Team Colors Skinny Jeans Review & Giveaway

Team Colors Skinny Jeans Review

I recently had the awesome opportunity to receive a pair of Team Colors Jeans from to review here on Bay Area Mommy. Towards the end of this post, you’ll also get a chance to win one for yourself! offers jeans that are more slimming and flattering. Made from classic denim with high nylon/elastane content that is exclusive to them, SkinnyJeans® never sags, bags or grows by the end of the day.

The thighs are scooped out and the inseams are drawn forward to slim the thighs and push the butt out. The lining on the front pockets is sewn into the seam so a restraining panel is created to push the stomach in. The shading patterns create an illusion that slims the leg and the cut is a barely bootcut to balance the shape of the thigh to the ankle, making thighs appear slim and legs long. They have a medium rise with contoured stretch waistband so there’s no muffin-top spillover, no plumber’s cleavage and no potbelly! And finally, SkinnyJeans® come in inseams to 37 inches and are made in sizes 24-32 and 34, 36, and 38.

I received the Dark Gray Team Colors Skinny Jeans as my review item.

Team Colors Skinny Jeans come in a skinny straight cut and in 18 different colors: Bright Red, Medium Red, Crimson Red, Light Red, Turquoise, Bright Blue, Dark Blue, Light Green, Dark Green, Purple, Orange, Dark Orange, Yellow, Gold, Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver, Medium Gray, and Dark Gray. And all these jeans have an inseam of 33″ and a narrow leg with 14″ leg opening.

What I love about the Team Colors Jeans I received was that when I tried them on, they were super comfy and soft! The fabric doesn’t feel rough to the skin like some other jeans do. It really didn’t feel like I was wearing jeans! I also love the fact that even when I bend down, the back doesn’t move down and reveal skin that shouldn’t be revealed (if you know what I mean. LOL).

These jeans are made long so that you can pair them up with heels to give you some added height which then makes you look slimmer. You can see the effect of pairing it with heels in the Team Colors Jeans photo above. In my photo below though, you can see that I paired it with some canvas flats or espadrilles and it makes for a more casual laid back look.


Aside from Team Colors Jeans, also offers other types of skinny jeans such as Barely Bootcuts in DayWash, NiteWash, BlackWash, NiteOut and Stellar Jeans. They also have CoutureCuts in BlackOut, WhiteOut and GreenJeans, as well as StraightCuts, Ultra CoutureCuts and PetiteCuts.

BUY IT! Team Colors Jeans are available at for $159 each.


Team Colors Skinny Jeans Review & Giveaway — 135 Comments

  1. It’s hard to choose a colour!!I would like a surprise color between my favourites: Metallic Gold, Crimson Red and Metallic Silver…all beautiful!

  2. Personally I like the dark green, but these would be for my daughter, and she would probably choose the dark blue. She’s not so adventurous LOL

  3. I would go with the gray jeans. I like the color choices.I stick to blue, black or gray. They’re easier to match.

  4. I like the gray color. I like different colored jeans. I’m just a bit too old to pull it off. Metallic silver? Even if I were younger I wouldn’t wear any metallic jeans.

  5. I will probably be wearing skinny jeans well into my sixties, as long as I stay thin. They’re comfortable and flattering.

  6. I usually wear blue or black skinny jeans. But, I don’t know what color it’s called, looks like dusty rose, is pretty. I’d wear them.

  7. I like some of those colors. I would never wear orange or yellow. I think these are geared to a younger age group.

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