Happy Sunday!

happy sunday

Today, I’m scheduled to sing at church just before our pastor preaches. And I decided to sing one of my all-time favorite songs entitled “Lord I’m Available To You”.

I first heard this at one of the youth camps I attended when I was in high school. My group’s leader sang it to us and it just became our group theme song. It’s about emptying our cup so that God can fill it up. It’s about being available so that God can use me. My hands, my ears, my voice, my eyes. All of me.

You gave me my hands to reach out to men
To show him your love and your perfect plan
You gave me my ears I can hear your voice so clear
I can hear the cries of sinners, but can I wipe away their tears

You gave me my voice to sing your Word
To sing all your praises to those who’ve never heard
But with my eyes I see Your need for more availability
I see hearts that has been broken, so many people to be free.

Lord I’m available to You. My will I give to You.
I’ll do what You say do. Use me Lord
To show someone the way, and enable me to say
My storage is empty, and I am available to You

Now I’m giving back to You, all the tools You gave to me.
My hands, my ears, my voice, my eyes; so You can use them as You please.
I have emptied out my cup, So that You can fill me up
Now I’m free and I just want to be more available to You.

The video below is of a young man singing this beautiful song. He didn’t sing it perfectly. But it’s my favorite rendition of the song because I could feel his sincerity while singing it. Have a blessed Sunday!


Happy Sunday! — 19 Comments

  1. I loved the video you felt the song when he sings..Hope You had a great Sunday

  2. Awesome song! I grew up in the Church of Christ where everything is sung Acapella. I hope it went well for you. Great video and song. Fills your soul and heart.

  3. Wow, he really does have an amazing voice! I have to admit that voices like these are a good part of the reason we go to a black church! The interpretive dances are amazingly touching too. They do them at our church and they get me everytime! Thanks for sharing and for using your talents for God!

  4. Nice song…I wish I had a good voice. YOu’re brave to sing in front of people.

  5. I love Sundays! Great video/song, thank you so much for sharing!

  6. That’s nice. I appreciate people that can sing. I couldn’t carry a tune to save my life.When my husband makes me mad I only have to say “Don’t make me sing!”

  7. I really like that post! I read it the other day also. I think that is why I like Sundays so much myself! AMEN!