Rekindling My Love For Reading With The Kindle Paperwhite

I received a Kindle Paperwhite from for purposes of evaluation. No financial compensation was received and I was not required to give a positive review. Thoughts are my own.

Seeing lots of books around the house while growing up was a big factor for my love of reading. I remember making it a goal when I was a kid to read all the books in our shelves and in my grandfather’s office just because I was curious. And even as an adult, I still love reading — taking in the words, imagining scenes in my mind, feeling the author’s meaning. I believe that reading expands our horizon and that everyone should be encouraged to read no matter the age.

I should admit though that when I became a mother, I started not having time to read books. But a few months ago, I decided to go back and rekindle my love for reading. With all the technological advancements these days, reading doesn’t mean you’ll have to lug around a heavy book because now we can just get ebooks that we can read using our mobile gadgets and computers. But not all devices are created equal, not all devices are created for the same purpose. And one device that’s made specifically for reading books is the Amazon Kindle.

Amazon has 2 types of e-readers: the Kindle and the Kindle Paperwhite. The Kindle is a basic e-reader that allows you to read ebooks with e-ink technology which looks like you’re reading text on real paper. It’s small (fits in your back pocket), very light (less than 6 ounces), and fast. Since it reads like paper, there’s no glare even in bright sunlight.

The Kindle Paperwhite on the other hand is a Kindle with some extras. It’s slightly larger and slightly heavier than the Kindle.Β It has an adjustable built-in light that allows you to read ebooks even in the dark. Another difference between the Kindle and the Kindle Paperwhite is that the Paperwhite is touchscreen so you don’t have to press any controls while reading. Just tap on the screen to turn the page on your ebook.

Unlike tablets, the Kindle Paperwhite is designed to deliver the best reading experience because there is no screen glare even when under bright sunlight. You can read with one hand since it’s over 30% lighter than the iPad mini. Battery lasts weeks, not hours. And it has a next-gen built-in light that lets you read without eyestrain.

Kindle Paperwhite with books

The biggest factor for me for getting a Paperwhite is the built-in light. I love reading before going to sleep and since we turn off all the lights at bedtime, I usually just use my phone’s flashlight so I can see what I’m reading. But with the Paperwhite, that won’t be an issue anymore. Here are some photos of the Kindle Paperwhite while in the dark:

Kindle Paperwhite -- reading in the dark.jpg

Reading in the dark is so easy with the Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite in the dark

The Kindle Paperwhite in the dark — low light setting and bright light setting

If you have the regular Kindle (without the built-in light), you mayΒ notice though that the text in the Paperwhite is not as dark. And it may take some getting used to especially if you’ve been using your KindleΒ a lot. It’s not that big of a deal though because you can easily adjust the brightness of the light on the Paperwhite to make the text pop out. Here’s a photo comparison of the Kindle and the Paperwhite.

Kindle vs Paperwhite

The text on the Kindle (left) is a bit darker than the text on the Paperwhite (right)

Since the Kindle Paperwhite is an e-reader and not an all-around tablet, I love that I can focus on what I’m reading without getting distracted by annoying notifications from my email or other apps. I also don’t have to always be near a charger because the battery runs for weeks and not just hours (a single charge can last up to 8 weeks based on a half-hour of reading per day with wireless off and the light setting at 10).

Overall, I’d say the Kindle Paperwhite is a perfect choice, a must-have for avid readers whose eyes get tired when trying to read ebooks on cellphones or regular tablets. With this, you’ll feel like you’re reading an actual book without having to physically turn pages. And with’s huge collection of ebooks, the Kindle Paperwhite is worth every penny!


BUY IT! The Kindle Paperwhite with Special Offers is available at for $119.

If you’d rather not have ads displayed on your Kindle during idle time, you can purchase the Paperwhite without Special offers for $139. And don’t forget that the Kindle with Special Offers is available for just $69. The one without Special Offers is available for $89.


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  1. I have bought both the nook color and kindle paperback for my daughter,who loves to read.My daughter rarely uses the nook but love the kindle,entertained reading for hours thx

  2. This sounds amazing! Lightweight, small, convenient and has a built in light. I like the idea of being able to read just about anywhere without having to lug around heavy books.

