One Of The Best Sprint Phones: Samsung Galaxy Note II

Like I’ve said in some of my previous posts, I love being able to try different gadgets that are currently available in the market. And for the past 2 weeks, I have been using the Samsung Galaxy Note II — one of the best Sprint phones.

Best Sprint phones: Samsung Galaxy Note II

Unlike other Sprint phones, the Samsung Galaxy Note II is a hybrid of 2 different types of devices — it’s both a large phone and a small tablet.

It’s actually the largest phone that’s being offered out there as far as I know. And that’s why they say that with this “superphone”, you’re getting the best of both worlds. It has all the features that one would expect from Sprint phones, and all the functionalities of a tablet. Here are the specs of the Samsung Galaxy Note II (Sprint):

  • Regular price (without a 2-year contract): $649.99
  • Color: Marble White
  • Operating system: Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)
  • Display: 5.5″ HD Super AMOLED Plus (1280X720) Touch Screen
  • Dimensions: 5.9″ x 3.2″ x .4″
  • Weight: 6.3 oz
  • Talk time: Up to 15 hours
  • Battery information: 3100 mAh Lithium Ion
  • Battery Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.6 GHz Samsung Exynos Quad-core processor
  • Memory: 16GB internal memory(ROM)/2GB RAM/64GB Micro SD What’s in the box: 3100 mAh ion Lithium Battery, AC Charger/USB cable combo

As you can see, this phone has almost everything every techie person would want — a large display with a good screen resolution (could be higher though), an advanced processor, and great battery life.  But here are the things I like about the Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note II. These are from me as a mom and not as a geek/techie type of person.

1. The large display. Obviously, this is the first thing anyone will notice of the Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note II. My husband and my son both always try to get this phone off of my hands so they can do their video browsing on it instead of on another phone. With a 5.5-inch display size, this is perfect for watching videos, reading ebooks, and playing games!

2. The big screen resolution. Don’t you just hate it when your phone’s screen resolution is too low that it’s hard to decipher small fonts? With the Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note II, you won’t have that kind of problem. Though the Samsung Galaxy S4’s screen resolution is a lot better, the 1280X720 resolution is great enough for the Note II.

3. The accuracy and the quick response to my touch. I’ve been playing quite a number of games on this phone and I love its precision — which is crucial when playing games.

4. The S Pen. Oh I just love how accurately it interprets my handwriting! For someone who doesn’t have really good penmanship, I’m surprised it doesn’t confuse my letters! The pen is also great for when you need to take notes and typing isn’t always the best option.

5. The fast 4G speeds of LTE on Sprint phones. Who doesn’t love speedy internet??? I love it when we get to an area that has Sprint 4G LTE coverage because I can browse the internet at great speeds!

Best Sprint phones: Samsung Galaxy Note II

Here are a couple of photos of the Samsung Galaxy Note II beside my iPhone 5.

Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note II and iPhone 5

Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note II and iPhone 5

All in all, I can say that the Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note II is an awesome phone! The fact that it’s also a tablet makes it a top of the line choice for me!

BUY IT! The Samsung Galaxy Note II, as well as other Sprint phones, is available both in Sprint stores and at for $249.99 with a 2-year contract. It’s quite a bit pricey but it’s because of all the features that aren’t present in other phones in the market today.

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So what feature of the Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note II do you like the most?



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  4. Wow…this looks an amazing phone. I like that it has such a large screen, maybe I could get rid of my broken laptop if I got one of these 🙂

  5. I wish I could get a new phone then I could enjoy facebook, contests, photos and not have to use daughters laptop to get on internet.

  6. I love this phone! I have wanted one since the first Note came out. Hopefully I can get it this year…if I don’t win it first!

  7. My favourite feature is the display. A friend of mine has this phone, and just looking at the screen was a pleasure; the high-resolution screen was incredible and lush!

  8. I like the fact that you can use a stylus with this phone. My big fingers need this plus that large screen even with a large screen my large fingers tend to push the wrong button.

  9. I could really use this phone. I think I’m the only person I know who don’t own a cell phone. I love the idea of a phone and tablet in one.

  10. It is nice that it is a phone and tablet in one. Great concept. Great review about this product. Thanks for the chance to win.

  11. This tablet looks and sounds amazing. In fact, I am almost nervous for it!! What a blast to have something like this, and I would give this to my daughter who is starting college in 2 weeks to use. Awesome opportunity to win it and very much appreciated.

  12. this would make a wonderful gift for me to use having 2 grandsons (new ) would be so huge and living out of state , wow I could see them more often by phone

  13. I have been trying to save money so I can get one of these, because I have heard so much about them. Someday I hope to be able to get one soon.

