MPG Active Wear Review

I received samples of MPG active wear so I can share my thoughts on it.

Now that it’s getting warmer and warmer, I’ve been seeing more people go out and run or walk at the park just beside our home. Those people actually inspire to go out myself so I sometimes take my son to go out and play. I love that I can get some extra exercise because I carry my son half the time while walking.

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Doing physical exercises is easier when I use clothes that are meant for it. Some regular clothing can be a bit restricting when it comes to my movements so I can’t really stretch out my arms. But with the activewear pieces I received from MPG, walking and running is more comfortable.

MPG offers clothes and accessories that are meant to make you look great and feel great while doing sports or any physical activity.

MPG Pants

The Entice Pants is one of the items I received and it retails for $70 on their website. MPG describes it as a “fashion active jean-inspired pant”. These bootcut pants are made of performance jersey — 88% Polyester and 12%β€― Spandex — and has jean-inspired stitching details. The front pockets have rivets on each end.


The other item I received was the Dalliance Tee in black. It’s a short sleeve lace trimmed tee. It also comes in Bright Coral and Purple Cactus. As you can see in the photos above, the top part of this shirt is made of lace. The rest is made of Tactel Nylon Jersey (86% Tactel Nylon and 14% Spandex). Here’s a photo of me wearing both the Dalliance top and the Entice pants.


The fabric used for the pants is a stretchy type so you can also use it for dancing. I don’t do much dancing (except when dancing to The Wiggles’ Hot Potato with my son) but for the times that I did some stretching, it’s so comforting to not have to worry if my pants would suddenly rip! And believe me, I’ve had that happen to me a couple of times!

As for the tee, I like how they used lace on the top part because it allows for air circulation especially when I’m feeling warm already. It’s definitely a nice shirt to have during the summer months. But even if the lace is a bit see through, it’s not the type that would offend conservative people. There’s enough coverage so you don’t need to worry about overexposure. πŸ™‚

I really like both the pants and the top! The pants can even double as formal slacks at work since it has a very classy flow — which may not be too obvious in my photo above. But I wore it one time at a business meeting with heels and it looked so nice.

BUY IT! These items and other active apparel are available for purchase at the MPG website at


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MPG Active Wear Review — 56 Comments

  1. I am not able to do much for exercise, but if the clothing breathes, it would be great and comfy for someone convalescing. My daughter would love as she is now in track and hoping to get into yoga.

  2. They look comfortable and are pretty too….On with this giveaway now.

  3. Nice outfit. I don’t like to look like an athlete when I’m going out for a simple walk.

  4. What a great outfit. Both, especially the top, look like very dressy workout attire. Very diverse to wear for variety of occasions. I’d love to win some workout clothes.

  5. It is a very cute outfit. I really like that is comfortable enough to just wear around the house. It’s also dressy enough that you can wear to events and people can’t tell it’s a work out outfit.

  6. Great outfit you reviewed-I hadn’t seen that on the site, it sounds so comfortable and it’s very stylish. I can’t wait for warmer weather (not that I need it to be active, but seeing all of this great active wear makes me want to be out in the sunshine) I’m ‘new’ to MPG so thanks for the post!

  7. Those do look comfortable. It’s so important especially if you’re going to (ugh!) work out.

  8. I love the Dalliance Tee, to be exercise clothes is feminine looking not dull and boring..

  9. I like that they have a classy pretty look to them yet are made for exercising and keeping you able to move and cool off.

  10. I look for style and comfort in my clothes because I get hot flashes from some of the medications I take. These clothes seem to fit the bill! Thanks for bringing them to my attention.

  11. They look really comfortable. I’ve been looking for some workout clothes that fit better.

  12. Cute and comfy! I really like the lace on the top, what a great way to feel pretty while exercising.

  13. I love that the fabric is breathable. All the clothing is stylish which is nice. It’s about time they came out with some nice workout clothes. Super cute outfit you have on

  14. Their clothes look fun and still durable at the same time. I plan on getting a fitness routine going soon and so I hope to win this to kick it off.

  15. You look beautiful in those clothes! I love that the top has all that lace. Very pretty and stylish! I really like the clothes at MPG!

  16. Oh boy do I appreciate your very very helpful review – especially because I read it AFTER I’d spent about an hour looking over all the wonderful Tops and Bottoms at MPG (especially in the context of entering your wonderful giveaway) and also immediately I was drawn to the ENTICE PANTS – so I thrilled (and pleased) to read your first hand impression that confirmed everything I’d been hoping for:

    Comfortable (and reassuring) stretchy fabric with breathable lace top and moreover while perfect for workouts and exercising/dancing – they can also be successfully worn as “dressed up” pants with a nice top and shoes! EXACTLY what I was looking for and your review was just just what I needed! Thanks!

  17. Very cute outfit, I just wish these workout clothing places would offer stylish clothing for those of us who really need to lose weight. I love the lace detailing on the top.

  18. I was just checking out their clothes and they are so sporty and cute πŸ™‚

  19. I love that you cold go from the gym to store without looking like you were just working out

  20. i like that they don’t even look like workout gear!!! so if you’re out and about and feel like walking, you don’t have to worry about getting your clothes sweaty!!

  21. These look so cute. I love wearing clothes that give a little and it sounds like these do. I will have to check out their site soon. Thank you so much for sharing

  22. The Dalliance Tee is really cute! I love the cut of it. I need to check out this brand of clothes and see if I can find more clothes that are right for me. Thanks so much! πŸ™‚