How to Redecorate Kids’ Bedrooms on the Cheap

As kids get older, they get more particular about their things and one of the key parts of their identities is their bedroom. Just like adults get about the appearance of their house, kids are the same. Redecorating the house might include buying new wallpaper or a new set of stairs from Pear Stairs, but bedrooms can be redecorated on the cheap. You may be moving houses or have kids leaving for college, leaving a younger sibling with a new room and find your kids wanting to redecorate their rooms. If that’s the case, here are a few tips on how to do it so that your kids are happy but your budget is intact:

Move some furniture. It’s amazing how different a room can feel when you just move the bed to face in a different direction. You can also think about trading furniture from one sibling to another or adding a bookshelf or night table that makes the room feel a little more mature as your kids grow.

Update something simple. Your kids may be happy just to have some new sheets that are a fun color. You can also check out other discount stores for great deals on comforter sets that will make the room look completely different without using much energy or money.

Get painting. If you’re really feeling ambitious, you can paint a wall or the whole room and even use stencils or glow in the dark stickers to really give the room some character.

Frame some favorite pictures. Buying a few cheap frames and printing your kids’ favorite photos is a nice way to personalize a new room and make them feel like it’s really their own space.

Organize a closet. It’s easier said than done but a deep cleaning can really make a room look completely different. Getting rid of old clothes, books and toys can clear up some space and may even inspire your kids to be a little neater — or maybe that’s just wishful thinking!

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How to Redecorate Kids’ Bedrooms on the Cheap — 4 Comments

  1. Yep – moving furniture and switching out artwork makes a huge difference in any room – and doesn’t cost anything! 🙂

  2. we redid our son’s room with a nautical theme and even painted the ceiling. I hung pirate pictures and a compass rose with maps. I also put labels of the four directions on the appropriate walls to help him remember north form south,etc. He loved it.

  3. Painting does so much to change any room. And, it’s not that expensive. Area rugs are another affordable way to transform a room.