  14. Sounds like a terrific phone. I’m just wondering if it could be used on another providers network or if I could use it with my current provider.

  15. This would be such a treat to have for me: I don’t have a smartphone or a tablet so everything rolled into one would be awesome! I love all the features as well.

  16. I’ve never been a techy type but I have to say I’d love to have this phone.I have an LG Sprint Optimus and it’s nice.After that review I have decided it’s time to check out some of these cool new techy phones. I’m still learning stuff on my phone.LOL!! This phone is major AWESOMENESS 🙂

  17. I love the 4G LTE aspect of this phone. I don’t have a Smart Phone and I recently bought a cheap Tablet that I cannot get to do what I want it to, so this sounds wonderful!

  18. The screen size is a definitely plus. I had the Samsung S4, and I absolutely loved it! Super fast phone and internet speed. I’ve had other Samsung phones in the past and have always loved their products.

  19. I like this super & smart phone, I will not need to carry my little phone & laptop at same time, this would do the job of both….very cool!!

  20. I want one. I currently have a Samsung Galaxy III phone and a galaxy 7.0 tablet. I love them both. In fact I use them instead of a computer or laptop. I’m using my phone now as I type. With the
    Galaxy Note II I could get rid (sell) the phone and tablet. The best of both worlds.

    Now if we can get it to make the coffee and deliver we would be all set. Is there a app for that.

    Great review you sold me.

  21. I have been researching phones for myself and your personal review gave me a great insight on this phone. The larger screen, long battery life and the S pen are pluses but the speed is what I need the most. Unfortunately, the price is a bit steep for me.

  22. Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note II: A Phone And A Tablet In One Would make a great gift for someone that is going college and in need of a tablet!

  23. I love this phone! Right now, I have no phone. Simply because I cannot decide who to sign a contract with, or IF I want to sign a contract at all. Thanks for the great review!

  24. A guest at my bar had one of these a couple of weeks ago and I was amazed at the screen resolution. He showed me a video on it and the picture was better than my tv at homoe haha. I wish Virgin Mobile would offer this phone because thet is my carrier.

  25. I absolutely LOVE this phone! it has a much bigger screen than earlier Galaxys and that alone is a huge plus,the white color looks clean and refined and I have to say because I suffer from arthritis (i am 35 years old) the pen is a brilliant idea and would making selecting things a breeze,less cumbersome than just a plain touch screen. Samsung really got it right this time!

  26. As of now I have an iphone 4, which I am not really impressed and in love with. This review was very helpful and otlined a few features that really caught my eye. Having two devices in one device is excellent, I have a difficult time keeping track of just my cell lol….

  27. I’m interested in checking out the S Pen. I’ve had the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4 since it came out (love it!) and wonder if I could use it with the Samsung Notes or other apps. Also wondering since the Galaxy Note II is also a tablet, does it come with any pre-installed software for productivity, entertainment, etc.? Thanks for the info!
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  28. I really want to own this phone. Love the large display, the battery life is so much longer, and the stylus is an added bonus. Has more memory and faster capabilities. Amazing.

  29. I like the S Pen and that it actually is accurate with handwriting, as so many aren’t with all of the advancements in technology! Would <3 <3 <3 to win this phone, I am in desperate need!

  30. When shopping for a phone its all about features, and the most updated technology! I love the fact you can use it as a tablet and its convenient.

  31. I have been avoiding getting a smart phone but this looks like the phone that may get me to use one! I love the big screen as I hate squinting at small screens.

  32. I have never had such a great phone! All I have is dial and call and can’t do all the fun things this phone will do!

  33. 15 hours of talk time (up to) sounds awesome. And I would love the ability to write what I need, especially appointments and such. I would love this phone, mine doesn’t even take pictures let alone 4G!

  34. I currently have an iPhone 4, but find myself squinting my eyes when reading articles online. I love the fact that the Samsung phone’s screen is larger which would make it easier for me to read stuff on my phone!

  35. I’d have to win it because I’d never justify buying it (to myself) but the large screen and the other perks sure makes it attractive. Hope I win it, then I’ll finally be able to play on my phone like everyone else. 😉

  36. I have been coveting the Notes ever since I laid eyes on one a year ago. I always found the screen size of ‘normal’ smartphones too small for me. One of these days I’ll finally own one!

