Review: Prefense Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

Prefense Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Review

I was blessed to be given an opportunity to review the Prefense Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitizer. I have read so many positive things about it in other blogs before but have not tried it until I received a sample. This time, I got to experience how this hand sanitizer works.

Cleanliness is very important to me right now because we have a baby in the house. My son, Sam, is only 7 months and he is in that stage where he likes putting things in his mouth. He puts his toys in his mouth, his hands, even the TV remote control, my cellphone and my laptop! As long as he gets his hands in something, he will without any doubt put it in his mouth. So we actually have a couple of hand sanitizers from different brands at home. I have a hand sanitizer in the diaper organizer, one on my table, and one in the diaper bag. My husband’s job involves heavy labor so I make sure that he uses an Industrial Hand Sanitizer throughout the day so he doesn’t bring any foreign germs into the home.

My husband hates 2 of those hand sanitizer brands because of the smell. He feels that the smell is too strong with a baby around. So I was left with Prefense and 1 other brand.

And then, I guess God wanted me to really see how good Prefense Hand Sanitizer is… I wounded my thumb!

Accidentally of course! And everytime I would use the other hand sanitizer brands, it was torture for me! Imagine putting alcohol on your wound! Ouch! But when I used Prefense, I felt perfectly fine. It felt like I didn’t have a wound on my thumb. And I appreciated Prefense for that. It made me realize how gentle Prefense is. Plus, I knew that my family and I would be protected against germs all day long.

Here are some reasons why Prefense hand sanitizer is better than other hand sanitizers:

  • It has no alcohol! Prefense is made of all-natural ingredients!
  • It protects you for 24 hours!
  • It’s safe for kids!
  • It has a nice and gentle smell.
  • It softens your hands.

So if you ask me what brand of hand sanitizer I’d recommend, I’d answer Prefense without any hesitation!

Prefense Hand Sanitizer

BUY IT! You can purchase Prefense Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitizer from

You may also purchase it directly from the Prefense Online Store where the prices are better than other retailers. They also have a combo pack which includes a container of hand wipes and a 1.5oz bottle all for just $7.99! Both of those items are $6.99 each, so this combo pack is ‘buy one, get one for $1’ pricing! This is available exclusively in the Prefense store!


Review: Prefense Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitizer — 6 Comments

  1. I thought all hand sanitizers were alcohol based. This is a great relief because i seem to get eczema from a lot of brands
    thanks for the heads up

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  2. I did not know there was such a thing as alcohol-free hand sanitizer. I love my Purell!

  3. I would buy it if its available here, but we currently dont have it yet.I like that it protects you 24 hours. I dont use sanitizer before i eat eventough i want to bec my sister said that when she took here health certificates class that its not safe bec a girl started convulsion when she used it but they said she might have touch her eyes and it went inside her body

  4. I need to try this product. I am a nurse and wash my hands so often that they get dry and cracked. This may be a solution. Thank you for sharing

  5. Nice info.. but for example like my husband do construction work. And most of the time he don’t have a place to wash hands.. but we’ll try to use this non alcoholic hand sanitizer.