Valentine’s Day Gifts For The Hopeless Romantic

I was compensated for this Valentines Day Gifts For The Hopeless Romantic post. Thoughts are my own.

Valentines Day Gifts For The Hopeless Romantic at Personalization Mall

Valentine’s Day is just about 2 weeks away and I know that men are usually at a loss for gift ideas around this time.

But I got good news for all you guys out there! Personalization Mall has created a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for different types of people! They have suggestions for women and men, parents, kids, and even suggestions for different personalities or interests (Sports Fans, Man Cave, Master Chef, Jewelry Lover, Wine Lover, and more).

And yes, they have gift suggestions for the Hopeless Romantic too! If your loved one is someone who loves romantic movies and dreams of being in one, the type that loves being loved, and perhaps a bit idealistic when it comes to love, then you probably have a hopeless romantic right there. I think adding a personal touch to any gift just shows how much you have thought about the other person and not opted for getting something generic from the store. I know of someone who was previously got their partner a custom photo blanket for valentines day. This was a cute idea and also very thoughtful. No one sees a gift like this coming, but when it does, you can’t be disappointed. Either way, whether you personalised the gift or buy something from the store, it’s the thought that counts so don’t think you need to spend a crazy amount to make someone happy.

What’s great about hopeless romantics is that you don’t have to give expensive gifts. They usually take a look at the thought — and of course the man — behind those presents. Here are a few suggestions from Personalization Mall!


Valentine’s Day Gift Idea #1: You’re All I Need Personalized Keepsake

Personalized Keepsake for Valentines Day

Were there nothing else but our love for each other, I would still have all I need.

Wow! How romantic! These words are enough to make a woman’s heart melt! This quality crafted, clear lucite block features glistening, delicate beveled edges. You can personalize the center heart with a title and name along with your message. You can opt for the verse above or write your own romantic message!

Your loved one can display this keepsake on her desk at work so it can always remind her of your love for her! Awww…


Valentine’s Day Gift Idea #2: The Days I Love Thee Personalized Oversized Greeting Card

Personalized Oversized Greeting Card for Valentines Day

Do you know exactly how many days you’ve loved your better half? Honestly, I don’t. I guess when it’s been a long time, it’s just a lot easier to remember the number of years instead of the months, weeks and especially the days. But with this card, you can let the one you love know how many days you have loved her!

Include a name across the top and enter 2 dates — the day you fell in love and the day when you will be giving the card to your loved one. The number of days will automatically calculate. You can then write your own message in the card.

What’s great about this is that you can immediately preview your card so you know exactly how it will look! This is an oversized greeting card and it measures 8″ x 11″ when folded. That’s about the same size as regular copy paper.


Valentines Day Gift Idea #3: All My Love Personalized Love Letter In A Bottle

Personalized Love Letter In A Bottle for Valentine's Day

Okay, a message in a bottle? Totally romantic! This personalized gift features a 6 1/2″ glass bottle with sand and seashells, beach umbrella, a palm tree and your message. For your message, you can choose from 7 verses or write your own!

I’d suggest you make your own message instead of just going with the pre-written ones. Hopeless romantics love well-thought out gifts so go ahead and pour your heart out in that letter!

Your love letter will be inscribed on stylish parchment paper rolled and tied with a red ribbon. Corked in the bottle, your message is ready to set sail! This is hands down my favorite in the Hopeless Romantic category!


BUT! There are lots of other different personalized romantic gifts at Personalization Mall! Going through their Valentine’s Day Gift Guide will surely help you as you think of that perfect gift for your loved one.

Here’s a tip: do a search for “romantic” at the Personalization Mall website and you’ll find even more ideas! Make sure you look at their “So In Love” Personalized Basswood Plank — many women have at least once in their life thought it romantic to have our names etched on a tree. 🙂

And be sure to check out Personalization Mall’s “Gift of the Day” Deal which runs until February 8th! You could save big on a romantic personalized gift! But you need to hurry because each deal lasts for 24 hours only!


I was compensated for this Valentines Day Gifts For The Hopeless Romantic post. Thoughts are my own.


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  1. I enjoyed reading your Valentines Day Gifts For The Hopeless Romantic! Its True that most men need a little help in picking out appropriate Gifts. Your awesome Hints and tips will surely be helpful to a lot of people. Thankyou for sharing! I too Love the Romantic message in the Bottle!! Would make my Heart Melt~

  2. I’m usually pretty happy with anything my husband gives me-I’m just thrilled to get something at all! I need help getting gifts for him tho. He’s a tough one!

  3. Those are cute ideas. My husband doesn’t have a romantic bone in his body. I’ll probably buy myself something if I want. I really don’t want anything though. I got my Fekkai conditioner so I’m happy.

  4. I am usually pretty happy if my hubby even remembers Vday. Usually its me that does everything but I have been hinting around this year loll.. Would be nice for a real Valentine Day dinner, flowers and such, have not had that since the 1st or 2nd year, but I know financially we really can’t afford anything loll but I can dream

  5. These are all wonderful sentimental gifts! I love the All My Love Personalized Love Letter In A Bottle, awesome idea that you can treasure forever and display.

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  10. Wow those r some really good ideas. After being married for 20 years we both have within the last 3-4 years have said let’s not buy each other something since money is short. I am happy to say i am gonna use your letter in a bottle idea. I just happen to have a bottle and also have a small bottle with Sand and seashells in it from a vacation long ago so i may use that for another bottle or even use the vacation bottle. Either way i am thankful for you posting this and the fact i can do something special for him this year with no money involved 🙂

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