Little Monsters One Size Pocket Cloth Diaper Review

Little Monsters Cloth Diapers

Little Monsters Cloth Diaper Review

Here’s another awesome gift idea! Little Monsters Cloth Diapers! Little Monsters Cloth Diapers are fashionable, easy to use, easy to clean, easy on the environment, saves you money (as opposed to disposables), eco-friendly and very easy to care for.

Little Monsters Cloth Diapers have a laminated shell and soft interior. As you can see in the photos below, there are multiple rows of snaps on it. This allows for the diaper to easily be adjusted and grow along with your baby. It includes a 3-layer microfiber insert which slips into the pocket of the diaper cover. This one-size pocket diaper fits most babies 9 to 35 pounds.

I received the Little Monsters Cloth Diaper with the Bobby Monster print for review on Bay Area Mommy.

The Little Monster cloth diaper is so cute! I like that its design at the back is unique. It’s the only cloth diaper I’ve seen so far that has this kind of embroidery at the back. This might actually explain why it’s priced a bit higher than others that don’t have embroidery. I also like the contrast between the black fabric and the green snaps. It just looks so stylish.

Little Monsters Cloth Diapers

I usually let my son wear his Little Monster cloth diaper during the day since there’s just one insert. He can take some short naps in it though. I can trust that it will absorb any wetness. If I ever need it overnight, I just stuff in a doubler so I can have peace of mind that no matter how much my son wets during the night, he’s dry.

I hear your question! Are Little Monsters Cloth Diapers just rebranded Alvas?

I also have a couple of Alvas in my stash but — though most cloth diapers look alike — the Little Monster cloth diaper I got and the others I saw on their website do not look like the Alvas I have or anything I’ve seen on the Alva site even if you remove the monster embroidery at the back. This leads me to believe that Little Monsters cloth diapers aren’t just rebranded Alvas.

All in all, the Little Monsters Cloth Diapers are awesome diapers. They’re very cute because of the little designs at the back. They serve their purpose of absorbing wetness without leaking except for the times when my son is continually drinking water or milk which makes him pee more than usual.

BUY IT! Little Monsters cloth diapers are available for purchase for $25.99 at the Little Monsters website HERE.

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Little Monsters One Size Pocket Cloth Diaper Review — 39 Comments

  1. This is adorable! I don’t have a baby but I still love looking at cute original baby stuff 🙂

  2. I love the monster…how cute!!! And I love how absorbent the inserts on, I’ve gotten some recently that were said to be absorbent…wet laps at the JC Penney portait studio proved otherwise..LOL..

  3. So cute! If I had it to do all over again, I would cloth diaper my babies. But, alas, I’m done having kids, and thankful they are all potty trained! 🙂

  4. The designs on their little tooshies are too cute to resist! These seem like nice diapers. Thanks for reviewing to help us all know what’s worth putting our money towards!

  5. It seems like the price IS a little higher than other brands….wouldn’t it be great if everyone could actually try a whole bunch of different brands before investing in cloth diapering? We need a lending library of cloth diapers or something…
    At least we have online reviews:)

    • True! What I usually do is read some reviews then buy just 1 per brand. Cause sometimes I feel like it’s not enough that I’ve read reviews. I need to experience it for myself especially since different babies have different needs too. 🙂
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  6. Cute but I dont think I would use it for my lil girl. Maybe if they had a fuzzy monster or something.

  7. I love the cute monster designs! Anything monster is always adorable on my baby boy 🙂

  8. Love the diaper, way cute! I would have to add a doubler though, my baby is a heavy wetter!

  9. Wow are these cute! Even though there is only one insert, I have plenty, so I could always add one!

  10. Look like Go Green Champs….I love them! looking to expand my fluff stash so I may consider these.

  11. Love the colors. Very adjustable, looks very soft, and the monsters are too cute.

  12. This is so cute! It’s so cute I would totally use it for my baby girl even though it’s more of a boy diaper. I’d just have to put her in a frilly top, lol!

  13. Yes, it would be definitely a day diaper with only one diaper, unless you added another one. If I win, I hope I get a girly one!

  14. Oh my goodness. My daughter would never stop wearing diapers if she had a “Mike” diaper. All one eyed monsters are Mike, from “Monsters Inc,” according to her.
    This is a very cute diaper. My kids would love it.

  15. This little monster diaper is so adorable. I need to get a pair for my grandson. Thanks for review.

  16. These sound so nice. I love all the snaps so there is alot of room for adjustment. I also love that they are soft and comfy for baby. Thank you so much for sharing