  3. I have always loved my kindle touch but have also wished that I got a kindle with the built in light. They are perfect for reading.

  4. I’ve always wanted a Kindle paperwhite!! I love the built in light for bedtime reading =) How perfect

  5. Thanks for the great review. I have been thinking about giving one to my mom for her birthday and this has helped me decide. She loves to read as much as I do and I know she would love this. One thing she would like is that it has a built in light, because she likes reading at night before she goes to sleep. Dad can’t complain if she doesn’t have to have the light on!!!

  6. Great review! We haven’t had a chance to use the Paperwhite but we do have a Fire & love it. I would love to have the Paperwhite for myself so I can load my OWN books onto

  7. I love to read. I honestly had no idea what a kindle was before reading this.

  8. I think I would love the Paperwhite by Kindle because of how the screen and text look more like a regular book versus an electronic device.

  9. I like that it has no glare so you can read at any angle. it sounds really light as well which is great!

  10. I have a traditional Kindle and would love the Paperwhite! I LOVE the built in light and seriously need an upgrade. I would be thrilled to get one (soon) and honestly I would prefer the Paperwhite Kindle for reading although my daughter thinks I am crazy becasue she LOVES her Kindle Fire!

    • Hi Melissa! You’ll notice a bit of a difference in the darkness of the text on the Kindle and the Kindle Paperwhite though. The Kindle’s ink is darker than the Paperwhite’s but it really isn’t much of a big deal because you can adjust the light anyway. I updated my post above with an image that compares the two. πŸ™‚
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  11. This Paperwhite really sounds great. I love that it has a light and love that it has a touchscreen.

  12. I actually never knew the difference between the Kindle and the Kindle Paperwhite. I love that the Paperwhite is touchscreen and has the built in light. It seems like it’s a lot more user-friendly!

  13. My son has a kindle fire and he loves it, I love it too because it was inexpensive and it’s lightweight. I’ve had my eye on the paperwhite for a while and would love to have one… I wouldn’t be able to wait to load it with books πŸ™‚

  14. I like that it has different light levels – I hate a glare on the screen. Nice that I can read at night in bed to . thanks for the review

  15. I have never used one but would love to win one I am a big bookworm lol!

  16. We loved our Kindle Paper White but sadly the screen got crushed recently πŸ™ My husband and I loved how light it was, how easy it was to read and the fact that one can make the print as large as they need. It is also great that one does not have other things to be distracted by; we can just concentrate on the book we are reading πŸ™‚

  17. I have been wanting a Kindle since they first came out and still don’t have one. Now I want a Paperwhite, mainly because of the light features it has. Winning one would be a dream come true for me.

  18. My adult children bought me a Nook several years ago because I’m losing my vision through a combination of glaucoma and macular degeneration. However, recently I dropped the Nook as I walked downstairs, and now it is nonfunctional. I’d been having trouble with the Nook for quite a while (it was not holding a charge for very long), and my friends simply RAVE about their Kindles. I would certainly love to have a Kindle of my own. I can no longer read unless I have an instrument with back lighting to help me. I’m going to cross all of my fingers! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the opportunity.

  19. I love the Kindle If I won I would give it to my sister as she is a single mom on a VERY small budget and does housework and sewing to make her bills.

  20. I love my Kindle and can’t express how much I enjoy it. If I won this on I would give it to my single mom sister who is on a VERY VERY small budget. She takes on sewing and cleaning to make her bills. She loves to read and can’t afford to buy books.

  21. I would love to have one of these. I have been an avid reader for over 45 years and I grew up on paperback books. I have collected a huge number of Kindle eBooks over the last couple of years. While I don’t have a Kindle, I have a Samsung tablet and the Kindle software on my laptop and desktop. I really find it uncomfortable reading on either of the PCs and the tablet is OK, but it is rather heavy and not suited too well as a reader. The real Kindle Paperwhit elooks like an ideal tool to read eBooks with.
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  22. I have the original kindle but it is no longer working well. I would love one of these!

  23. I would really love to have a Kindle Paperwhite. My eyes aren’t so good anymore and i love to read, so I think this would be the perfect solution!

