Samsung Must-Haves For Your Dream Kitchen At Best Buy #HeresToHome

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card.


What’s in your dream kitchen? For me, it includes innovative appliances that can give me the best cooking experience, allow me to organize refrigerated items well, and help me wash the dishes without having to pre-clean every single thing.

Right now in select Best Buy stores, you might just find appliances for your dream kitchen. Experience Samsung Open House or Pacific Kitchen & Home Stores inside Best Buy Stores. The new Samsung Open houses features an innovative kitchen and laundry room with Samsung. Click here to learn more about these new Samsung Open Houses and click the store locator link to find a store near you!

Now here are two items your dream kitchen should definitely have!


Samsung Black Stainless 4-Door Flex™

samsung refrigerator 3

Want versatility in your refrigerator? The Samsung Black Stainless 4-Door Flex™ bottom-right door converts from Fridge to Freezer in a touch of a button between fresh and frozen as needed to expand/contract based on your cooling needs! This compartment has 4 different temperatures to choose from, maximizing fresh food storage space. Nice!

This spacious refrigerator keeps your groceries organized with crisper drawers and an adjustable shelf. You can chill your favorite drinks or firm up ice cream in minutes. Power Cool and Power Freeze options can lower the temperature of either compartment in minutes.


Samsung Flex Duo® Range

Samsung range 1

The Samsung Flex Duo Range splits in to two ovens so you can cook two dishes simultaneously at two different temperatures or have one single oven to be able to cook that large turkey. Yep! It has a Dual Door with Smart Divider that opens either separately or as one door for versatile cooking options.

It features 5 cooktop elements and a warming drawer. Warming center burner keeps sauces and side dishes hot until they’re ready to be served, and the warming drawer offers 3 settings to accommodate different dishes.


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The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card.


Samsung Must-Haves For Your Dream Kitchen At Best Buy #HeresToHome — 29 Comments

  1. That would be my dream kitchen. We bought an older home that came with appliances. At the time, I appreciated it. I still do but they’re old and not much to look at. I’d love to get a new stove and fridge.

  2. I have some Samsung appliances at home that I bought recently. I really have not been all that impressed with them. I think I like Kenmore or Whirlpool appliances alot better. These products look nice but I have had several problems with them since my purchase. Maybe I just should have bought them from Best Buy.

  3. Best Buy has got some great deals. I love the Samsung Black Stainless 4-Door Flex™, I would love to have it in my kitchen. Thank you for sharing this review.

  4. The kitchen would be my first room to make over. Flooring, cupboards, appliances. The whole thing needs to be changed.

  5. Oh man am I just so in love with looking at new and gorgeous appliances!! Plus Best buy is amazing at price matching and sales! What a great place to buy them from!!

  6. im still a renter, byt that 4 door firdge is amazing. i know its expensive but i cant wait to pick out my own appliances

  7. Oh, how I wish I could have even ONE of those beautiful appliances! But we are in a very small apartment. The kitchen, especially is ridiculously tiny. A little fridge, a little stove…and we certainly have no laundry room! Maybe our next microwave will be a Samsumg from Best Buy. The one we have now is dying a slow, painful death! (And there’s a Best Buy right near us!)

  8. I love the Samsung Black Stainless 4-Door Flex. When I get my home next year, I will be checking out Best Buy for new appliances as I always buy new appliances when I buy a home. I love this refrigerator.

  9. I am loving the stove and thank you for sharing these with us since I am needing a new stove.

  10. I dont own any Samsung appliances but I would love to own this refrigerator. The amount of space is awesome and the design is slick and gorgeous. I think im in love.

  11. I dream of having new kitchen appliances. The problem with my kitchen is that we own an older home and the way it’s built, I don’t know that new, larger appliances would fit.

  12. The photo of the kitchen is my ideal kitchen. I’d love to have a large room with an island and all new appliances.

  13. I like the fridge, we bought one with a freezer drawer on the bottom and I really don’t like it. This would be easier to organize.