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I’ve only been cloth diapering for a little over a month and I’m really loving it! Cloth diapers would be awesome gifts to moms who love eco-friendly products and those who love saving money.

I became curious about cloth diapers last month when I saw a woman talk on TV about it being eco-friendly and economical. As a stay-at-home mom of a family living on just one salary, saving money is always a priority. So I began reading about cloth diapers online and found out that there are so many styles, fabrics and designs to choose from! One of the first few cloth diapers I got to try was Funky Fluff.
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Funky Fluff is owned by Kathy Bello and Tricia Corda from Canada. They wanted to offer eco-friendly and safe products that are affordable. And since both of them are cloth diapering moms themselves, they truly know what’s important to moms and they used that knowledge to create the Funky Fluff diapers.

To facilitate this review, I received a Stay Dry cloth diaper in Brown and Blue, and a Bamboo cloth diaper in Purple and Green. What I love about these diapers is that you can use them as a pocket diaper, an all-in-one (AIO) or an all-in-two (AI2)! And since different moms and different babies have different preferences, this feature is a big plus for Funky Fluff. These diapers have double gussets (similar to disposable diapers) that help prevent leaks. I’ve never had any leakage with Funky Fluff diapers so far and I think it might be because of those double gussets. Both diapers also have front and back pocket openings that make it easier for me to stuff the soaker in and get it out when it’s time to do the laundry.

When you buy Funky Fluff diapers, 2 soakers are already included with each diaper — one heavy-duty soaker which consists of 4 layers of fabric and one smaller soaker which consists of 2 layers of fabric. The Stay Dry soaker uses microfiber and stay dry fabric while the Bamboo soaker uses bamboo blend terry.

Funky Fluff diapers come in so many different color combinations that you’re sure to find something you’ll love! I totally adore the colors of the diapers I received from them because of the very nice contrast and combination of the snaps and the actual diaper.

Since the Funky Fluff diapers came with 2 soakers, I usually use these diapers overnight. It has never failed me yet so I really love them! I also love the fact that the owners are very nice! It was Kathy that I was in contact with for this review and she has been very accommodating and generous. It just goes to show how much heart this company has!

Needless to say, I am very happy with my Funky Fluff diapers and will definitely recommend these to any first-timers out there!

The Funky Fluff Stay Dry diaper is available for $18.01 while the Funky Fluff Bamboo diaper is available for $20.01 at the Funky Fluff website.

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Funky Fluff Cloth Diapers Review — 42 Comments

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  2. I love the fact that there are soakers in there so you dont have to worry about leakage or a lot of clean up. I was always a skeptic about cloth diapers until I read your review now I love them!

  3. Working on making a set of PUL diapers now and would love to have these to add to my stash, especially the bamboo one!

  4. So cute! I love the colors! And the coordinating snaps are just perfect. I am going to cloth diaper my baby when she’s born and these sound like the perfect overnight diapers.

  5. It’sso good that you can use these diapers in three different ways i love that there not disposable and wont leave a rash on my baby as he has sensetive skin and disposable make him bleed between his legs

  6. So nice to have a diaper that can use the color coding according to the day the child will use it.

  7. Love all the colors and hoping to try one. I haven’t used cloth diapers before but a journey I want to take!

  8. I used cloth diapers over 20 years ago with both of my children. It would have been nice to have these! I did have the latest then ~ velcro diapers, only a half dozen so it didn’t take long to go through them! I am glad to see the use of cloth diapers on the rise. I was the only one around when I was doing it!

    • Yay! Another fluff convert!! I have wanted to check our Funny Fluff since learning about them in August’s GCDH. I love the idea of a 3-in-1 and they really have some great colors and a natural fiber option is a huge plus.

  9. I love the different systems you can use the diaper. Double Gussets are a huge plus to me.

  10. I like that these diapers are basically a 3 in 1. I’ve been looking for a better over night diaper solution i might just have to try these!

  11. I love that they can be used all 3 ways and they have the double gussets! THe colors are gorgeous too!

  12. I love how these diapers have all the options depending on your preference. I love pockets, but sometimes like the convenience of an AI2 as well. Coloured snaps are a fun addition too!

  13. I love that there are so many ways for these to be worn… it makes the investment well worth it because I know I’ll have them for a while 🙂

  14. I am a huge fan of snaps on cloth diapers because my daughter hasn’t figured out how to do them… I would love to try these diapers. Fun colors and love the double gussets!

  15. I am not sure what an all in 2 means, but I like that they are versatile. I haven’t started using cloth diapers yet, but its nice to have an option where I could test out what I like and what I don’t.

  16. I have been wanting to switch over to cloth diapers for some time now, and have pretty much decided on them for our next addition. The disposables are beyond wasteful, and I have had nothing but bad luck with them lately! Thanks for your review!

  17. Cloth diapers have changed so much since my babies were little. I’d love to get a couple of these for my granddaughter to use for her new baby.

  18. wow these are really neat, i really like that you can use them in three different ways, and love the colors