Mini Lalaloopsy Silly Funhouse Playset Review

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One thing that girls would sure love for the holidays is to receive a Lalaloopsy toy. These toys have become so popular the past few years that it’s even at the top of some girls’ christmas wish lists! Lalaloopsy characters were actually rag dolls who came to life after their last stitch was sewn. They all have their own personality that depends on the fabrics used to make them. They live in a world full of surprises.  I received a Mini Lalaloopsy Silly Funhouse Playset with Misty Mysterious as part of my 2012 Holiday Gift Guide.

Lalaloopsy Silly Funhouse Playset on Bay Area Mommy

2-sided playset with 5 play areas
1- Twisty slide
2- Snack Shack
3- Bucket swing and doughnut-shaped swing that spin
4- Zip line with balloon for pets
5- Rollercoaster track with removable car that moves in both directions
Exclusive Mini Lalaloopsy doll, Misty Mysterious with her pet rabbit in a hat
Accessories include 1 Pinwheel, 1 Cash register, 1 Character balloon, 2 Pretzels


If your kid is someone who loves play sets (I think most kids love that!), this is an awesome gift idea and I’m sure they’ll be all over this toy! I love all the colors because it’s so girly! And we know most girls love pink! This is a Mini set though so it may not be appropriate for younger girls who might choke on some accessories. It does say it’s for ages 4 to 104 so if you’re anywhere within that age range, this toy is for you!

But just because it’s small doesn’t mean it’s of lesser quality than its original size counterparts. Not really. The pieces included in the set are as good as the bigger Lalaloopsies. This set comes with Misty Mysterious with her pet rabbit in a hat. You might wonder why (especially if you’re not familiar with Lalaloopsy). That’s because Misty Mysterious loves magic tricks. So the hat is a cute addition to her accessories. This toy would be a great addition to your kid’s collection of toys!

This Mini Lalaloopsy Silly Funhouse Playset can be purchased at the Little Tikes website for $42.99.

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Mini Lalaloopsy Silly Funhouse Playset Review — 119 Comments

  1. I have 2 girls aged 2 & 4 and they “LOVE” Lalaloopsy and I know they would love this !

  2. So cute, love the rollercoaster track! Would it be wrong if my son played with this? lol hey he’s secure with his manhood 😉

  3. I love this playset it is so whimsical. I had something like this when I was a child but not as pretty. I really love the detail that they put into this.

  4. That looks like a lot of fun! I’ve only seen the bigger dolls; had no idea there were smaller playsets. 🙂

  5. Hey my son and daughter would both play with this only because my son must play with everything his sister has and vice versa =) lol Love the colors.

  6. I am hoping to get my four-year old into these toys! I’m sure she would like them, and how cute are they?

  7. this is too cute! i could see my daughter playing with this for hours! and it looks well made

  8. This is so cute! Most of the kids I know are JUST outside of this age range, but I see how it can appeal to older ages, as well.

  9. Even though this is very much a girl’s toy, I think my grandson would enjoy playing with it, too! It looks fun!

  10. I see the commercials for the dolls but didn’t realize they made other things. I can’t imagine any little girl wouldn’t love to have one of these!!

  11. its very inviting looking, we have a lot of trouble getting my 4 yr old daughter to play and use her imagination. she needs a boost, like toys like this where she can use her imagination.

  12. Thank you so much for this review– I have entered as many giveaways to try to win the Lalaloopsy dolls and play set–this is the only thing our little one has asked for– I know they are expensive but there is always hope that she will get at least a doll–Merry Christmas

  13. I only heard of lalaloopsy in the past few weeks. It is one of my daughters new favorite tv shows.

  14. I’ve never heard of Lalaloopsy characters. I’m a big Dr. Seuss fan, and it reminds me of something that would be in one of his stories =D

  15. this is so cute! I didnt even know who these were until my niece informed they are way cool! She would love this

  16. My daughter loves any type of dollhouse, and I love being able to add new things to her sets. Love the age “group” on this toy too (so fun!)

  17. My youngest granddaughter loves Lalaloopsy and I would have just as much fun as her playing with this set. LOL

  18. I really do prefer these cute, appropriate toys for little girls, especially because they are built like boy’s toys, with the fun tracks, slides, and other interesting forms of play, yet are still girly and cute!

  19. This is a Great toy! My Grandaughter would so love it! Sounds like it’s a sturdy one that will not break so easy! Thanks.
    Happy Holidays,

  20. My grand daughter would love this. Theres so much she can do with the silly fun house. Lots to keep the little ones occupied and happy. Like the idea of the pet rabbit in a hat . How cute is that .

  21. My nieces would love this and lol my boy would also. he likes playing with their dolls when he’s at their house. this would be a nice gift to give. thank you for the great review. these reviews help

  22. Love the girly colors too! My daughter is still a bit too young for tuese types of sets, but it won’t be long until she’s asking for these types of toys!!

  23. As soon as I saw these cute little dolls I fell in love with them. My neice and I enjoy watching their show and coloring in the Lalaloopsy coloring books.I wish they had toys like this when I was a kid. Least I get to enjoy them now with my neice.:)

  24. I love the bright colors of these dolls and that they are so perfectly imperfect. They are so cute and have such adorable accessories!

  25. I know my two youngest girls would love this. I can see them playing with it for hours!

  26. my kids want this so much. anytime someone asks them what they want for Christmas..this is the first thing they say.

    I love that the price is not too expensive. great deal.

  27. What a bizarre little setup, haha. I’m not sure if my niece has heard of these yet, but I wonder if she’d want them for Christmas!

  28. My daughters both are interested in this but unfortunately your review confirmed what I suspected, the parts are to small for our household right now. I have a 2 year old that likes to put everything in her mouth so no small parts allowed. Thanks so much for the review it helped save my baby from choking and my oldest from being let down when I have to take it away.


  30. At times it can be difficult for grandparents to select just the right gift for their grandchildren. Your review has helped me to know that this would be perfect for my grandaughter.

  31. I love the looks of the playset… but I would really have to see the size of all the pieces in person. My daughters lalaoopsie, so I am sure we would pick this up for them!

  32. Oh my gosh I have been wanting something Lalaloopsy for ages lol I know one of my nieces would, as she would say “die” for this, haha That’s why I’m trying to get her something in their line for Christmas; no I don’t want to see her “die” hahaha, but I would like to see her face when she gets a Lalaloopsy item! 🙂

  33. This looks like a blast! My 3.5 year old would love this, she’s become obsessed with Lalaloopsy, got lots of dolls under the tree for her now.

  34. Thanks for this wonderful gift idea! My cousin’s daughter loves lalaloopsy and this would be perfect for her!

  35. Very cute. My daughter is a bit small for this now, but I could see this as something that she would love in the future!

  36. My granddaughter goes gaga for all things Lalaloopsy and she would totally love the Mini Lalaloopsy Silly Funhouse Playset! As a matter of fact I think I would too. The colors and unique design of the dolls and playsets are just so much fun 🙂

  37. what a great review and love that you took lots of pictures for all of us, i think my little grand-daughter would love this 😉 Thanks again