today that all 10 seasons (236 episodes) of Friends will be exclusively available on Netflix starting January 1st. Woot!!!


Are you currently celebrating a mini-milestone? What shows or movies have you been streaming lately?

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Disclosure: I am a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam and have been compensated for this post. Thoughts are 100% my own.


Netflix Titles To Celebrate Milestones #StreamTeam — 11 Comments

  1. We have netflix and love it. My daughter always watches movies from there instead of tv.

  2. Those are great title options listed above! My grandsons would love a lot of those shows!

  3. My kids love Jake and the Never Land Pirates episodes & are in love with The Croods movie. They watch these shows over and over and it never gets old to them.

  4. That’s cute. My daughter would like it. Her two youngest are only a year apart, busy girl!

  5. I haven’t been watching much of anything lately (just too darn busy) but I do love Netflix and value the times I get to watch it. Some of my favorites are Orange is the New Black and The Walking Dead. As for movies, I love just picking random ones, you never know when you’ll find a gem! Neat list though, my daughter is 3 now and more interested in Trick or Treating. I’ll have to show her Jake and the Never Land Pirates or maybe Treats and Treasure!

  6. I’m not currently celebrating any milestones and I’m streaming my usual shows: Revenge, Once Upon a Time, Blacklist… I did notice that there are certain shows streaming around the holidays. Thank you for sharing this post.

  7. I have heard of Netflix time and time again and it wasn’t until recently I found out exactly what it was. I do not have it. My oldest daughter has Netflix and she does use it to stream the Kid’s TV shows or movies! I know that my grandchildren love certain shows and they are constantly asking for them. She doesn’t like to set them in front of the TV, however, my grandson who is the oldest has aspbergers (spelling???) which is the highest functioning form of autism. He is an extremely smart little one and probably knows more about all this tech stuff more than I do. He gets into as my daughter calls the “meltdowns” where he is just uncontrollable! That’s when the Netflix comes into play an awful lot. I mean if he hits his sister or is extremely bad, he will be sent to his room. We haven’t yet caught up to all this technology in our home. I know that my 2 here at home complain an awful lot about wanting certain technology items, however, we just can’t afford them! Thanks for informing all of us about Netflix and, of course, the Friends coming to Netflix Jan.1st! Thanks again, Michele 🙂