Flip the Script with Target Pharmacy #TargetSponsored

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Just a couple of months ago, I shared how convenient it is to have a pharmacy within our local Target store. I just love how it saves me about 20-30 minutes of driving because I used to make 2 separate trips for when I need to shop and when I need to pick up some prescription or get vaccinated. But now with Target Pharmacy, I can refill those prescriptions (or get a vaccine) AND shop in just one place!

If you’re curious, it’s actually very easy to Flip the Script with Target Pharmacy! There are 4 simple ways you can transfer your prescriptions and you can just choose the option you think is the easiest for you:
Option #1: Ask a pharmacist (best if you’re already at a Target location)
Option #2: Text RX to 827438 (TARGET)
Option #3: Call 877-796-2743
Option #4: Visit Target.com/pharmacy

Target Pharmacy accepts most insurances so all you need to transfer your prescriptions are as follows:
1. Name of your current pharmacy
2. Phone number of your current pharmacy
3. Prescription number

Target Pharmacy Rewards

By switching to Target Pharmacy, we get all the benefits of Target Pharmacy Rewards! Simply fill 5 prescriptions and get 5% off a day of shopping! And we can earn rewards faster by filling pet prescriptions, getting vaccinations such as the flu shot, and adding all our family members to one account!

I think this is one of the best things I like about Target Pharmacy. I didn’t get these rewards from my previous pharmacy and any form of reward for getting something my family and I actually need is a big plus in my book!

$50 Target eGift Card Giveaway

One lucky Bay Area Mommy reader will win a $50 Target eGift Card! Simply comment below with what you are most excited for about switching to Target Pharmacy! The rest of the tasks in the GiveawayTools form below are optional!

Giveaway is open to US residents who are at least 18 years old. Giveaway ends August 1, 2014 at 11:59pm EST. Void where prohibited by law. No Purchase Necessary. To enter, use the GiveawayTools form below. Good luck!


Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Target. All opinions are my own.


Flip the Script with Target Pharmacy #TargetSponsored — 286 Comments

  1. I am most excited about the four dollar generic meds and the fact that they can text me when my meds are ready while I shop at Target.

  2. I’ve used Target as my pharmacy for about 6 years now. I love it! The time savings is wonderful and the Rewards program is great!

  3. i am excited about the rewards program as well as the prices and now it is a one stop shop.

  4. I like the reward of getting 5% discount off my shopping order when I fill 5 prescriptions. That sounds like a very good deal.

  5. I love that I would be able to get my shopping done while the prescription is filled.

  6. I really like that you can stack up on the savings when you
    combine your pharmacy rewards with the 5% savings you get every time you use a Target debit or credit redcard!

  7. We have a Target very close to us, it would be very convenient to use the pharmacy there while shopping. If I fill 5 prescriptions I will get a discount in the store the same day.

  8. I’m most excited about the 5% rewards program. I also like that they color code the prescription by family member.

  9. Th shopping day discount is awesome, especially since target has so many other great offers, sales such as mobile coupons and target cart.

  10. I’m excited for the rewards program and all the savings that will come from it!

  11. I’m excited about the rewards program, I didn’t even realize that Target pharmacy had one.

  12. If I had a pharmacy at my Target I would utilize the visit Target.com/pharmacy the most. So NYC Target lets get a pharmacy going on!

  13. I love Target so I’m very excited about this. I especially love the conveniency.

  14. I love the 5% shopping rewards program.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  15. I’m excited about the convenience ๐Ÿ™‚ No need to make a separate trip to the pharmacy after doing the grocery shopping ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. The 5% off for a day of shopping is awesome. I would literally go through the store getting groceries and clothes and toiletries and on and on.

  17. different colored tops so you know whose meds are whose at a quick glance (like middle of the night!)

  18. I love that when you fill 5 prescriptions your get 5% off a day of shopping.

  19. I love my five percent bonus with their reward card.
    Thanks for the giveaway! =)

  20. a reward is a great bonus, i really like that it is so easy to switch. That is one reason i have never changed due to it being a hassle. very cool

  21. I like this because Target is actually closer to my house than the drugstore, and I can spend way too much money on cute clothes at the same time!

