Babiators Sunglasses Review

We’ve been seeing a lot of the sun lately so hubby and I bought new sunglasses at the mall the other day. But of course, I know we shouldn’t forget that our baby also needs some protection from the sun. Good thing Babiators sent me a pair of sunglasses for … Continue reading

‘Tis The Season Of Allergies

Who hates allergies? Everyone! Whether you’re a kid or an adult, having allergies is such a hassle and some people even miss school or work because of it! So good thing there’s Children’s Claritin. It’s the #1 Pediatrician recommended non-drowsy brand. Only Children’s Claritin provides 24-hour non-drowsy relief from allergies! … Continue reading

A Grammar Lesson

Here’s a nice (and witty!) roundup of words that so many people misspell. The list includes: Lose vs Loose Weird Their vs They’re vs There Whether vs Weather and more CLICK HERE to check out the full list. 🙂 … Continue reading