  24. I would really love to have a Kindle Paperwhite! As I get older, my eyes are getting worse all the time and I think this would be the perfect solution!

  25. The paper white sounds perfect. I’ve had a Kindle (with keyboard and side tabs) for several years and I use it and my PC app (read while I surf) quite a lot. I would love to have the touch screen capability and, oh my yes!, the lit screen. Fantastic giveaway!

  26. I like reading how much people love their kindles, really makes me want this even more. I would like to get a few new books but if I could put them on a kindle then I will hold off on getting any.

  27. This looks like an ideal thing for reading. I love reading on a kindle because you can increase the print size for us older people that can’t see as well

  28. Thanks for the review – I got my mom a Kindle Paperwhite for Mother’s Day and she loves it – can’t pry it from her fingers…lol…so of course now I want one too…I love the idea of the Kindle Paperwhite having the backlight to read at night because that seems to be when I get a chance to unwind and read and I think it would be easier on the eyes for sure!

  29. I never thought I would be interested in something like this, but turns out I am! I love the no glare feature and the light to read by at night is super great!!

  30. I love the idea that the Kindle Paperwhite can go for weeks without charging! And also the non-glare factor is a huge plus as I love to read outside in the sunshine. I did not know that the text appears differently on the paperwhite as compared to the regular Kindle but it appears that is not a problem at all from what I’ve read in the review. I would not use my Kindle as a tablet so the fact that it is focused on reading rather than all the features of a regular tablet is a big plus to me. Thank you for the good review.

  31. I love the idea of an e-ink ereader with lighting capabilities for reading at night. I’ve test-driven a couple tablets with backlit screens and they just aren’t for me as I do a lot of reading.

  32. My daughter just bought a Kindle from Amazon, after 2 months, It just quit working. She had downloaded books for collage . We had to mail it back for a refund. This look nicer than the one she had. Would love to own one.

  33. I love my Kindle Fire and also have a Nook Glow Light. Both are great. I do have to charge my Kindle a lot more often but I also use it a lot more often. I would love to win this as a gift for a lady I know that needs one really bad. She has trouble holding and seeing paperback books and can’t afford an ereader so this would be a gift for her if I am lucky enough to win. I enter every contest I can trying to win her one and figure sooner or later maybe luck will be with me. πŸ™‚ She deserves it so much. Even though I have never met this lady in person she is one of my best friends online and is always there for others. Thank you for this awesome chance to win a gift that will keep on giving. πŸ™‚

  34. I love this, and love the fact that it does have a backlight so for someone like me who does most of her reading at night , this is awesome and having something like this for those camping nights πŸ™‚ thanks

  35. I have a Kindle Fire which I really like but I can’t read outside because I am unable to see what is on the screen from the glare. I think the Paperwhite would be good for me since you can only read on it. I am easily distracted on the Fire with alerts and apps. Great review

  36. The “paperwhite” and the extra long battery life will be a lifesaver for me!

  37. I love that I could sit out in the sun and have no problem reading with this, and that the battery lasts so long!

  38. This is amazing ! , I have never used a kindle however I have always wanted to have one because I love reading and this would make it all easier ! , I love all the great features that come with this kindle like the lightweight.

  39. I like to read outside as often as I can, sit on the porch swing on a Sunday with a good book. But the glare on my screen can often make it difficult. I really love one that is glare free!

  40. I own an iPad and i hate how heavy it is so I never read with it in bed or outside (because the screen sucks in daylight), I would LOVE to own this!!!

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  42. I can’t believe it is so light! Having a touchscreen would be so useful. Everyone is so used to doing it that way nowadays.

  43. I personally have never owned a kindle but I read on my phone all the time and the one thing that drives me nuts is the inability to read the screen outside. Looks like a kindle for my birthday is in order.

    • Hi Lindsey! Yes! There’s such a big difference! I used to think I can always just read on my laptop/phone/iPad but having experienced reading on the Kindle/Kindle Paperwhite, I know now that it’s the best gadget for reading. Very easy on the eyes and really light (esp the basic Kindle)!
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  44. I have never had any kind of electronic reader but the Kindle Paperwhite looks to be something I would love to have. I love that you can read with ease out in the full sun. I also love that the battery stays charged for such a long time.

