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I am a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam and I received compensation and other perks in order to facilitate this post. Thoughts are my own.

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It’s been a long, hot summer, and for a lot of moms, the first day of school, while sometimes both exciting and scary for kids, also means more quiet time. As you wipe the single tear from your cheek, you think to yourself: no more backyard bickering, coming up with creative things for them to do or crowdsourced grocery shopping.

Whether you’re still waiting for them to get back to school or your kids are already back to school, a little help from some awesome Netflix TV shows and movies can help to ease them back into the education mindset while disguised as fun.

Check out this list of kids movies and TV shows to stream on Netflix!

For older kids, put a fun spin on the stuff they’re dreading — math homework, spelling tests, science reports — the brand new Project Mc² Netflix Original Series, which premiered on August 7, proves smart is the back to school trend. The show features four supercool teen spies who show how girls can use their science smarts and math problem-solving skills to save the world. Total #SmartGirl inspo! Watch the trailer here.

MC2CARDAnd the offspring of favorite fairytale characters in Ever After High’s new Way Too Wonderland adventure empower kids to write their own life stories. Whether Royal or Rebel, your actions, behaviors and choices are your own to make.

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Ever After High:
Way Too Wonderland
60021788 hd1080 426x607Jimmy Neutron:
Boy Genius
70208106 hd1080 426x607How the State
Got Their Shapes
80062985 hd1080 426x607Odd Squad

Get the little ones ready for new experiences with shows like the Netflix original Dinotrux from DreamWorks!

Prehistoric hybrid dinosaur-construction vehicles team-up to use their different skills to solve problems and show that even the most uncommon of duos, like Ty-Rux and Revvit, can form friendships of a lifetime. Download some printable Dinotrux trading cards here.

DTCARDThey can also go anywhere and be anything by letting their imaginations soar on a Reading Rainbow journey, now available to stream.

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Reading Rainbow
70264612 hd1080 426x607
Magic School Bus
70180293 hd1080 426x607
The Cat in the Hat
Knows a Lot About That!


Last but not the least, great news for Gleeks!

…or for anyone who loves to listen to fresh covers of popular songs! You can now watch all six seasons of Glee on Netflix!


What have you been streaming on Netflix these past few days or weeks?

Netflix StreamTeamI am a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam and I received compensation and other perks in order to facilitate this post. Thoughts are my own.


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  1. My family just loves Net Flix. My grandchildren are in kindergarten and second grade this year. I love them watching movies that they can learn from and enjoy. Thank you so much for sharing this

  2. I remember watching Reading Rainbow, I loved that show. These are great shows to stream for back to school. Thank you for sharing this post.

  3. I love How the State
    Got Their Shapes! I did not know it was on Netflix. Educational for me and my son.

  4. It sounds like they have plenty of kid friendly shows to watch. Back to school means a change in everyones whole routine. It helps to have programs on to help the kids transition.

  5. We absolutely love Netflix in our house! They have something for everyone, especially the kiddos. It is definitely more than worth the monthly cost.

  6. Thanks for the Fantastic Review on Back To School Shows To Stream on Netflix #StreamTeam! I love some of the shows that Netflix is showing to get ready for back to school! The kids love Jimmy Neutron! They also love Glee as well! We don’t have Netflix so we aren’t streaming anything. They’ve been watching Nick and some other shows on Animal Planet, etc. Thanks so much for sharing your fantastic review and your personal and professional opinions on Back To School Shows To Stream on Netflix #StreamTeam with all of us! You know that I always appreciate your review!!! Thanks again! Michele 🙂
    Michele Ash recently posted..Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Tales On DVD + Giveaway #BerryTalesMy Profile

  7. My husband and I keep debating whether or not we should get Netflix, but I think it would be fun!

  8. We’ve sen a few episodes of how states got their shapes, so interesting! We are streaming continum, supernatural, and are waiting for walking dead to come out a gain. We’ve watched as much as we can of hell on wheels, house of cards, longmire, and finished up breaking bad. On my own I watch bones, and been meaning to watch scandal & sherlock holmes.

  9. When I was a kid I used to look forward to the new fall programs that aired. The summer has flown by so quickly!

  10. I wish I could get Netflix I Longmire starts September 10 th no smart T.v. no money to get it I love me some longmire

  11. I’ve been meaning to try Netflix. If I had kids in the house, I’m sure I would sign up. They have some good programs for children.

  12. I love Netflix! I’ve been streaming Mistresses and all Anthony Bourdain’s shows (I love him!)

  13. I left Netflix a long time ago because I used the boxes at stores to rent. Now I remember why I shouldn’t have. No trips to stores with Netflix!!!

  14. I do not subscribe to Netflix, or any other streaming device. Although, I would love too. But it costs too much in internet charges to watch them! I did use Netflix in the past, and loved it!!!

  15. I love your blog. this is awesome. Thank you for posting awesome shows on Netflix for our kids to watch.

  16. I’ve been contemplating switching to Netflix. TV is so expensive nowdays! It looks like they have a great selection.

  17. I’m really glad that NetFlix changes up their lineup from time to time. I also like to see that they add new seasons pretty quick. We really enjoy Netflix.

  18. I don’t have a child in the age range for it, but I’m so happy Netflix is making ProjectMC2 that I think I’m going to watch it myself! We also love How the States Got Their Shapes- it’s sooooo interesting! Thanks for posting these updates. I always love thee what’s new!

  19. Don’t currently get Netflix because I currently don’t have time to watch that much TV/movies so wouldn’t use it enough to subscribe to it, but maybe I will some day; however, thanks for posting!

  20. I basically turn on the television when I get up and it stays on until I go to bed. I don’t know what’s on half of the time.I like the old black and white shows. Daniel Boone, Mr. Ed, stuff like that.

  21. Is it weird I am excited about Reading Rainbow and I don’t have kids? I loved this show and was excited he was making more.

  22. I was so excited to see the magic school bus on Netflix!! I have loved that show since forever!! talk about bringing back my childhood!! My son just loves it too!! I love that its educational and just totally out there!!