Interview With Grant & Sarah of Disney On Ice: Passport To Adventure

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be traveling for months and performing in front of thousands almost every night as a Disney character?

I have! I actually once dreamed of becoming an actress/singer when I was younger, and the peak of that dream was to play the role of a Disney Princess, preferably Belle or Jasmine or Cinderella. Though I did a couple of plays and musicals before, I never really chased that dream. But I still love hearing the stories of those who did and were successful. So I’m really glad to have had the opportunity to do a phone interview of 2 people who are currently part of Disney On Ice: Passport To Adventure — Grant and Sarah Marron.

Disney On ice Passport To Adv

Grant and Sarah Marron are actually brothers and sisters who are part of the ensemble for the show, and here’s a quick rundown of the stuff we talked about during the phone interview. Because I’m just a little too clumsy, I accidentally deleted the recording of our conversation!!! UGH! 🙁  Good thing I took down a few notes during the call so I still have some (though not all) information with me. I just won’t be able to post an actual transcript. 🙂

I asked them what roles they’re playing in Disney On Ice: Passport To Adventure. Grant says they are ensemble skaters on the show which means they play multiple roles together with other skaters. He appears as a monkey in Lion King, a pirate in Peter Pan, and skates on Little Mermaid too. Sarah on the other hand plays the role of one of Triton’s daughters and a lily pad in Little Mermaid, and a skater in Peter Pan. The siblings appear as a couple in Lilo & Stitch.

That’s a lot of roles! I promised to look for them in the ensemble for every scene but we agreed it might be impossible because they’d be wearing costumes and probably so much makeup.

Now their bios mentioned that one thing people didn’t know about them was that they’re actually geeks. I can’t imagine anyone in their line of work to be a geek, so I asked them to be more specific. Both Grant and Sarah say that they’re geeks in the way they love board games, cards, fantasy, fan fiction, and comic books. Pretty interesting! I imagine they’d be at the Comic Con every year except that they’re on tour for the show.

My final question was “Which Disney character do you think best describes who you are off the ice?” Sarah says she’s a “mix of Ariel and Nala — Ariel for being sassy and adventurous yet shy and held back; and Nala for being fearsome yet pushes for things when challenges arise”. Grant says he relates most to Goofy. Because, well, he’s goofy!

Disney On Ice Passport To Adventure - Grant and Sarah Marron

Here are some photos. One is of me with them during the Blogger Meet & Greet event, and the others were of them during the show — the only part where I recognized them.

Being away from family isn’t exactly easy for Grant and Sarah but thanks to technology, they can easily connect with their loved ones back home. And what better way to fight homesickness than to spend more time with your brother/sister who’s with you on the tour, right?

I got to meet them in person during the Blogger Meet & Greet right before their October 24 show. I was surprised they remembered that I told them I’ll be attending that event. And I was even more surprised that they dropped by to see me at the area where the bloggers were and spent a couple more minutes chatting with me! Ahh!! Such sweet and nice people!!!

I loved getting to know them and getting a glimpse of life on road as part of Disney On Ice. It’s magical!

Don’t miss out on the magic of Disney On Ice: Passport To Adventure! Check out the schedule and locations so you can watch one in your area!


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