Easily Customize Your iPhone Case With Uncommon!

When I got my new iPhone 5, I knew I wanted to get a customized iPhone case. Just about 2 weeks ago, my husband and I upgraded our phones and as always, he chose the black one and I chose the white one. The guy over at Best Buy recommended that we purchase Geek Squad Protection because the phone may “not survive a 4-foot drop”. Even with that warning, we didn’t get the protection plan because we didn’t have the budget for it. But I had to take my phone back to Best Buy twice for replacement because of a couple of issues. The third phone I got worked great so I’m hoping I wouldn’t need to bring it in again for more repairs or exchanges.

Uncommon customized iPhone case Uncommon customized iPhone case

That said, I know I need to really take care of my phone. So I’m glad to have had the chance to review the customized iPhone case from Uncommon. Uncommon offers protective cases for various Apple products. They have lots of designs to choose from but you also have the option to get customized iPhone cases.

I’m not too much of a creative person so the thought of customizing was a bit scary to me. I still went for the customized option though. And I just decided to use one of my son’s photos during our vacation to Anaheim, CA last December.

I chose the Black Bezel Deflector Case for my customized iPhone case review.

As you can see in the first photo above, the case has a black lining. They also have the plain Deflector case which doesn’t have the black lining. The photo would just bleed through to the edge of the case. I prefer my case to look a bit plain (or minimalist) when it’s facing me so I went for the bezel.

Uncommon customized iPhone case

The photos above show the top, bottom and side views of the customized iPhone case and you can see that the buttons and the ports can easily be accessed.

I like that the customized iPhone case fits really well. Customizing your iPhone case is very easy. Just upload a photo on the Uncommon website. You will need to create an account to customize your case so that they could save your design.

Uncommon customized iPhone case

Once uploaded, your photo will be saved on your “My Images”. Just mouse over that photo and you’ll see a couple of options. Click on “Customize and Buy”. You’ll then be taken to this new screen where you’ll be asked to choose which gadget the customized iPhone case is for and which style you want.

Uncommon customized iPhone caseThere are a couple of other options that you can change in order to design your customized iPhone case. The photo zoom, rotation, and placement can be adjusted and you can also add some text to it.

Uncommon customized iPhone caseOnce you’re satisfied with your design, just click on “Add To Cart” and you’re done! You can also just save your design if you’re not yet ready to purchase the customized iPhone case.

Uncommon also has cases for other Apple products. Here’s a screenshot of the list on their website:Uncommon customized iPhone case

BUY IT! You can purchase the Uncommon customized iphone case for $34.95 to $39.95 depending on the case style you prefer at www.getuncommon.com.



Easily Customize Your iPhone Case With Uncommon! — 23 Comments

  1. This looks great! I always worry when I’m doing anything with pictures onto something, if the picture will turn out blurry or look cheap.

    • That was my concern too especially because I feel the photo I took of my son wasn’t too great to start with. But it turned out really nice on the case! 🙂


    • Normally I wouldn’t use a case but for this really thin iPhone, I think I really need one. Also because my son has the habit of throwing our phones onto the floor just because he feels like doing it. Oh the joys of having a toddler! LOL


  2. So cute, this would make a cute gift for my daughter for Valentines. She is 15 and keeps breaking or losing her iphone cases

  3. Your phone is really cute! I think most people like to customize their phones to make it more personal to them, especially if they have kids! I know I have pictures of my daughter everywhere.

  4. I love how your case turned out! I’ve seen a few sites offering photo cases, and I always thought it was a really nice idea.

  5. What changes from the Iphone 4 to the 5..wow ! I have the soft case that protects from drops, from me. LOL But great review, still love my Iphone 4s.

  6. I’ll make one with a photo of the side of my face. That way when I talk on the phone, it’ll look like I’m just holding my hand to my head and talking. It’ll look even more nuts than when bluetooth sets first came out and people looked like they were talking to themselves =P

  7. Looks easy enough to customize. I’ve customized a skin, but never a case. I assume it’s similar. It’s a cute pic of your son, by the way!

  8. I am going to get one of these when I get my iPhone. Thank you for this review.