Sheraton Anaheim: Our Stay At The Castle Hotel Beside Disneyland

Planning our Disneyland vacation a couple of weeks ago stressed me out a bit. I wanted to make sure our trip will be as smooth as it can possibly be. But finding the right hotel for my family took so much time because I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a place that wasn’t worth it. My husband and I considered so many different hotels and inns around Disneyland but there was one hotel that i just kept checking out, and that’s Sheraton Anaheim.

Sheraton is a name that we’ve always trusted when it comes to hotels.

Whenever family or friends visit from abroad, we would always try to get them to stay at the Sheraton here in San Jose. And when we go to Southern California for some vacation time and couldn’t stay at our relatives’ house, we would either stay at the Sheraton Universal or Sheraton Pomona. So I know that if we stay at the Sheraton Anaheim hotel, we will have a nice clean room to stay in.

And it did not fail us.

Sheraton Anaheim Outside

Took these photos while on the Sheraton-Disneyland shuttle

The moment we arrived at the hotel, it already felt like we were in an actual castle. As you can see in the photos above (they’re not too clear though since I took those photos while inside a moving vehicle), the hotel is built like a castle — which complements the magical Disney atmosphere.

Sheraton Anaheim Lobby

The Sheraton Anaheim front desk and lobby area

As we entered, we were greeted by the big aquarium which I already saw online. My son loved this aquarium because he recognized Nemo and Dory. Here you can see more kids checking it out.

Sheraton Anaheim Aquarium

The Sheraton Anaheim aquarium with Nemo and Dory

Our Sheraton Anaheim bedroom was so nice!

It was so clean and spacious! I loved that my son can run around the room when he’s not yet too tired from our day at Disneyland! The room had 2 queen beds with lots of pillows and they were so comfortable to lay on!

Sheraton Anaheim Bedroom

Our bedroom!

We were assigned a room that had easy access to the pool area and had 2 doors — one from the inside of the hotel and one that leads to the pool. And can I just say that I loved the big pool?? And you wouldn’t need to worry about your kids wandering to it because it’s gated.

Sheraton Anaheim Pool Area

And in case you had to go back to the hotel before seeing the fireworks, no worries! I had a great view of the fireworks from the pool area. Here’s a short video so you can see my view.

One of the best things about the Sheraton Anaheim is that they have an exclusive shuttle that brings people to and from Disneyland.

Since it’s a shuttle that serves only those who are checked in at this hotel, you don’t have to worry about waiting too long to get to Disneyland because it doesn’t have to stop at other hotels to pick up more passengers. It leaves the hotel every 30 minutes but during the morning where there were more passengers, the shuttle drivers made sure to go back to the hotel as soon as they can to bring them to Disneyland. I actually appreciated that because it showed how they didn’t want people to wait too long.


What made our stay here extra special is that Sheraton Anaheim gave my 2-year old son a surprise birthday gift — milk and cookies! And you could just imagine how excited he got (and I admit I got excited too) when he saw it! He wanted to eat and drink it right away!


The Sheraton Anaheim also has lots of other features!

They have a Disney Desk where you can ask any question pertaining to your visit to Disneyland. They can help you and even give you suggestions to help you enjoy your visit. There’s the [email protected] where you can surf the internet, check your email and even print documents. There’s the fireplace area where you can be cozy while on the internet using your own laptop.

Sheraton Anaheim

Need cash? I saw this small ATM machine just beside the Deli. And the Deli!!! I can’t believe it had everything from snacks to boxed milk to laundry detergent to pain relievers to souvenir items! We were initially looking for the nearest convenience store and were actually ready to walk to the gas station so we can buy some stuff. Good thing we decided to go to the Deli first! It’s a convenience store inside the hotel! I was really really surprised and impressed that Sheraton thought about everything we would need!

Sheraton Anaheim Health Club

And just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you’ll need to forget about getting fit. The hotel has a Health Club which has lots of the usual equipment you see in gyms.

The hotel also has a game room which both my husband and son loved so much that we had a hard time getting the little one out of there when we checked out.

Sheraton Anaheim Game Room


Of the many times we’ve gone on vacation at Disneyland, hubby and I think this is our best visit. Not because Disneyland is any different but because we were less stressed this time. We had the flexibility to go to Disneyland once it opens, go around, then go back to the hotel after lunch so we can get some sleep and be recharged, then go back late in the afternoon. We didn’t have to stress about looking for parking or walking too far since the shuttle brings us just outside the main entrance.

All in all, I can say that staying at the Sheraton Anaheim made our Disneyland vacation so much better than it would have been had we not chosen to stay here. Our experience was outstanding and I would proudly recommend the Sheraton Anaheim Hotel to anyone! You can check them out at!

Check out my Google+ photo album for bigger and better looking photos!

Disclosure: I received a discounted media rate at the Sheraton Anaheim hotel. Regardless, thoughts are 100% my own. See my Disclosure Policy.


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