Ahnu Karma Shoes Review

It’s no secret that women love shoes. I for one always want to make sure that the shoes I use are appropriate for where I’m going and, well, I want to be able to have lots of choices for the shoes I’ll be wearing. Whenever I need to take a stroll outside or maybe grab a few things from the grocery, I usually like wearing simple and comfy shoes — usually flats. And I have discovered a great pair of shoes that are both comfortable and stylish.

Ahnu sent me a pair of their Karma shoes in the Port Royale color, Worldmedicalguide . I initially chose the Karma in Black since I usually pick items that can be used with just about any color and neutrals are pretty good at going well with any color combinations. But the Black Karma shoes was out of stock so I went for a color that’s closest to one of of my favorites — pink.

The Ahnu website describes the Karma shoes as follows:

This active slip on offers style and comfort without compromising any aspect of yoga-chic. Made from soft, supple, full-grain leathers, these travel-friendly flats are made for all day wear, from running errands to traveling the world. The stretchy back heel provides a secure fit while making them easy to pack. The sculpted EVA footbed is wrapped in micro-fiber suede to offer a soft feel with every step.

What I love about these shoes is that I can easily slip them on when I need to go out of the house and I can also easily take them off as soon as I get back. Unlike some other flats that I’ve tried, it’s not thin that my feet feel like they’re actually touching the floor. This is great because I don’t want to feel uncomfortable if I’m ever walking on some uneven walkway or something. I like that it looks more casual than ballet flats and that it has that active lifestyle vibe to it.

The fit was pretty good. You see, I have wide feet and I sometimes need to take that into consideration when purchasing footwear online. But the Karma shoes felt comfortable even with my wide feet. I can definitely say that these shoes will be one of my must-bring items when we go to LA again in December. I feel like my feet will be very comfortable wearing these even with all the walking we’ll be doing.

I guess the only drawback would be the price. It’s currently available at $90 (though you can purchase the Black or Indigo Karmas on Amazon for $83) and most people don’t really spend that much on flats. But it is of good quality and if you check the Ahnu website under “Greater Good“, you’ll see that they give to charitable organizations and that they have contributed more than $250,000 to charity since 2007. Organizations include Conservation Alliance, Breast Cancer Fund, Soles4Souls, Plus3Network, The Luna Chix, and Team Farsight. So if you do purchase from them, you know that your money will go to a worthy cause.

These Karma Shoes as well as other awesome Ahnu shoes are available for purchase directly from their Website.ย You may also purchase fromย Amazon.comย if you prefer or you’re using Amazon gift cards.

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Ahnu Karma Shoes Review — 29 Comments

  1. I don’t like shopping for shoes online since I have wide feet – its hard to know what’s going to fit right! But these do look nice ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. The Ahnu Karma shoes look comfortable. Flats are the only type shoes I wear since I quit work about 8 yrs. ago. Not sure I would spend $90 on a pair of shoes.

  3. I knew it that right from looking at it, that it is costly. But really it does look good and comfortable. I love wearing flat shoes, and how I wish I have the money to buy one for myself. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Those look really comfy. Due to foot surgery I can’t ever wear heels,so I’m always looking for cute flats. Thanks!

    • Hi Kim! If you check the “Share the knowledge” area just below “You may also like”, there’s a red P which stands for pinterest. Just click it, then choose the photo you want to pin. ๐Ÿ™‚

      – Isis

  5. I wish they were a little cheaper…I need flats like this, but I just can’t afford them.

  6. Other than running shoes I always wear flats of some sort or another – loafers, ballerinas. These are beautiful and I am going to try to track some down!

  7. unfortunately the photo didn’t fill in on the page. I always wear flats and am looking for a comfortable shoe

  8. These shoes sound so nice. Comfort has become very important to me as I age. I really appreciate your input on these shoes

  9. The shoes sound great. I like a comfortable shoe that fits well, doesn’t slide around when I walk.