American Greetings Helps Us Stay In Touch With Singing & Video eCards

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When I was young, my mom encouraged (well, more like forced) me and my siblings to make greeting cards whenever there's an occasion. Whatever the occasion may be — Birthday, valentine's day, or Christmas — we really had to make sure we have a little something to give to our parents. It didn't have to be fancy, as long as we write them something that comes from our heart.
I now live thousands of miles away from my mom but, luckily, there are ways for me to still give her those greeting cards whenever there's an occasion. eCards are a great way to send our love to other people except that there is no actual physical paper.
American Greetings has a wide selection of greeting cards and they now have new singing greetings that let senders pick the lyrics! Just select a name and some funny personalization and it'll make a custom song you can share on Facebook, email and more! Explore your eCard options with American Greetings! Check out this video!

With video eCard greetings, you can send a funny birthday song that sings lyrics written specifically for the birthday boy or girl. Send Dad a video for Father's Day that sings about his funny characteristics, or send your husband or wife an animated video that talks about their best qualities — all written just for them!

To send these eCards, just select from a wide variety of choices what you want your custom song lyrics to say — from the name of your recipient to their favorite hobbies and foods. Select the preview to see your video greetings in action before emailing or posting your finished video eCards. It's that easy — so start personalizing your video greeting cards today!

Membership options at American Greetings are as follows:

-$3.99 monthly for a monthly membership
-$19.99/year for a yearly membership
-$29.99 for a 2-year membership)
The video eCards are included in the membership. They are also free with a 7-Day Free Trial Membership!

Learn more about their products! Be sure to like American Greetings on Facebook and follow American Greetings on Twitter so you can get updates on their latest promos!


Make your American Greetings eCard now! Which eCards will you be sending to your friends and family?

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American Greetings Helps Us Stay In Touch With Singing & Video eCards — 26 Comments

  1. Oh my! I know people think it’s tacky to send e-cards on someone’s birthday, but let’s get real. It’s quicker and most people are connected. A card can be thrown away, this will remain a memory in your email.

  2. These are too cute! I remember when ecards were terrible and waaaay to cheap looking, but there are so cool! I would be happy to get one!

  3. I always love to do cards and thank you cards for special occasions!
    Just to let them know you appriciate them! I’m not sure why some people wouldn’t like e cards, maybe because it didn’t cost ? idk. lol

  4. Singing & Video Greeting Cards, that’s a very interesting concept, it’s almost like a singing telegram, but it’s not a physical person that comes and sings to you, instead you open an email that sings to you. I think this is a fun new thing, I’d definitely give it a try. Thank you for sharing this post.

  5. These are so cute to send Video Ecards to my loved ones and they are not expensive. I know that I always love getting a Birthday ecard when it is my birthday. I will have to get one for my Sister’s birthday that is coming up!

  6. My mom did the same with us while growing up, we actually really enjoyed making the cards. I continued the tradition with my kids. This is a really neat idea.

  7. I love this because instead of a pointless card getting either thrown away or eventually put in a junk drawer never to be seen again, this can easily go into its own personal folder to watch anytime you’d like.

  8. I’m buying less and less cards and I think a lot of america is doing the same, nice to know they are adapting to it, but still don’t think I would do a membership, I just don’t bother buying even $30 worth of cards.

  9. I love this new idea of interactive cards!!!!!!! really like how they transformed the typical greeting cards into something more modern and fun

  10. WOW!! Perfect for the up coming Easter, and Birthday — I love these type of things, the interaction is great

  11. I love these interactive cards they’re funny! They make your kids, nieces & nephews, grandkids anyone you send them to, smile! The only thing I can’t see doing is getting a membership for them. I guess it has to do with income because I think if I had an income that it didn’t matter what I spent, then I would get a membership. I am one to keep certain cards though so I think its still great to buy them.

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