Have A Joyful And Blessed New Year

I know Christmas was last week but since I was unable to greet you formally on this blog, let me just say that I hope you all had a great Christmas celebration!

I had a really awesome time spending the day with my husband’s relatives. We played some games and had a White Elephant gift exchange. I was so glad someone stole my first gift cause I really wanted the Starbucks/Jamba Juice GC that someone else got so I stole that one. LOL! Gotta love White Elephant!

But receiving gifts isn’t what’s important to me during the holiday season. My son and I got to spend more time with my husband because he got some time off from work for a week. And though it was an unpaid time off, we still chose to see it as an opportunity for us to spend quality time as a family.

Merry Christmas card

And now 2014 is just around the corner and I hope and pray that we all have an awesome 2014. I know that it’s impossible for us to be happy every single hour of every day so I just hope you all have a year of inner joy and peace, and perhaps contentment too. You probably also know that I’m a christian so I hope you don’t take it negatively when I say I pray for God to bless you and provide you with your needs (I am not imposing my beliefs on anyone, this is just my way of wishing you well).

“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one.”

I saw this on my timeline earlier today and I really liked it.  My friend says it’s from Brad Paisley (a country singer, I don’t know who he really is — please don’t hate me). I do hope we all get to write a good book for the coming year.

Have a happy, joyful and blessed new year!


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  1. 2013 was such a bad year for so many people with health issues, no jobs, and the price of everything skyrocketing. Here’s hoping we are all blessed with joy and faith throughout the coming New Year!

  2. I too am looking forward to a better year. Finding work and health issues were problems in 2013. I hope you have a wonderful new year as well.
    Oh, and how did you get a “good” gift for a white elephant item? We got a bottle of cheap wine. Blah.

    Diana C

  3. “Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one.”
    LOVE this! I also love your Christmas pic. So cute!

  4. I am really excited for the new year I hope it’s better than 2013 has been with husband being laid off (thankfully ha found another job) and my Mom’s health declining it hasn’t been the best year.

  5. I’m looking forward to the New Year and I am optimistic that the future will bring prosperity good fortune for everyone. Happy New Year!

  6. Hello,
    Thank God for these year , but hope the coming year will be better because it have been so stressful , wishing you and your family a blessing 2014 God Bless you

  7. What a precious photo! I always love a Christmas card that reflects the TRUE meaning of Christmas. I pray for a wonderful 2014 for your sweet family as well.

  8. Have a blessed new year. Our new year always starts off by celebrating my oldest’s birthday. Yep, he’s a New Year’s Baby. =)

  9. You are right,time spent with family is so special and important..Hope you also have a great and happy new year= ) Love the Christmas pic!
    christilynn262 at yahoo dot com

  10. What a wonderful thought. And here’s hoping that everyone’s books are filled with many more good chapters than bad chapters. I hope to be able to fill mine with loads of examples (on my part) of love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness, self control, humility, patience, sincerity….

  11. I will have a lot of surgery in 2014, but hopefully all will go well and by 2015 I will be in good health. 🙂

  12. I hope your year is as wonderful as all you could dream for im hoping mine is just as great. Happy new Year everyone.

  13. I’ve met some new people in a new town who I like. Some new people I wish I’ve never met. Anyhow, I hope only good things come from 2014.

  14. Your “new book” sentence made me think about what my resolution this year should be: each night before I go to sleep I need ti write down one thing that was good that day – for me, what I did for someone else. or anything else! I have a to catch up tonight!

    • That’s really nice! I think I should do that too. By the way, I’d love to know your real name. I always read your well thought out comments on my blog but I only know you as “md kennedy”. Anyway, I just want you to know that I appreciate your thoughts on my posts. 🙂

      – Isis
      Bay Area Mommy
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  15. Happy New Year! I, too, am a big fan of White Elephant gift exchanges! Glad you enjoyed a nice break with your family 🙂

  16. I hope you are having a great year so far. We have gone through one minor disaster after another. Yesterday, while my husband was at work the heater broke. Then I heard a roar. I thought it was going to blow up. I called him and eventually, he came home. Our pipes had burst. We have troubles, we stick together and things work out.

  17. You have a beautiful family! I hope your Christmas and New Year were wonderful. And good luck on any resolutions you may have!!