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* I received a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 from for purposes of evaluation. Thoughts are my own.

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My iPad2 will be celebrating its 3rd birthday this December, and I can sense that it already needs to be replaced. Not because there are newer iPad models in the market, but because it’s been running really slow due to low memory.

You see, our iPad2 is being used by three different people (that’s me, my husband, and our son) with three very different ideas of “must-have” apps.

Now, out of’s generosity, I was sent a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Black 16GB 10.1″ Tablet – 1.2 GHz Quad Core, Android 4.4, Kit Kat so that I could try it out. I must admit that I am not much of an Android fan because most of the Android devices I’ve used in the past didn’t really have great display resolution. So I wasn’t expecting to be wowed by the 10.1-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. But now that I have used it to browse the web, play games, check my email and social networks, I must say I am quite impressed.


– Android 4.4, Kit Kat
– Processor: 1.2 GHz Quad Core
– Memory: 1.5GB RAM & 16GB on-board memory
– microSD Card Slot (Up to 64GB)
– Display Screen: 10.1″
– Display Resolution: WXGA (1280×800)
– Display Type: TFT
– Battery Type: Lithium Ion Battery
– Battery Capacity: 6800mAh
– Wi-Fi: 802.11 a/b/g/n, dual-band (2.4GHz + 5GHz)
– Camera 3MP rear + 1.3 MP front
– Bluetooth 4.0
– Supports USB 2.0 Connectivity
– Built-in Stereo Speakers
– Antenna
– WatchON, Multi Window, Multi-User Mode, Netflix Preloaded

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 ports

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4’s processor speed and touch sensitivity are pretty good. I’ve used a lot of different devices in the past and I know how it feels when a gadget isn’t of good quality. I just really hate it when tablets or phones don’t respond well to touch or voice commands. Because time is important to me, I want to be able to do as many things in as little time as possible — even when I’m on the go (make that especially when I’m on the go).

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, while not on the higher end of the processor spectrum, manages to be sensitive and very responsive to my touch and swipes. I’ve never had to wait too long to use an app, and it responds faster than my iPad2 (although that may be an unfair comparison since my iPad2 is almost 3 years old). Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

I also love the display size, resolution and colors. I play Clash of Clans a lot and I don’t like playing it on my phone because the screen’s just too small. Having a 10.1 inch tablet with brilliant colors makes playing the game so easy on the eyes — I don’t have to squint my eyes or zoom in too much on a specific area when I’m analyzing an opponent’s base.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 already has 16 GB of storage, about 4GB of which is dedicated to system memory. But you can expand this with a microSd card of up to 64GB!!! Now for others this may not be very important, but since there 3 of us using it — me, my husband and our son — and we want all our favorite apps to be installed and ready to be used anytime we’re able to grab a hold of the tablet, this is critical.

And even if you’re not sharing it with anyone, storage may still be a big thing if you like taking photos or videos, and storing music and other files on your tablet!

Now sharing one tablet can be a pain when you have to log in and log out of various social network accounts for when the other person wants to use it. So I just gave up and stopped using our tablet for Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. But because of Samsung Galaxy Tab 4’s multi-user mode, I can create multiple user profiles so that we can all use apps without having to log in and out every time! That for me is simply awesome! Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Netflix

Owners of Samsung Galaxy Tab products get to receive other perks including $10 Google Play credit, 50GB of additional Dropbox storage, 3 free audio books from Audible, free 3 months of SiriusXm Internet Radio, and free 6 months of Premium Comedy Programming on Stitcher.

I gotta tell you the moment I saw that $10 Google Play credit was one of the perks, I immediately registered my device and redeemed that free gift! And yes, I used it to make upgrades on my Clash of Clans base. Anyone who plays that game will understand me! LOL

I’ve never seen the Android OS in such a nice resolution before so this would be awesome for when I’m streaming movies on Netflix (#StreamTeam!!!). Of course, there are other Android devices with much higher resolutions (and higher prices). But this is the best Android device I’ve used so far!



This Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is available for purchase at This tablet comes in black or white, and you can get it for way lower than the retail price! You can also check out’s Computer Department to view all the other tech devices they have. You’re sure to find one that fits your need and budget!

Why should you shop at They have the prestigious Google Trusted Store Badge and are an A+ rated business at the Better Business Bureau. They have 100% secure checkout with flexible payment options backed by a 45-day return policy! With everyday low prices and no tax for orders shipped outside of NJ, your wallet will thank you for shopping at!

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What do you like about the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4?


* I received a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 for purposes of evaluation. Thoughts are my own.


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  14. I have a Kindle Fire and I rely on it a lot. But I’ve been thinking of getting a tablet to replace it and this sounds like a good one. One thing that kind of irritates me about the Fire is that app storage is separate. This means that I can have a limited number of apps, and if I want to add something, I might have to delete something. The storage and the fact that you can add to it with an SD card are great features.

  15. This sounds like a great tablet, I’m interested! I like that it has multiple user account set up, I too could make good use of that! My kids would need their own profiles. I hate logging in and out too! Nice review, you have pointed out all things that I look for in a tablet, I am left with no questions.

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  75. Our family would love. It says You see, our iPad2 is being used by three different people (that’s me, my husband, and our son) with three very different ideas of “must-have” apps.
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