My Experience With Walmart Family Mobile

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I previously posted about Walmart Family Mobile last month and I mentioned that if our whole family would transfer to this service, we would be saving $105 per month. This is one of my biggest motivations for terminating our current plan and getting 4 lines from Walmart Family Mobile instead.

Imagine that! $105 in savings every month means that we can have some extra money for other needs or to pay for other bills! These days, every dollar counts right?

Walmart Family Mobile Concord Phone

Now, my second biggest motivation for transferring is my current carrier’s coverage in our area. While I can generally make and receive calls, the line is usually choppy in our room and I usually have to move to the living room so I can talk on the phone on a decent line.

But ever since I received the Concord smartphone so I can try out Walmart Family Mobile, I have stopped rushing to the living room whenever I get a call. And as you can see in the photo below, my son can talk to his dad and watch Pocoyo videos on the phone without leaving the bedroom.

The Concord is a basic smartphone that runs on Android with some additional T-Mobile apps. It’s not a high-end phone that can be compared to iPhones or Samsung Galaxy S4. But it’s a great smartphone for first-time smartphone users. You get the main functions of a smartphone but the screen resolution isn’t very high. If you mainly use your phone for texting and calling but want to use a simple smartphone, this would be a good choice.

My experience with the Walmart Family Mobile service is outstanding! And there is an ongoing service rollback from Walmart Family Mobile so you can get your line at an even cheaper price!
– For $39.88 per month, get unlimited talk, text and web. This option is great for heavy internet users.
– For $29.88 per month, get unlimited talk and text. This option is great for new users and kids.
– Pay only $34.88 for each additional line with unlimited talk, text and web
– Pay only $24.88 for each additional line with unlimited talk and text

There are also some rollback prices available on some phones:
– Concord smartphone is now only $79.88 (was $99.88)
– MyTouch device is now only $129.88 (was $149.88)

You just need to make a one-time purchase (for every line) of a Starter Kit Card for $25 at your nearest Walmart store. If you have your own unlocked or T-Mobile phone, you can use that for your Walmart Family Mobile line. Then just activate your account in store or at Walmart Family Mobile’s website for online account management and information using the details (SIM card number, etc) on the Starter Kit and you’ll be assigned a new phone number.

In the 3 weeks that I’ve been using my Concord phone on the Walmart Family Mobile plan, I can say that my experience has been great and I’ve officially convinced my husband to transfer to it too! Yay for saving money!

I encourage you to check it out too! I’ve been telling my friends about it because I’m so happy with my Walmart Family Mobile plan!


My Experience With Walmart Family Mobile — 16 Comments

  1. I switched to Walmart Family Mobile from Sprint, and cut my phone bill in half! I’ve had it for a few months now, and it’s great. I had to buy the phone, which was 98.00, and the 25.00 starter kit thing. After purchasing that, the first month of service was free, and for some reason, the second month was only 28.00. Unlimited everything. After that, it’s 43.00/mo including tax. I was spending over 80.00/mo for Sprint. Good phone, good service, great deal.

  2. I have been wanting to upgrade to a Smart Phone, I’ve never had one, and this one sounds like it will do what I want it to. My old phone is just a old basic phone and it will not keep a charge at all, so this is something that I will look into.

    Thanks for the information and the post!

  3. I think its great that there are more options for phones and services, especially affordable plans. If ever my kids need a phone I will be looking into the Walmart phone plan. Thanks for the review I didn’t know it was less then 40. I thought it started at 50, so that makes it even better then I hoped. Yay.

  4. Thanks for sharing this information, because I’m looking for a good family share plan, too. I need to check to see if T Mobile works good in my area, because I sure would like to save money on phone bills.

  5. Just about everyone I know has switched to Walmart Mobile and they really love it and like you, have saved lots of money by doing so. Also, never a complaint on lost calls or anything like that

  6. I switched to the Walmart Family Mobile plan and I love it. I had T-Mobile and the really cool thing is that the Walmart Family Mobile is actually ran on the T-Mobile network so I’m still getting all the great service I had with T-Mobile but I’m saving money. Can’t get no better then that!!

  7. It sounds like you’re having a great time with Walmart Family Mobile. I actually spend less than $30/month because I don’t use my phone that often. I think that if you are someone who uses your phone on a daily basi, then this is a great deal for you. Thank you for sharing this review.

  8. I have been wondering about this plan and wasn’t sure it would work well. This is something that would be good for me. I love saving money where and when I can. I also love shopping at Walmart. Thank you so much for sharing

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