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Little Tikes has just recently launched iTikes last August with the tagline “where tech meets play“. iTikes products are basically tech toys that can be made even more educational by using them with Apple devices. Though the toys are already good on their own, there is extended capability with  free iTikes™ Apps. Their products are designed mainly for kids 3 years old and up.

I received the iTikes Piano/Keyboard so I could facilitate a review as part of my 2012 Holiday Gift Guide. Features include:

Standalone keyboard with major & minor keys, volume control and tempo/pitch tuner
App-based music games allow kids to learn more note names, musical staff and pitch training
4 ways to play:
– Freeplay: Open play without background music
– Playback: Pick song to hear it play with accompaniment
– Solo: Accompaniment plays as child pretends to play; melody joins in.
– Stepper: Music plays as child presses keyboard, regardless of which keys are “played”
Light-up major keys
Record & playback feature
Use iPad®, iPhone® or iPod touch® to play learning games, watch visualizations and more
Includes 4 built-in songs
Includes cases for iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch®

Even before we received the iTikes Piano, my son already has a love for musical instruments. I guess it’s normal for kids to love anything that produces any kind of music (or noise). Since my husband is a guitarist and I’m a worship leader, we go to worship rehearsals almost every Saturday and we sit at the worship team seats which is just beside the instruments at church. So my son is probably so used to hearing so many musical instruments. I knew that my son was sure to love the iTikes Piano the moment I saw it online. My son loves playing the keyboard and piano at church so he knows how to produce sounds using the toy.

It’s great that it can be played with the recorded music if my son wants to play it that way. It’s awesome too that I can change the mode so my son could just freely play whatever note he wants to press. I like that there is an app for it so that children can learn more by following instructions. There are some games included in the app as well so that’s fun.

However, I do think that there are lots of room for improvement on it. I don’t expect it to sound like a professional keyboard but whenever my son presses the keys, there is an annoying kind of sound that goes with the note that was played. Pretty much like the sound when a microphone is getting feedback. I was wondering though if it’s that sound that transmits some sort of information to the iPad/iPod app since merely tapping on the app without the iTikes Piano isn’t exactly working too well. So I guess the app isn’t really supposed to be used as a stand alone app.

Even with some imperfections, my son still loves it. And that’s what really matters to me.

The iTikes Piano s available for purchase on the Little Tikes website for $49.99.

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  1. I love the iTikes products I have seen, this one is very cool and would be great to get my kids more involved with music at their age.

  2. Love this! My little girl adores our large piano (and any other instrument for that matter) and has been asking for a “little piano.” This would be perfect for her!

  3. great review my son loves anything to do with music so this would be good for him as well…. Happy Holidays and thanks so much

  4. My daughter loves music and sometimes tries to push her dad off the piano bench while he’s playing so she can get up to play. This would be so perfect!

  5. I love these products because my oldest always wants to play on my phone and she would be able to with these products!

  6. This would be great for my kids. They are constantly on the piano and guitar…they would love to have something of their own!

  7. this would be perfect for my daughter too, shes constantly on my husbands ipad, playing with it.. she LOVES all his music apps.. and well she loves music in general lol

  8. My daughter loves playing music. She’s our little musician. She would have so much fun with this. I like how this has different play options.

  9. this is great– an a great review iTikes make really nice toys–the interaction and learning experience is priceless for little people and mommies tooppthanks

  10. Thank you for the honest review. I really want music to be an enjoyable experience, for me and my child, and the fact that it makes a “canned” sound instead of a true sound, definitely is not something I want. I look forward to reading more of your honest reviews!

  11. This would be perfect for my daughter. She loves playing my real keyboard, bbut sometimes I would rather she not, so she could even play hers while I play mine. She would love this.

  12. My niece and nephews would love this and i think the play back feature would bew great they can learn to play a bit also

  13. Would love to see one of the grandchildren learn to play piano, the oldest has already decided on the guitar. Looking forward to looking into trying out iTikes products.

  14. My niece would love this toy for her kids. We were just talking with a music teacher who said that it’s really helpful for little children to have access to music-making items, and for parents to refer to them as instruments rather than as toys, so that children feel like musicians from an early age.

  15. Our family loves music and the kids love to play piano , drums you name it they will do it.
    I like this iTikes piano because the littler ones can play on it and learn musical things from it. They learn so much when their young. thanks for the review

  16. Thank you for the review. I love when the kids are entertained with musical instruments. I have one grandson that plays drums very well. This would be great for them to learn especially with the playback feature.

  17. This is my fave thing.My almost 9 yr old neice is learning to play the piano so I know my 4 yr old neice wouid love this.This looks so fun! 🙂

  18. My son would probably LOVE it but after reading your review Im not sure I would pay that price for it. Maybe I’ll wait for a sale! 🙂

  19. Wow, that actually looks pretty snazzy for a piano toy. Children love music and I love pianos so this is definitely on my wish list. lol 🙂

  20. My youngest grandson is only 7 months old and is already helping daddy play the guitar. This would be great to have to save until he is a little bit older! Thanks!!! 🙂


  22. My daughters love music and to play the piano (their uncles)… they would love to have their own.. I love how interactive it is. Thank you for the review!

  23. I was not aware of the iTikes Piano until now. It seems most children love music so it would make sense that this would be a great introduction to musical instruments.

  24. It looks like something my girls would really enjoy, I like the fact that you give your honest opinion on items you’ve tested. thank you

  25. Great review on the piano and neat gift to give to a little one. My grandson is 2 months old so I guess we better wait a little longer. Thank you

  26. I can’t believe how many products Little Tikes has come up with. I remember all the toys my niece got as child. Her favorite was the turtle sand box.

  27. I have two granddaughter that both love to listen to and play music whenever they get the chance. Neither one has a piano and the iTikes Piano would be perfect for them as they are both still toddlers. I especially like the Record & playback feature. How fun for kids 🙂

  28. My 4 year old grandson likes any kind of music making machines. I think he would enjoy this, since he sees my 11 year old son playing a keyboard app on my android phone and he always wants to try!

  29. I love the idea behind this. I love anything artistic/musical for my kids and I think that it’s just a bonus that it’s keeping up with the technology that’s out there.

  30. Great for any little music afficianado in your home! My Grandson is too big for this, but can see any wee one who loves music going nuts for this!

  31. My son-in-law is very musically inclined and constantly plays music to my grandchildren, from what I can get from your review this is something that would be great for my 5 year old granddaughter. And since Little Tikes is a name I trust I would be more likely to try iTikes.

  32. My granddaughter starts swaying every time she hears music. She would love this. It’s great that it can be played with the recorded music.

  33. I really like that they have light up mayor keys and they can record and play back it is great for children to introduces them to music.

  34. I bought my granddaughter a keyboard but its nothing like this one, she is very talented, she is just like her father(my son),he can dance and sing and has performed since age 5,he won many talent contest, and modeling contest as a teen, She makes up songs and sings,she is 6 years old,this looks amazing she would love to learn to play the piano. thanks for a great review!

  35. The iTikes Piano looks perfect for my 2+ year old granddaughter so she can learn how to play it while her sister is practicing on her cello. 🙂

  36. I hadn’t heard of this before, but I’m so glad I learned about it! All kids are naturally drawn to music…what kid wouldn’t love this?!

  37. Thanks for the honest review. At $49.99 I expect it to sound perfect. It’s a cool concept though and I think once they get the kinks worked out it will be a great product.

  38. I think this is a great toy for children, it’s something great that can be played with in addition to actually learning to play a musical instrument. Thank you for sharing this review.

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