  45. This would be so awesome to win, I always forget to bring my book. this is easy to remember,

  46. I really love that theres no glare and that its so SMALL! im a mom to 2 under 2 and space and time is a huge deal this would be great to keep in the bag just to read in the truck when the babies fall asleep and you dont want to wake them!

  47. I have a regular Kindle that I love. I take it to work every night and read at lunch and breaks. I want to get the paperwhite so I can read in bed without having the light on. I work nights so I stay up all night on weekends. Reading in bed without disturbing my husband would be great.

  48. I love the lighted screen and the way you can dim it as needed for the situation.

  49. I didn’t realize that there was a Kindle that small. I really need a tablet as I have given away two that I bought and one that I won. I figured that my 20 yr. old granddaughter probably needed it more than I did:). Oh, but I miss having a tablet

  50. I didn’t realize that there was a Kindle that small. I really need a tablet as I have given away two that I bought and one that I won. I figured that my 20 yr. old granddaughter probably needed it more than I did:). Oh, but I miss having a tablet

  51. I would love to have this because the e-reader I have does not light up.

  52. Hello! I remember not being able to read that often when my son was little. I love him immensely but I did miss reading. lol This is a great product. So neat that it’s touch screen and you can read it in the dark. Thank-you for the review!!

  53. Wow Teri, Mom of 7 and you have time to write such an awesome blog! So happy that I found out about it! I would LOVE to win a kindle! Thank you!!

  54. one night owl, one not. being able to read in the dark would be great. I have tried so many booklights, but it is just not the same as a lighted kindle.

  55. I would love to get back to reading again.
    I guess after reading the review,I should enter the giveaway
    for the Paper White~

  56. Thanks for explaining the differences. I really would love to have a Kindle Paperwhite! I’ve saved a ton of books on Amazon and usually just read them on my pc.

  57. Oh this is so awesome!! This is ideal for a nursing mom, no more turning pages. I want one so badly!

  58. I love the fact that there is no screen glare even in bright sunlight

  59. I love everything you have wrote, I have not been fortunate to own anything like this yet and I believe with your description this would be perfect from the back light to the light weight of it and all the books you can load πŸ™‚

  60. oh i want one bad!! i use my table (filled up and slow, plus others use it) or computer, pains, but love the features of the paperwhite, esp the light and touchscreen and that it would be dedicated to my books only!!

  61. I have a tablet and do read my Kindle books in it using the app, but it is USELESS outside. I so want a dedicated e-reader like the Paperwhite.

  62. I really love that it has an adjustable light feature πŸ™‚ Thanks for the great review!

  63. Awesome review!! I would love to have a kindle!! I have the kindle app on my ipad mini but that isn’t able to be used until it gets fixed! I think a kindle would also come in handy for when we are on long trips & my 7 year old wants to read but the 6 year old is playing games on the ipad!!
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  64. Crap this just made me what to upgrade even more to a paperwhite!! I have the 3rd generation kindle….its still kicking, but my case with the light isnt. Our son ripped it out of my kindle TWICE and I could not revive it after the second time. I just cant spend another $60 some dollars on another so I just read with the lights on in our bedroom I hate it!! I had no idea that you could change the brightness…the touchscreen is ehhh since I dont know if I would prefer that over the buttons I have now. Maybe for Christmas, if I drop some major hints, ill get a paperwhite πŸ™‚

  65. I would LOVE to win this as I do not yet own a Kindle. I read a lot of books & this prize would be a lot easier for me!

  66. I LOVE that you can read in the dark with this! I’m a night time reader too and even the light on my phone seems to bother my fiancΓ©. This looks perfect!

  67. if your a big reader like me , this is definitely a must have, would love to have one so i don’t have to keep carrying books around.. thanks for share

  68. I see people with Kindles all of the time and I’m so jealous. They look so handy to have when traveling.

  69. What a great product to have, been wanting one of these for along time now. I like the face that you can read in the dark because of the built in light. Won’t disturb the hubby while I’m reading then.