  37. I totally need a new phone and this would be perfect. I bought a windows phone last December and I am not happy with it and I can’t get a new one for free for another year! 🙁

  38. I so need a large display! It is sad to have a Smart Phone and not be able to read the tiny writing. I love that you can write notes on it, I always have my phone but have dug through my purse for a pen and paper millions of times and not found one when I really needed one. I would use this Galaxy for so much more than just phone calls!

  39. I like the fact that it’s a cell phone and tablet. I don’t have either a cell phone or a tablet and I’d really love to have one. Also it’s so pretty in white.

  40. WOW what a great phone! It would take me weeks to figure out how to use this! This phone is amazing! Thank you for the great review!

  41. I am really happy to be in the running to win anything Smart. I am knew to this type of device. I don’t want to pay alot of money and then decide I don’t like it. So this is a win win for me if I win win lol

  42. i love the way this phone is the screen is perfect since i like my phone screen to be big and i love pones that are white. i hope im lucky

  43. What a nice phone, I love the big screen, how long the battery lasts, the fact that you can use it as a phone and a tablet. Great phone!

  44. I really like the Samsung phones. The have so many features. The Galaxy II is awesome as I checked it out at a cell phone store a while back and was impressed.

  45. i am finally in the market for a ‘smartphone’…but i don’t necessarily want an ‘iPhone’…i use a lot of samsung products, so i might give this one a try. thanks for review.

  46. my husband is a tech-geek and says we need new phones. i am not in total agreement because we have had only had our phones for 2 years but my husband likes to has the latest tech gadget and the samsung galaxy note is on his short-phone-wish-list (he’s extremely picky). after reading your review i want a samsung galaxy not too (shh…don’t tell my husband)

  47. This phone sounds incredible, I’ve never owned (or used) a tablet-I could have the best of both worlds. It’s great looking and I like the accuracy and resolution you mentioned. This is going on my wish list-thanks for the post, I hadn’t heard of it yet!

  48. My brother just bought this phone and loves the video. You just can’t beat the quality of video and pair it with 4G!

  49. I did not know that you could actually write on this screen!! How neat is that? Reading your review opened my eyes. I really thought this was “just” a phone. That’s only a small part of what it is! This does so many different things! Cool!! I told my son I was trying to win it (I don’t even have a smart phone!). He said he’d take it and I could have his iphone. Forget that!!! This is a great giveaway!! Thanks!!!

  50. i had the samsung galaxy note 1 before and it was big but the samsung galaxy note 2 is even bigger! never knew it would happen lol!

  51. This looks like a great phone I have been very curious about it. I would love to win it. For a single mom I don’t get this kind of treat any other way thanks.

  52. I have loved this phone from before it was released. I am a writer and being able to use the S Pen to navigate through the phone and to take notes would be a breeze. I was in the market for a tablet but I wouldn’t need one with the Note 2. A hybrid called the Phablet. I have played with a co-workers phone and also in the stores, and have dreamed of being able to have it in my own hands.

  53. I love my Galaxy II, but a Note 2 would mean I could leave my Galaxy Tab 2 in the house! Wait…I just realized I am a SAMSUNG GIRL!!!

  54. I am a dedicated Samsung person. I’ve owned 2 Samsung Flip phones (6-8yrs ago lol) and the original Galaxy Phone, the Galaxy 2 and now the Galaxy S3. I love the size and power of the note! Great review!

  55. I would love to own this. I love all of the features of this phone. I also like the fact that it is a phone/tablet combined how cool is that? I really enjoyed reading your awesome review. Thank you for sharing.

  56. My 1 year old knocked my crappy phone onto the floor and it barely works now so winning this would be a huge relief! Also I LOVE your blog. It has a lot of helpful tips for being a mother! Thank you for your time and words!

  57. I could really use this phone… mine was water damage from a flood… I haven’t been able to afford one… This phone looks great

  58. I love how large it is. I have an iphone and this is so much better. When I play with my friend’s phones and hold it in my hand it feels foreign, becuase it’s so big. lol

  59. I bought my son this phone when it first came out. He is very happy with it and is able to do everything he needs on it. I would love to update to one of these myself, the large screen would come in handy while working.

  60. I agree about the quick response time, I have an Apple and that’s a big plus. If the Galaxy 4 has the seamless, quick response, this would really get me to start looking that way!

  61. Wow!! Couldn’t be better timing, my phone ended up being in the washing machine, needless to say, it didn’t need to be cleaned, and I’m trying to dry it as I write, hoping I can at least get my contacts off of it.

  62. My daughter is starting school we decided to do an online homeschool option for her and in gathering up things she might need I never thought of a tablet although it totally makes sense since her school has an app! I guess she could be connected on the road. Thanks for the idea!

