Gifts For Men: Ideas For Valentine’s Day

gifts for men

It has always been a challenge for me to think of possible gifts for men.

No matter if it’s for their birthday, for Christmas, or for Valentines Day, it’s just hard to think of gifts for men. I can never really seem to easily think of what guys would like. Would he appreciate receiving a book? One of the latest dab radios? Another DVD to add to his collection?

Out of ideas? I’ve created a short list of possible gifts for men for those of you who are in the same boat as I am.

GIFTS FOR MEN IDEA # 1 – Perfume

If there’s one thing I know my husband loves, it’s perfume! Hubby doesn’t ever leave the house without a couple of sprays — even if he’s just going to shoot some hoops with friends. Some of the perfume brands I love on him are American Eagle’s True, Polo Ralph Lauren’s Red White and Blue, and D&G Light Blue for Men. I guess it’s safe to say that this would make for great gifts for men.

GIFTS FOR MEN IDEA # 2 – Tech Gadgets

I think most men, and not just my husband, love tech gadgets. It could be a tablet, a new phone, or even just accessories for his gadgets (if he already has one of every gadget he wants). Tech gadgets usually cost a lot but there are brands out there that are cheaper than the most popular ones but are still of good quality. It’s really just a matter of researching and comparing these gadgets, and knowing your husband’s preferences.


A watch is usually a guy’s main accessory. I know my husband likes watches and I know he’s been eyeing a couple of watches from Philip Stein and Technomarine. A bit too expensive for my Valentines Day budget but if you have the money for it — or if you see a sale — then go for it! Although a watch is a staple piece for a lot of men, this doesn’t have to be an expensive investment. There are some companies out there that even allow you to design your own watch. So if you are thinking of a gift idea for someone, this may be a good route to go down.

GIFTS FOR MEN IDEA # 4 – Clothing or Shoes

Well, everybody needs some shirts and jackets so this one’s just a matter of knowing your husband’s taste and size. A lot of men I know are very much into shoes, especially the rubber shoes released by those popular NBA players.

GIFTS FOR MEN IDEA # 5 – Your Time

Mushy, yes? But I think a lot of men would appreciate you taking them out for dinner, or spending time together at a spa, or maybe just granting them a night of relaxation at home where you can treat them like a VIP. This one really depends on what you know your other half would enjoy.

But I guess whatever it is that you decide on, your husband will love your gift because it came from YOU and you went out of your way to make it a special day for him.

Do you have any other ideas for possible Valentines Day gifts for men? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. All these ideas are goo and if there is a special photo he like frame it or turn it into a painting.

  2. I think that all the ideas are good ones especially if anyone are new at daring

  3. wonderful ideas , i enjoy making my hubby breakfast, having his clothes lay’d out for him .. later in the evening I always have a little something for him, dinner by candlelight, a card, an a little gift, often its not much but he understands 😉 @tisonlyme143

  4. Since its Feb 14 I was thinking of getting my dad 14 scratch cards… just for the fun of it… nothing says “I love you” like winning the lotto.


    Danielle Faith

  5. I just have to share- our 1st Valentine’s Day after our wedding, my husband bought me a vacuum cleaner, How romantic, eh? But here we are, almost 35 years married now. Not the best present ever, but I wouldn’t trade the husband for anything!

  6. I know this is kind of old-fashioned, but in addition to getting one of the suggested ideas, I think a man also likes to be cooked for (either a meal or cookies or a cake or something).

  7. I’m so out of ideas for my boyfriend….I’ve bought him everything he wants and needs over the past few holidays. I’m going to have to try hard to find something.

  8. I think the “your time” one is a really valid point. I think most men enjoyed being pampered just as much as women do. My hubby for one would LOVE a gift certificate for a massage. I’ve even convinced him to get a pedicure with me once. 🙂

  9. I’m always at a loss on what to get my husband for Vday. This is helpful. I think he would like clothes since he refused to go to a mall and pick them out!

  10. All great ideas, I like to cook my hubby the meal of his choice, his favorite present is food 😉

  11. A good list of ideas here. Thanks for them. I think something like a homemade Valentine for him would be great. All made just by you with maybe a little short and sweet poem you can think up. Something from the heart . Oh and dont forget a dab of your perfume too.

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  13. I am going to make a picture/music video of our lives together. This is our 35th Valentine’s Day together!

  14. I’m making my man a book filled with photos, drawings, quotes, and memories. We’re nerdy so a few inside jokes are fitting in there somewhere as well. He’s a sensitive guy with minimal material necessities. I lucked out. 🙂
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  15. I like your ideas. The one thing your husband will really like is a well rested wife who loves to spend time with him.

  16. Last year I could not think of anything to get my husband so I cut up 365 pieces of paper and wrote a reason I loved him on each of them. I put those papers in a mason jar and he opens one every day. Some of the reasons I love him were very mushy, some funny and some just plain dumb but it always makes him smile every morning.
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  17. I am very blessed or cursed be pending how you want to look at it but we have our anniversary on the 17th of January(court house) and then the church wedding on the 7th of March so we usually choose which one of these 3 dates we want to celebrate with nice dinner and a nice gift.
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  18. I’m really not talented at finding gifts when I “have to” (birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, etc.) but when I think of a good gift I’m so excited to give it that I almost always end up giving the surprise (and sometimes the actual gift) away early! Oops!

    This list is great and helpful 🙂

  19. Thanks for this list. I always have such a hard time trying to figure out what to get for my husband.

  20. To be honest…. I have never given anything to hubby for valentines day! lol It’s a day like any other day. But we do try to have a date night during the week when my girls are at school. :p

    Cinella @ The Mami Blog
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  21. Great list! I always have trouble with my hubby now that we are married. When we were dating, it was really easy somehow–I think I need to pay more attention now, or something! Maybe I need to give my romantic gene a kick in the pants!
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  22. Sometimes I wonder how much people spend on gifts for holidays like Valentine’s Day versus how much they spend the rest of the year. I like the watch idea.

  23. For sure it is time and the promise fo continued love! Stuff just doesn’t mean anything to either of us any more.

  24. I never really liked cologne. The ladies like though so I’m willing to make the sacrifice.

  25. My hubby loves anything hunting, so I’ll get him that and some new cologne, for me 😉

  26. Great ideas. 🙂 Really can’t stand Valentine’s Day because I usually have no idea what to get my man, lol.

  27. Thanks for this list. I have a hard time finding things for my boys, my husband tends to be easy buy for. One thing that I can always get that works for my husband is anything car or gun related.
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  28. Nice ideas. I think ‘your time’ is not as mushy as you would think. Some people are pressured, busy, or overwhelmed and just pressing the stop button for a few hours for a nice meal – at a restaurant or relaxng at hone with a favourite movie and some treats can be more precious than a room full of roses.

  29. This are great ideas for gifts for guys. For my husband anything car related or airplane related he likes. So I am always listening to see if there is something he is talking about and then I tuck the idea away for just an occasion like Valentines day.
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