Alabaster Box

This morning I will be singing a special song just before our Pastor preaches about the Word. And I will be singing one of the songs that really shows the heart of a person who has felt God’s love despite his/her past. This song uses the story of Mary, a … Continue reading

How I Saved On A Laptop (Part 1)

I have been wanting to buy my own laptop for months now. Ever since my husband decided to give our laptop to his nephew in the Philippines, we have been borrowing his brother’s laptop whenever we need to go on the internet. Not that I’m complaining. But the only thing … Continue reading

Lots Of Freebies In The Mail

It’s been a while since I last posted about the freebies I receive from all the signups I do everyday. So for the past 2 or 3 weeks, this is what I got: That’s a lot! But considering it’s been 3 weeks, I feel like it’s just ok. I feel … Continue reading

Am I An Extreme Couponer

The show Extreme Couponing will start airing on TLC tomorrow and I expect that, because of this, there will be a more heightened interest in couponing. Extreme Couponing shows people checking out carts and carts of groceries valued at over $1000 and paying a mere 5-10% of the total cost. … Continue reading

Why I Love Marshalls

Actually, it’s not just Marshalls that I love. I love all discount stores! My husband and I went to the Marshalls store at Great Mall in Milpitas earlier this afternoon after church service. I did some shopping for clothes because a lot of my pre-pregnancy clothes don’t fit me anymore. … Continue reading