Babiators Sunglasses Review

We’ve been seeing a lot of the sun lately so hubby and I bought new sunglasses at the mall the other day. But of course, I know we shouldn’t forget that our baby also needs some protection from the sun. Good thing Babiators sent me a pair of sunglasses for … Continue reading

‘Tis The Season Of Allergies

Who hates allergies? Everyone! Whether you’re a kid or an adult, having allergies is such a hassle and some people even miss school or work because of it! So good thing there’s Children’s Claritin. It’s the #1 Pediatrician recommended non-drowsy brand. Only Children’s Claritin provides 24-hour non-drowsy relief from allergies! … Continue reading

A Grammar Lesson

Here’s a nice (and witty!) roundup of words that so many people misspell. The list includes: Lose vs Loose Weird Their vs They’re vs There Whether vs Weather and more CLICK HERE to check out the full list. 🙂 … Continue reading

Important! NoMoreRack Hacked!

So last night, NoMoreRack got hacked and there have been reports of people seeing other people’s personal, and for some, credit card, information instead of their own when they logged in. If you have previously saved credit card information on the site, it is suggested that you delete your account. … Continue reading