Charlie Banana One Size Cloth Diapers Review

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Charlie Banana One Size Cloth Diaper Review

I had the awesome opportunity to receive a sample of Charlie Banana One-Size Cloth Diapers so I could facilitate a review here on Bay Area Mommy. Charlie Banana is a brand created by Gaëlle Wizenberg, president of Hong Kong-based Winc Design Limited. Charlie Banana offers baby and kid products — such as cloth diapers, laundry detergent, training pants, etc — that combine eco-friendliness, quality and design.

When I received the sample of Charlie Banana Cloth Diapers in the mail, I got so excited and I immediately opened it! I ran my fingers through the fabrics to feel how my son would feel when he starts trying it on. The moment my fingers touched the side that would touch my baby’s skin, I fell in love instantly! It was so soft and smooth and it felt like my baby’s skin will definitely be comfortable with the cloth diaper’s fabric. Needless to say, it was love at first touch.

The diaper they sent me was the Orange One Size Cloth Diaper. It came with 2 free inserts — one was smaller than the other. I was actually glad that there were 2 inserts with it because I want my son to be able to use it overnight. And since we were still starting to build our cloth diaper stash during the time I received this, the 2 inserts were such a blessing!

Charlie Banana Cloth Diapers

These cloth diapers are actually 2-in-1, meaning, you can either use washable inserts or disposable inserts. I think that’s just perfect for traveling when you don’t really have time to do the laundry. Or maybe when you just really need to leave your baby with your parents or a friend who may not know how to store used or soiled cloth diapers.

What I love the most about the Charlie Banana cloth diapers is the fit.

It looks so trim on my son especially when he uses it during the day with just one insert. I think the only challenge I have is removing the bad smell especially when I forget to wash cloth diapers every 2 days. Obviously, when the insert gets soaked in pee for days, it’s pretty hard to get the smell out. So it was a good thing I saw some information online about stripping. Apparently, this kind of problem happens normally to microfiber inserts. I tried using Sol-U-Mel on it one time and it was very effective in de-odorizing the inserts.

You might be wondering how it could possibly be a one-size cloth diaper when you don’t see any snaps down the front to adjust the size. The secret is that there is a garter inside that you can adjust depending on the size of your baby. The garter has markings (S, M, L) to easily balance the size on either side of the cloth diaper. I think that’s pretty innovative.

All in all, I’d say Charlie Banana is one of the best cloth diapers out there. Aside from the fact that you have the option of using disposable liners, they’re very trim and are of good quality. It’s well worth the $20.88.

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Charlie Banana One Size Cloth Diapers Review — 31 Comments

  1. i think these are awesome!! i’m hoping to get my daughter to try these, i think she will love them, her first baby in a few more months..

  2. I haven’t seen any diapers with the garter inserts to size rather than snaps…that sounds like it would be really neat. Thanks for the review–I may just have to try out a Charlie Banana! 🙂

  3. I love that the legs adjust. this was a must have feature in one size diapers when my son was little because he was so skinny

  4. I had no idea Charlie B’s had elastic pull tab things like my sons jeans have. very cool and makes for a good fit

  5. I have tried the Fuzzibunz OS diaper, but not the Charlie Banana. It would be interesting to compare both since they are so similar.

  6. I’ve heard good things about Charlie banana but I HAVEN’T tried any. I’d like to try a OS diaper with the non snap adjustments.

  7. That is a different diaper, but looks & sounds very soft and comfortable. I would love to try these. The choices are very cute also. Very nice that they are one size so you don’t have to waste any money on more diapers.

  8. I haven’t tried Charlie Bananas. I really do prefer sized diapers, but I might like a OS with this type of adjuster.

  9. I really like that it is so soft against babies skin. This is so important. I also like that you can use reusable inserts or disposable. So nice. Thank you so much for sharing

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