  70. I love the ease of using it. It would be great to read in the dark with a Kindle.

  71. I love the ease of using it. It would be great to read in the dark with a Kindle!

  72. I like that the Kindle Paperwhite has a built in light so you don’t need a book light anymore!

  73. I have a Prime account, and read Kindle books on my phone since I don’t have an e-reader. This would be perfect, and clear A LOT of space on my phone! The bigger screen would be amazing.

  74. My Kindle was stolen before I even got the chance to use it more than a couple of days. This newer version sounds great because of the built in light. I worry about eye strain though.

  75. Thanks for clarifying the difference between a Kindle & a Kindle Paper White. May have to get me a Kindle Paper White.

  76. I love that you thought to compair the two, it really helps me make the best decision on what is best for our house!

  77. I’ve always wanted a Kindle paperwhite!! I love the built in light for reading in the dark and that there is no screen glare even when it’s under bright sunlight.

  78. I like that the Kindle Paperwhite has a backlight and is light, making it easy to use at night and on the go.

  79. Being the techie guy that he is, my husband has quite a few readers, and can you believe not one of them is a kindle? I like the backlight feature, this would be very handy at night and in the sun.

  80. I do not have a Kindle Paperwhite or any other reader. I prefer to read real books, and turn real pages. The good thing about these tablets is their portability. You can load your reader with several books and take it with you anywhere, you wouldn’t want to lug around a bunch of real books. If I’m going to curl up with a good book, I prefer a real book. Thank you for sharing this post.

  81. I have been wanting a Kindle since they first came out and still don’t have one.
    I like that the Kindle Paperwhite has a built in light so I can read in the dark.

  82. I like that the Kindle Paperwhite has a built in light. I have been wanting to get since they came out.

  83. My sister bought my kids a NOOK for Christmas but I find myself using it more. I find it is very convenient to take with me when we my kids are in between games and we are waiting. I love to read but hate dragging books around which can be bulky and heavy. I think I have actually read more now that we have a NOOK then I did before.

  84. This would be perfect for me as I love to read.
    My husband usually goes to sleep way befor I do so the built in light would be a great way not to disturb him.


  85. I love that you can read this in the sun and there is no glare! And so lightweight!

  86. i’d really love to get one of these for my mom, it would cut down on the piles of used paperbacks that are piling up in her space.

  87. I love the versatility of these things! Can you believe how much they store?
    Technology has really come a long way!

  88. i think it would be really helpful in streaming down my possessions, although first i should probably just start selling or donating my books!

  89. I thought I would really love my iPad for reading, but in the summer most of my reading is outside while kids play or swim and it is so difficult to read in any sun at all. A Kindle Paperwhite would be great!

  90. I would love one of these it would be so great for the summer reads at the beach

  91. I love kindle’s Ive used many of my friends before, love especially the kindle fire, It would be awsome to finally have one of my own

  92. I didn’t realize the paperwhite was touch screen. I have the original kindle but really have wanted the paperwhite for its light for a while now. The touch screen makes me want to upgrade even more!

  93. I loved my 2nd generation Kindle until it got broken (was stepped on by my then 5 year old and cracked the screen) and my 13 year old LOVES her Kindle Fire HD and uses it for ours daily. I would sooooo love to win this and get back to reading all my vast Kindle Library.

  94. I have a Kindle Fire which I love, but it is a bit heavy and really not practical for reading in bright light. My husband has a Paperwhite as well as an iPad and he LOVES it. I would so love a Paperwhite!

  95. I would love to have a Kindle paperwhite. I love that it’s antiglare and that the built-in light is adjustable as well as the long-life battery. I think if I had one I would read more than I do now just because the paperwhite would make it so much easier.

  96. I still haven’t bought the Paperwhite. The built-in light sounds like a great feature. I’m still debating whether to get this one or the basic version.

  97. I really like the paperwhite kindle. I have been wanting to get an e-reader for some time and this one is priced right.

