Massi Pianto Necklace & Earrings Review


Massi is one of my fabulous sponsors for the Spring Fashionista Event!

Massi is a lifestyle brand that offers beautiful handbags, jewelry and home collection. I do know that their Cestino bags are very popular among bloggers I know and I think that speaks a lot about the quality of their products. For this review though, I chose the Pianto necklace and Pianto earrings in gold.

Massi Pianto Necklace Gold Massi Pianto Earrings Gold

Massi Pianto Pendant Necklace. Swing into the soiree adorned in this elegant teardrop treasure. Multi-faceted quartz crystals top an embossed medallion, adding a sweet touch of shimmer and sophistication. Make it yours: each Druzy crystal is uniquely one-of-a-kind. 16” chain and 18K gold composition.

Massi Pianto Leverback Earrings. Stand out this season in our radiant teardrop earrings. Sparkling druzy stones top the embossed medallions on these elegant lever-back earrings. Make it yours: each Druzy crystal is uniquely one-of-a-kind.

As you can see, the Pianto is teardrop-shaped. It comes in Fuchsia, Polar, Gold and Cobalt. I think it’s very beautiful and classy! I’ve been using it every Sunday at church because its simplicity exudes so much elegance in my look. Here are some photos.

The Massi Pianto necklace and earrings set are just perfect for making any outfit look so classy!

I love that the pendant’s texture is, not exactly rough, but ridged. The unevenness of the pendant’s center allows for more light to be reflected from it so it tends to sparkle more. And you don’t get any impression that it’s cheap or trying hard to look expensive because it naturally looks so exquisite.

BUY IT! Massi jewelry are available for purchase at Necklaces are priced at $95 and earrings are $140.


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Massi Pianto Necklace & Earrings Review — 101 Comments

  1. I do not wear a lot of jewelry besides my wedding band however my daughter loves necklaces and earrings and she would be so happy and proud to wear this beautiful set.

  2. These pieces of jewelry look really nice. It is hard to buy gold nice looking jewelry. Everything out there is silver.

  3. I have been following them for a little while on Facebook and I love every single piece of jewelry that I have seen. This set is incredible. I love druzy and the gold is spot on! It looks lovely on you, very fashionable for casual or semi-dressy! Just love it!

  4. That necklace and earring set is so beautiful!!! The earrings are the perfect size and the necklace looks so nice on you. I don’t wear jewelry very much but I think I would wear this pair because they are so nice.

  5. I love this set! Since my favorite fashion accessory is a significant pair of earrings, these are what I am talking about. The bonus is there is a necklace to match. I want to wer this to a wedding this summer!

  6. These are pretty wonder what the Fushia look like, are elegant looking Textured pennent would make the light play pretty on them…

  7. These are pretty wonder what the Fushia look like, are elegant looking Textured pennent would make the light play pretty on them…

  8. So very pretty and I love that the spacing gives it a natural bling look. I am all about texture and these fit the bill.

  9. That looks classy and timeless. I like it. It gets you noticed without being obnoxious. Thanks for sharing your find!

  10. This set is absolutely gorgeous! It is dressy & sophisticated for an evening out at the opera and casual enough for everyday wear, too. Just a simple, classic jewelry set. Stunning!

  11. i am OBSESSED with that necklace! absolutely stunning! and it would go perfect with anything, whether it be during the day or a night on the town

  12. i actually almost bought that exact color combo, though i ended up getting the black druzy in the the sort of curvy diamond shape. i get compliments all the time!

  13. This set is beautiful! It looks classic, but current, and would be nice either casual or dressy. This is exactly the type of thing I like to wear, thanks for sharing!! 🙂

  14. These are very pretty…so delicate, and they look like you could wear them with just about anything 🙂

  15. I love the look of the jewelry. It’s noticeable without being too big or chunky looking. The price is good too.

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