Cable Organizer: Solution To Long Messy Cords

I received samples of cable turtle organizers from to facilitate a review.

I love being organized because it makes me feel like everything is in control. This doesn’t only pertain to having a schedule organizer for things I need to do, but also to how my workspace looks. More often than not, my workspace is filled with lots of documents and even baby stuff since my son usually disrupts me from what I’m currently doing. And since he’s my first priority, I usually just leave everything there and eventually just forget to clean up and organize everything again.

But one of the things that make me feel disorganized is the messy look of all the electrical cords for my laptop, phone, tablets and electric fan. Good thing somebody thought about making cable turtle organizers.

Cable Turtle Organizer

Cable Turtle Cord Organizers lets you hide your excess cable and hide it in its shell — kinda like a turtle.

They’re especially useful for when you only need your cords to be a certain length. Take my laptop charger cord for example. It’s really long. And since the power cord is just beside the table, I don’t need it to be that long.

So instead of leaving it looking so messy with all the excess wire, I can just wind the extra wire around the cable turtle organizer then close it once I’m okay with the length. This also beneficial in the sense that it lessens any possible wire tripping accidents.

Cable Turtle Organizer 1Cable Turtle Organizer 2

The photos above show how I used the turtle organizers to help make my cords look less messy. As you can see in the first set of photos, you can use it for just one cord. But in my second photo, I used it to hide 3 different cords. The turtle organizer I used for that was the biggest one though so it can accommodate that much wire inside.

Earphone Cable Organizer

The photo above is actually of “The Core Headphone Cable Organizer” which I also received. You can check it out HERE. It’s a similar product but it much smaller and doesn’t have the turtle design. You just simply wind the wire around the “core” which is shaped like the core of an apple.

Overall, I like that these products make my area look more organized. Yes, there are lots of other things that I still need an organizer for but at least I’m done with the messy cords!

BUY IT! These Cable Turtle Organizers can be purchased at for as low as $4.99. Price depends on the size.

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Cable Organizer: Solution To Long Messy Cords — 32 Comments

  1. These are fantastic ideas! We have a snake pit of cables in our second home (Europe so a lot of adapters, etc.) and this would so help neatening up our office.

  2. I’m on my way to the website now. Finally a way to make cords appear neat. Thanks!

  3. Boy, could I use that! Under this computer table we have so many cords. It’s really hard to keep it dust free.

  4. These look great i was just complaining abot the messy cable wire behind my t.v

  5. Great review for some handy items! I like the headphone wire spooler!

  6. i love this and its so much more practical than ‘duct tape’…lol. thank you for reviewing a handy product that isn’t expensive!

  7. I really like this idea since we live in a century type old house and we have a fair share of cords in a few rooms. This will be an ideal solution.Thanks for sharing.

  8. These are so cute .The green one looks like a turtles mouth hence being called the cable turtle. I need some of these badly. My cords are usually all over the place or getting caught somehow or other. This would be perfect for me

  9. This is exactly what I need seeing a pile of cords annoys me and it seems my dog and nephews love to get tangled in them or pull on them so this is perfect

  10. These are a great idea but I need something for a really thick wire. I’m going to contact the company and ask. Thanks for giving me this information.

  11. YOU are NOT kidding, I NEED some of these! OH my gosh I was just yesterday, grumbling under my breath, when I was vacuuming. Three rooms have tv’s and games and other things and I am SO going to get some of these. THANKS I am glad I came in here.

  12. I am going to check out their website as I really need these. I didn’t know they existed but am glad you shared this post. My office is a total mess because of the wires and everyone is always tripping over them.

  13. These would work wonders on the amount of cables that I have at home! It was a very helpful article.

  14. This is the answer to every man’s problem of wires everywhere.We live in an older type home with fewer outlets.

  15. I am alwasy searching for great cord hiders since my husband has so many techie items, these look great! Thanks for post

  16. These look super handy – something I could really use! Ty for the review.

  17. great review, I lke being organized too and dust free. We need both of the organizer especially the core headphone cable organizer.

  18. I like this review I have a cord organizer but its cheap dollar velcro straps lol I’m always worried about running over my cords with my computer chair Haha someday I might get organized and purchase something like this.