3 Tips for a Fun And Safe Halloween #StanfordChildrens

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A lot of kids are always excited when Halloween comes. And it’s not a surprise. They get to wear costumes and pretend like their favorite cartoon or movie character, superhero, villain, or animal. Plus, they get treats!

But with all the excitement that Halloween brings to kids and adults alike, we might forget some things we’re supposed to keep in mind to make sure that you, your kids, and the people around them will stay safe while having fun.

So here are 3 simple things to remember for Halloween:

1. Make sure kids have company.

Going trick-or-treating? Make sure younger kids are accompanied by an adult. Should anything go wrong, at least an adult is there with them to make sure they’re safe.

Older kids should go with a group and not be out alone. They can argue and say they can take care of themselves but we’ll never really know when predators are out there.

While Halloween is exciting for kids, we must remember that it’s also probably exciting for predators who might just be lurking and waiting for an opportunity to attack. And with the clown threats in schools, children’s safety shouldn’t be taken for granted.

2. Check that their costumes fit them well.

Costume sizes vary depending on the brand, or the type of character, or material. But there are times when a costume is a  too big yet we still let our kids wear it. That shouldn’t be an issue, as long as you make sure that you tape or pin or staple or cut (whichever is appropriate) any loose fabric or thread.

And if a costume includes a mask, make sure that they are able to breathe properly while wearing it.

3. Go through all the treats and identify what needs to go to the trash.

Not everything that goes into kids’ candy baskets is still good. Try to identify if some of the treats are already expired. When I was young I received expired chocolates. Good thing my mom caught it before I even ate it!

If your kid has allergies, throw away anything that might contain allergens. And of course, set a limit for how much candy they can eat in a day. Because knowing kids (because I was like this when I was young), they’d want to eat it all at once!


Stanford Children’s Health has more tips for a safe and fun Halloween. Be sure to check it out. I sure learned a lot from that article!

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What Halloween safety tips can you share with me?

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3 Tips for a Fun And Safe Halloween #StanfordChildrens — 12 Comments

  1. These tips are great. Halloween is a fun time but we have to make sure our children are safe. Thank you so much for sharing

  2. “Go through all the treats and identify what needs to go to the trash” This is SO true, candies not just expired but smashed, half out of their wrappers, obviously ancient – you name it – yech!

  3. Good tips, especially making sure their costumes fit right. I remember as a kid wearing plastic masks & I couldn’t even see where I was going, so crazy!

  4. Great tips. I’m always so scared of somethimg being in their candy and I demand they r in a group. I used to tag along but I think I ruined their fun. Now, I just count the minutes til they return

  5. Good tips for Halloween safety. My granddaughter has never been without an adult while trick-or-treating. It’s just too dangerous for kids these days. We also check her candy well and throw out anything suspect.