  98. i love reading and love the feel of paper in my hands, however this sounds like its easy to read in the dark which means i could read in the car. after reading your review i might have to try this

  99. I am so excited about this, I recently found out that I had won one, and just the thought of being able to put the bible in there and take it with me and so many other books πŸ™‚ love it and not have to worry about the sun or light blocking out what i’m trying to read πŸ˜‰ thanks for share

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  101. I believe the Kindle Paperwhite would be perfect for my mother. She reads several books a week. She would not need anything fancier.

  102. I currently read ebooks on my laptop. I’m sure I would read more if I had a tablet or ereader.

  103. I keep thinking I am going to get one of these but I don’t! Thanks for sharing the details about this one. The kindle paper white for sure is the way to go to read.

  104. I would Absolutely Love to Have a Kindle Fire! I am Such a Book Worm but at the Moment I can’t afford one! Maybe this Christmas Santa will be Good to me and Bring me one! I know this Sounds Weird but I still Like Reading my Old Library Books; I Love the way they smell and it’s nice to just have a Book on hand when you need it! I know I can Always go to the Library & Check out a Book for Free but the Library doesn’t have a Huge Selection to Choose from & it’s a pain having to get them back by there Due Date! I hope I will be Lucky Enough to get a Kindle some time in the Near Future! Have a Great Day & God Bless! Jana Williams

  105. I am still in Debate over whether or not I want a Kindle and if so What kind! I don’t really have Money to throw away so I want to know that I will not Regret my Decision! Please keep me Informed on what you like about yours or if you have any regrets! Thanks & God Bless! Jana Williams

  106. This looks great – I am dying to get one. I have no place to keep my books, and the thought of being able to carry around a library is great!

  107. My wife used to read all the time before we had kids, now she occasionally reads just before bed. I’ll bet she’d love a kindle paperwhite so she doesn’t have to get up to turn off the light before she goes to sleep. At that price, it wouldn’t break the bank either!

  108. I really wish I could afford to get a Kindle Paperwhite, budget is always real tight. The paperwhite has really good features, great light and one can enlarge the screen to make the words easier if you need larger print.I carry a book with me everywhere I go, having a hard time reading because I have MS and my hands do not always cooperate when holding a book but I love to read and can’t give it up.

  109. You must have a HUGE back pocket for the paperwhite to fit in it! Meine does fit in my purse, though. I love the paperwhite, in part because it doesn’t have those extras like web access, or email, or games. It’s like a book–or a few hundred of them! And there are no unnecessary distractions.

    • Hi Karen! It’s not the Paperwhite that can fit my back pocket. It’s the regular Kindle that can. It’s smaller. πŸ™‚

  110. I’ve never used one of these. I wouldn’t know how to use it. I’m sure I’d figure it out.At first, I had no interest in this product. Then, I looked at the book cases. It Although I love books it would be nice to have less clutter. They take up a lot of space.

  111. I love that this has a built in light. I love to read at night when I go to bed and I hate having my light on. This would be perfect for me. Thank you so much for sharing

  112. Thanks for the Fabulous Review on Rekindling Your Love For Reading with The Paperwhite! I see an awful lot of people with these sitting and reading on their lunchtime outside when it’s nice. These look like a Fantastic way to read a book! You can even read in the dark! WOW! These Paperwhite Kindles are Fantastic! Plus, you don’t even have to turn a page, just touch the screen! I really like these, however, lately I’ve been just to busy to read! Plus, I’m having problems with my eyes and been for several tests and go see the “head lady” on Friday. Tim keeps telling me it’s because I’m on the computer all day and way into the night every night with all the giveaways I’m trying to win for Christmas! He may be right, I have no idea. Anyway, Thanks again for this terrific review and showing us the difference in picture frames and all the information you provided to us! I truly do appreciate it! Thanks again, Michele πŸ™‚
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  113. I had the Gen 1 Kindle for years and last year upgraded to the Paperwhite. What a great move! I can read ANYWHERE – even in the bright sun on my patio (of course with a couple of cats sleeping on my lap LOL!). If you haven’t bought a Kindle and you read a lot, you are so missing out!

  114. I love this. I love the built in light so you can read in the dark. I really love that you can still read out in the sun. I have a kindle now but I can’t see to read it in the sunlight. Thank you so much for sharing this. I will check it out

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