  63. I really love Samung Galaxy’s. I had an S2 before it broke. I’m saving up my money to get an S4. I can’t wait to have it in my hands.

  64. I have heard a lot of great things about this phone, mainly because it’s so versatile. My son cracked my tablet last week and I cracked my phone this week, so this would be a win sent from the heavens!

  65. This looks like an awesome all in one device, and I’m digging the neat S pen feature. Most devices force you to purchase a seperate stylus.

  66. Love the larger display. I have a Galaxy S2 and like it. I’ve seen other very positive reviews on this phone. And also love that the SAR rating is low. (one of the best in terms of radiation emission.)

  67. I’m drawn to the size of the screen with my eyes not being great, plus the fact that I LOVE Samsung products!! I LOVE my Samsung s4! Thanks

  68. I’ve owned Samsung phones before and they are awesome phones and this one seems like it will live up to all the hype that I see about it on television. I’ve had good experiences with Samsung devices.

  69. I love the phones big display as I’m getting older & this feature makes it easier to dial and read things on the phone without having to wear my glasses!

  70. We have been in the market to change cell phone companies for a while now. And just haven’t quite decided which way to go.
    I love the features and size of this phone and am sure that my husband would as well.


  71. I would love to win this phone. With my last upgrade I got an iPhone 4 (because it was free of course). I MISS MY ANDROID!! The iPhone has a lot of nice apps but I liked my android better!! The Galaxy Note looks like such an awesome phone!!

  72. I’ve had my eye on this phone. It’s a nice cross between a phone and a tablet and I also love the new version of Android!

  73. I love the fact that it has a 5.5″ screen! It makes it easier for people with larger fingers to actually text and such. Even though my handwriting is terrible, i love the idea of the pen!! How cool is it to hand write grocery store lists or sayings on a picture!!

  74. The big screen on this phone is enough to sell me! I’ve heard great things about it and have serious phone envy! Thanks for the honest review, I enjoyed reading it!

  75. I have never owned a smart phone, this would be a great introduction into that realm. One of the best phone on the market.

  76. I am truky amazed by all this ‘phone’ can do- it really is so much like a tablet it is unbeliveable! Talk tme of 15 hours is impressive!

  77. Thanks for this review. I have to say I agree with you about the Galaxy because my son has one and I really want one of these. Ever since he got this I have been so jealous that I don’t have one of the phones/tablet. I like the fact that it is big. I I were to Win he could teach me how to use it. Thank you

  78. Your review of the Galaxy note 2 came at the perfect time, because I have been thinking about switching from the iPhone to a Galaxy, but I didn’t know that much about them and now I know everything I need to know. After reading your review I am convinced now that I definitely want to switch to the Galaxy!

  79. My husband’s HTC phone is not working right. This would be perfect for him. He lives on the phone since we have our own business Your review is very good and helpful. Thanks!

    • For some reason, our HTC phones (we had 4!) before have not been working really well — and the phones weren’t even a year old yet! The same thing is true for my friends who had HTCs. I don’t think I’d be able to recommend HTC for now until I get to try one that will last a long time!
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  80. I love the S pen feature because the key board on a phone and my fingers don’t always get along. When I’m in a hurry I am always hitting the wrong keys and the S pen would help that.

  81. Being on social security I am not able to buy nice things like everyone else my son having sle lupus is also in the same situation we love this phone and technology but the prices they want are unressonble

  82. I’ve seen the samsung galaxy note II and I love the big screen to see everything clearly . I also like the pen which helps a lot. This phone is perfect and it has everything you need from the camera to the easiness to multitask .

  83. I love the size of this phone and the features/ Then again it would be like a dream to have a smart phone of any kind, but your review really sold it to me 🙂

  84. I love this phone, it seems like an amazing phone. I love that the screen is bigger than an Iphone. I have never liked a small screen!!

  85. I really like the fact that this phone has a pen with it, i actually have short stubby fingers so texting can be a pain to do this would be a big help. I also love that it’s fast. Big screen and high resolution, I bet it would take awesome photos..

  86. Thanks for making this review easy to understand! Short Sweet and Detailed! Makes it really easy to understand the best features of the phone!

  87. My husband has a note 2 and loves it! I have a galaxy s3 and love it too! The S3 made us wanna try more Samsung, now we are stuck! We are officially a Samsung family! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  88. It looks amazing. Who wouldn’t want a phone that has such great picture that you don’t have to squint to see it. I love the fact that you can use a stylus to write when your typing is to slow as mine is. Thanks for the great review.

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