NIV Ragamuffin Bible Review

I am a BookSneeze blogger and I received the book below for purposes of evaluation. Thoughts are my own.

Ragamuffin Bible

About the NIV Ragamuffin Bible:

Do you believe that God not only loves you, but that he also likes you?

It’s just one of the soul-searching questions posed by bestselling author Brennan Manning who confesses he has been ‘John the beloved, Peter the coward, and Thomas the doubter all before the waitress brought the check.’

The NIV Ragamuffin Bible offers a collection of Manning’s raw, painfully honest, yet grace-filled devotions, meditations, and reflections of his journey limping back to—like the prodigal son—his overjoyed father. When you journey through this Bible, you will likewise find yourself returning to your Heavenly Father, basking in the knowledge that God not only loves you, he delights in you.

First off, let me just say that I like the NIV translation of the Bible mainly because it’s the version used by most of the churches I’ve attended in my life. So with the NIV, I know that the words on it are the words used by most pastors and other people who will be quoting from the Bible. I do have other translations at home though so I can cross-check whenever I need to.

What I love about the NIV Ragamuffin Bible is that it has 104 devotions, 250 reflections and 150 quotes that all help the reader understand what it means to be a child of God and have a deeper connection to God and His Word. As the tagline says, it’s a bible for the “bedraggled, beat-up and brokenhearted” and as such it seeks to give encouragement to its readers for when they feel down.

I think overall it does a pretty good job in giving encouragement with the devotionals and quotes. However, I feel like the sometimes the quotes beside the verses don’t really pertain to the topic or the theme on the passages. When I read the Bible, I read the verses then the devotional or the quotes beside it expecting something that would reinforce or add to what I just read. So perhaps it’s a better devotional than a study bible.

All in all, I’d say it’s still pretty okay but it’s not exactly the best devotional/study bible out there.

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I review for BookSneeze®
I am a BookSneeze blogger and I received the book mentioned above for purposes of evaluation. Thoughts are my own.


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  1. Thank you for the review of the NIV Ragamuffin Bible. I am always on the lookout for Bibles that will help my teenager get the most out of her experience with God. I appreciate your honesty that some of the devotionals or quotes don’t always suit the passage they are suppose to be reinforcing. I want my daughter to get the most out of her reading and think this is one Bible that might not be best suited for her needs.

  2. Good review – I am always looking for inspirational quotes and things from the bible and ideas, I am not sure I will buy this but I will look at it and think about it, thank you!

  3. Thank you for sharing your review and I appreciate your honesty. A few people come to mind that I think might be ministered to through this Bible.

  4. Thanks for the review. I love how honest you are! I do not use a NIV Bible but I know many people who do. Perhaps I can suggest this one to them.

  5. wow this sounds amazing, i know for myself each day i am a work in progress as i think i am, and even though i fight within myself my GOD stands firm n first in my life… thanks for sharing your thoughts @tisonlyme143

  6. The Ragamuffin Bible sounds interesting, but I don’t think it’s for me. Thank you for this honest review.

  7. I think that this sounds like an interesting version, but I ‘d rather stay with what I already have. It is important to give hope, provide insight and devotional studies.

  8. I am very grateful that I looked into your review on this book. I have a special person that is having some rough times right now and even tho I always encourage the bible I do know sometimes especially the younger generation sometimes gets more out of devotional and inspirational books. It seems they are more open to taking the time to read these types of books. Thank you so much perfect gift

  9. I appreciate your honesty and know my sister reads often and has her devotional and books she studies from daily

  10. I really like that this Bible has 104 devotions- I am looking for a new devotional.

  11. I like to read about alternatives to my study bibles. I have two that I love and want to spend time with but I like to see what else is out there.

  12. It’s nice to have different versions and translations of the Bible around. My favorite is the New Living Translation. We are blessed to have such easy access to God’s Word.

  13. I love the title. I enjoy reading inspirational material and this is something I will definitely look into.

  14. This sounds like it would be a wonderful Bible for someone seeking their way. Thank you for reviewing the Ragamuffin Bible

  15. When I talk or reference our Lord, I like to be as accurate as I can & to know the facts. But like you said it is more a devotional and quotes book rather than a Bible Study guide. So I appreciate your honesty.

  16. This is the 1st Time I have Heard of The NIV Ragamuffin Bible! I am Woman of God and I do My Best Every Day to Try and Serve Him Well & Make Him Proud! I Absolutely Believe that if You Put Good Out there in the World than it Will Come Right Back Around to You! I have Been Facing Many Trials Lately, Mainly Health Issues that Put a Strain on my Life and Render me into Pain All Day, Every Day! It’s So Hard to Keep Pushing Forward and to Stay Positive! I Get Really Frustrated & Impatient and that’s when I Turn to The Lord & His Word, The Bible! I Sometimes feel So Idiotic b/c I have to Read Passages Several Times before I can Even Make Sense of it! I know it’s the Most Important Book I will Ever Read & I Really Want it to Sink In! I Want to Understand so I Know How to Best Apply it to My Life! When I Feel Weak I Need Words of Encouragement so it’s Vital that I Comprehend What I am Reading! Sometimes it just Gets Lost in Translation and I wonder if I Should give the NIV Ragamuffin Bible a Try? Do you think it’s the Best Option for Me? I have Always been a Christian but I just Started Really Reading the Bible about 2 years Ago! I want to Understand, is there a “Bible for Dummies?” Thanks for Reading This & Have a Great Day! God Bless! Jana

  17. this book sounds great and probably something that should be in my life, I often down size myself..about GOD loving me or that I am even important …………. thanks for share

  18. I also like the NIV bible because it is so much easier for me to understand. This sounds like a great book of encouragement. I love that it has so many devotions in it and it is a great encourager. We all need that

  19. Thank you for the great review. I am not sure I am going to buy this bible but I apprecdiate your thoughts.