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Not sure how to go about claiming the entries for Facebook likes on the GiveawayTools form? Here’s a quick description of what to do.

Screen Shot 1

There are 4 Facebook Like entries in the giveaway. The 1st group of entries is for the giveaway hosts and the next 3 are for the other participating bloggers.

Just click on “Click to begin“. A group of FB like entries will appear. Here’s what you’ll see when you do that for “Entries for Giveaway Hosts’ FB Fans“:

Screen Shot 2

A note will appear that says all entries in the group must be submitted to receive entries. This means that you’ll have to be a fan of all 4 pages in that group to receive 20 entries. Being a fan of Bay Area Mommy’s FB page but not of any of the other 3 FB pages will result to 0 entries. It’s all or nothing.

To check if you’re already a fan, click on “Click to begin” on each of them. You will see the following:

Screen Shot 3

If you’re already a fan, the “Like” button will be grayed out. If not, just click on “Like” then “Submit Entry”. You do not have to wait for the tool to auto-verify. Once you’ve hit “Submit Entry”, that entry will be grayed out (or I should probably say “light blued out”):

Screen Shot 4

Once you’re done submitting the entries for a specific group, the whole group entry will be minimized and grayed out. That means you have successfully received the entries. In the screenshot below, the 20 entries for the “Giveaway Hosts FB Fans” group have been recorded.

Screen Shot 5

You may now proceed to the next FB like group entries. There are 11 FB pages on “Entries for FB Fans 1“, 11 FB pages on “Entries for FB Fans 2“, and 12 FB pages on “Entries for FB Fans 3“.

Let me know if you have questions or if I missed a step. Thanks for entering the giveaway and good luck!



Facebook Like Group of Entries On GiveawayTools — 19 Comments

  1. Thanks for the explanation. So if there are individual facebook pages to like, but there’s not an “all entries in this group must be submitted…” disclaimer, do the ones I have liked count (say there’s five individual FB likes, but I have only liked three on FB) or do none count? I’d love to like everyone on FB (and get more entries into giveaways), but I have hit my 5000 friend/like limit, so I have my hands tied in that department.

  2. I am constantly having to delete likes because I hit 5,000 so often. I’ve been reading from some of the bloggers that they are being blocked because Facebook is not accepting forced likes anymore. Any news on that subject?

    • FB likes are still okay for giveaways/sweepstakes as long as the “like” entry is on a widget. FB just doesn’t like the “like pages” where all the “like” buttons are on 1 page — the way most giveaways are set up before. They consider it a “Like Farm”. FB hasn’t released a detailed statement yet on why those bloggers were penalized but their canned response mentioned the “Like Farms”. So we’re avoiding that in this giveaway. 🙂

      Isis recently posted..Facebook Like Group of Entries On GiveawayToolsMy Profile

    • Same here .. I have 5000 likes and can’t like anymore without deleting and lossing entries in other contest or sweepstakes.. smh

  3. Thanks for the explanation! It too me quite a while to figure it out – wish I’d come here first!

  4. Thanks for getting me off the hook as to feeling sorta slow in figuring it out. I thought my widget wasn’t updating and if I hadn’t seen this I would have lost a bunch of entries. Thanks

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