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I’ve watched a couple of videos on Youtube where people were doing stress tests for the iPhone 5. One video showed a person scratching the front and back of his iPhone 5 with a key and hitting it with a hammer. Surprisingly, the iPhone 5 didn’t get any scratches or any dents after that. I’m not sure how much force he put into it but even if it seems the iPhone 5 survived such a drastic testing, I still don’t want to risk damaging my phone. So iPhone 5 cases are a must for me.

I received samples of ZooGue’s iPhone 5 Social Pro cases for review.

ZooGue offers cases for various tech gadgets like the iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets, and Kindle Fire.

Zoogue iPhone Cases

ZooGue’s iPhone 5 Social Pro Cases measure 10.5 mm (D) x 62 mm (W) x 127 mm (L). Of all the iPhone 5 cases that I have tried so far, this is one of the slimmest. I was actually expecting a case that felt more like silicone but this one is made of a special TPU and has a different texture — like a matte feeling.

The hardness level goes somewhere between a hard shell and a soft silicone shell. So while it’s soft in the sense that you can bend it and you can easily slip your iPhone inside, it’s also hard in that you don’t feel like your iPhone is less protected.

Zoogue iPhone Cases

As you can see above, the ZooGue cases have a very snug fit on the iPhone 5.

All the edges of the iPhone are protected and there are just holes on the areas that need to be accessible for chargers and earphones. You can also see that the case  on the front side are a bit raised. This ensures that if my iPhone falls front first, the main screen won’t touch the ground.

The Zoogue iPhone 5 Social Pro cases come in 10 different colors — hot pink, old spice red, navy blue, grey, black, white, light blue, purple, lime green and army green. The first 5 colors I mentioned can be seen in the photo below.

Zoogue iPhone Cases

Of the blue and pink case, my friend had this to say:

The pink case looks really good on the white iPhone 5. The navy blue color also looks sharp on the black iPhone 5 and blends with the black. It’s almost hard to tell the difference between the black (on the iPhone) and the blue — which in my opinion complements the iPhone very well. The case is sturdy. Very nice in terms of fit, and the finish is okay. The texture is kind of rough so it doesn’t slide. Protection from scratch is pretty good.

BUY IT! Zoogue iPhone 5 cases are available on their website at


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Protect Your iPhone! Get An iPhone Case! — 19 Comments

  1. These look great! My step-daughter needs a case badly because she is always banging her phone and one day she’ll bust it. I’ll have her take a look at these.

  2. At the price point of phones it is good to spend a decent amount of money to get a good case for it. We got otter boxes (really recommend them) for our phones.

  3. Why is it that most sites only review about iPhone cases????? That is so irritating!! Everyone doesnt have an iPhone!!!

    • Hi Nicole, I apologize if this irritates you. I only have an iPhone so I can’t review cases for other phones. I did mention though that they also have cases for other gadgets so you may want to look into those on their website. If the sample I received from them was good, perhaps their cases for other tech gadgets would be just as good. 🙂

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  4. I dont have yet the Iphone 5 but the first thing I will do when I have one is protect it with one! Color grey! Love it!

  5. I wish I had an iPhone 5 – they are so cool and these cases are awesome. I would love one in red. Maybe one day soon.

  6. I’m not an iphone user, but am hoping that will change on mother’s day. If my wish comes true I will protect it with the pink one. Pink is one of my favorite colors.

  7. Just got the iphone 5 so looking for a case. This as timely to see this review. Thanks

  8. Seems like the edge that goes around the front might limit the number of smashed screens if it falls.

  9. I always put a case on my phone. I need something with grip – I am always so worried it will fall out of my pocket in the restroom!

  10. Hi. Don’t know if you’re still monitoring comments in this post but I was wondering about the zoogue case, specifically the amount of wiggle room there might be for getting a larger headphone jack connected properly. I’m talking about one like this on the left ( I’d post a link to an image here but I can’t) Is the case flexible enough to stretch or bend enough around the headphone input to get that jack in there?

    • Hi! Unfortunately, I don’t think the case is flexible enough to accommodate a larger headphone jack unless you cut out a certain part of the case which I don’t recommend. I do hope you find a case that’s flexible enough for that. 🙂

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  11. Thank you for your review. I have been looking to get another cover for my iPhone.