“What Children Need To Learn To Read” Review

“What Children Need To Learn To Read” is a book by author Michelle Vallene and is a resource to help children learn to read in an easy and fun way. I received a copy of this book so I can check out all the awesome ideas it gives to parents.

The book is divided into 6 chapters. The first chapter discusses some tips for parents and teachers. One of the best tips I got from there is that we should have books in as many areas of the house as possible. Having books in the car also encourages reading because if they ever get bored, then they can always just open up a book.

It then transitions into a checklist of language accomplishments for children. It shows a list of things or milestones for each stage (birth to age 3, ages 3-4, age 5 and age 6). The next chapters contain detailed descriptions of activities you can do with you child to encourage learning and reading.

What Children Need To Learn To Read

This book features lots of activities that children love. There’s music, jokes, silly sounds and dancing. As I was reading through it and trying to do some activities with my son, I realized that some were very easy but some were a bit of a challenge for me and my son. Nevertheless, I know that if I continue doing the activities with him, he’ll learn them eventually.

This is an awesome guide for parents to ensure literacy, a love of reading, and school readiness!

You may purchase this book directly from the Author’s Website for $14.95. It’s also available on Amazon.com where you can choose between the paperback or Kindle edition.


“What Children Need To Learn To Read” Review — 33 Comments

  1. Great book! This would have been very handy when my kids were small. I have one that loves to read and another one that would never want to open a book.

  2. My oldest Grandson is just learning to read so this book would be a big help to us. I want him to get the hand of learning now so it isn’t hard on him when he is older.

  3. This is a must buy book. I have two of my grand kids that are just at the age when they are learning to read and I am glad that there is a book that can help me and their Mom show them how. Reading is so important for everything in life.

  4. I always told my son two things when he was just a very young boy was to listen and learn to read well. I added that when he learned to read well he could find out anything. He is now 25 and continues to read for pleasure and works at a career that employs both skills.

  5. This sounds like a great resource for first-time parents. I may get a copy for my step-daughter to start her on the right road to teaching her 2 year-old to read!

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