  22. I continue to be excited by the excellent design of the precription bottles and labels.

  23. I love that by using the Target pharmacy I get to save 5% on my other purchases at the store that day!

  24. I am most excited by the rewards program, however, I LOVE their prescription bottles. My parents use Target and I have been thinking of switching.

  25. I’m excited about the convenience of the Target pharmacy because it is much closer to my house than my current pharmacy.

  26. I’m most excited about the rewards program and the shopping discount.

  27. I love that Target Pharmacy is convenient and I can get all of my errands done in one place!

  28. Target is just down the street from me so the convenience is great and the rewards program isn’t too shabby either

  29. I’m most excited about Target Pharmacy’s 5% discounts. Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. I like that you can shop while your prescription is being filled and get a text when it’s ready

  31. I like the 5% discount on my shopping cart when I get 5 prescriptions filled.

  32. The target pharmacy has better hours than my old one.
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  33. I know it sounds weird but I like that you can get your pet meds there. We just got a new puppy and she is having to take all kinds of meds right now. This could really help us out. Thank you!

  34. Iโ€™m most excited about getting 5% off when you fill 5 prescriptions! Thatโ€™s a big savings!

  35. I like that it is so close to me and I can do my other shopping there.

  36. I’m most excited to be saving money on prescriptions and the 5% off I get with my card

  37. I like that they will text you when your prescriptions are ready.
    Thanks for the contest.

  38. I like that you can shop at Targfert while waiting on your prescription ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. I’m most excited about the extra 5% savings at Target with each 3 filled prescriptions!

  40. i love the generic brands and the fact i can pay for my other stuff at the counter too.

  41. I’m very impatient. I hate wasting time sitting at the pharmacy. If I can get some shopping done and have my prescription waiting for me I’d be happy.

  42. I love how I can drop it of and not have to wait. They fill it right then while I’m standing there or shop a little…or a lot.

  43. Easy 3 step transfer process and takes most insurances. Plus, a REAL store to shop in while you pick up.

  44. I am most excited about the rewards program and I love that they will text me when my order is done.

  45. I love that the Target pharmacy allows me to manage my prescriptions online so that they are ready when I get to the store with no waiting.


  46. I am most excited because I already go to target all the time anyway and it’s nice to have it be even more of a one-stop shop. Now if my Target would carry produce then I wouldn’t have to go anywhere else!

  47. I am excited about the rewards program and my present pharmacy does not have one.

  48. I love that I can do my shopping at Target while my prescription is filled. ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. I like that they text when meds are ready! Perfect for me, so I am not waiting in a long line only to be told, “Not read yet.”.

  50. i love the convenience of being able to shop at my favorite store while i wait.

  51. I think the Target Pharmacy will have better prices. I also believe they will stock a good supply of medications. I hate to have to make a second trip because they had to order my medications.

  52. Target pharmacy is awesome because I never have to wait too long and the staff always seem like they know what they are talking about.

  53. The %5 coupon and the cartwheel savings really add up. And Target pharmacists are the best!

  54. I really like the rewards program where you can get a day of shopping at 5% off because I already have the Target card which gives you 5% off so it’s a day of everything at least 10% off!

  55. I like that they text you when your prescriptions are ready to be picked up.

  56. I like the idea I can go to Target where I already shop and get my Pharmacy needs taken care of…one stop!

  57. I love that the pharmacy offers more reasonable prices, for over the counter brands.

  58. I’ve heard that their prices are much cheaper than other pharmacies. That’s what I’m really excited about!

  59. The convenience of being able to drop off my prescription and go do my shopping all in one place.

  60. I like that I can do all my shopping in one store. I can get my groceries and medication in one stop. Love Target!

  61. I love the idea of pharmacy rewards and getting 5% off my shopping for the day.

  62. I like their rewards program. I shop a lot at Target, so this would be a nice feature to use.

  63. i love target! I have a redcard and i love it since i shop there so frequently for everything

  64. Thanks for the giveawayโ€ฆwe like the great prices for generic Rx’s, and our Target pharmacists are really good at navigating between our insurance co. & our doctor when problems arise !

  65. I’m most excited to get my meds at Target, because it will be nice to do some shopping while I pick up my prescriptions. Thanks.

  66. I guess the most important thing to me would be if the prescriptions were cheaper or equally priced that at the pharmacy I am currently using.