Have Fun This Summer At California’s Great America!

Two weeks ago, my family had the opportunity to visit California’s Great America and we had such an awesome time! California’s Great America is Northern California’s premiere theme park. It delivers thrills, fun and memories for the entire family!

Adventure seekers will enjoy the Gold Striker which is considered as California’s best wooden coaster, and experience the intense drops and speed of Flight Deck, Demon, Tiki Twirl and my absolute favorite thrill ride — the Drop Zone!

California's Great America

California's Great America

California’s Great America entrance and thrill rides

Of all the thrill rides in the park, the only one I went on is the Drop Zone where you descend 22 stories in less than 4 seconds. It’s really scary as you go up that tower because you already know what’s about to happen. And can I just say that I went on this ALONE?! Yup!

Hubby had to be with our son (and he didn’t want to ride anyway — scaredy cat!). So as we were going up, I just had to remind myself over and over again that the drop will just take 2 seconds (I didn’t know that time that it was actually 4 seconds). But the feeling is just awesome once you’re back on the ground! A visit to Great America will not be complete without going on the Drop Zone ride!

Great America’s family rides include the world’s tallest double-decker carousel and Northern California’s highest observation deck, along with the wet and wild Rip Roaring Rapids and Loggers Run. The little ones will delight in seeing Snoopy, and the entire Peanuts Gang as they visit the Planet Snoopy and KidZville areas.

KidZville is an area you just have to explore if you’re visiting with kids. They have about 10 rides and attractions specifically for kids. My son really loved the carousel and the KidZair. AND he didn’t want to leave KidZConstruction which is a huge playground with several slides. Ah! Nothing makes a mom happier than to see her kid having so much fun!

CA Great America with family

Rides and attractions we enjoyed at CA Great America

We went around and played at the arcades and the basketball shootouts. We made sure we had several toy prizes to take home — and we did! We had lunch with some fellow bloggers and their families, the awesome people of CA Great America, and the PEANUTS Gang!

CA Great America Blogger Party

The PEANUTS Gang (Snoopy, Lucy, Charlie, and Linus) + me and Icar of My Charmed Mom and our kids

The one area that we were not able to explore during our visit was Boomerang Bay which is open from Memorial Day through Labor Day. It was still closed that time because we visited before Memorial Day Weekend. Boomerang Bay is an all-inclusive water park featuring a wave pool, water slides and a lazy river –– the perfect environment to enjoy the California sun!

Boomerang Bay - CA Great America

My husband and I are actually planning another trip to California’s Great America this summer just for Boomerang Bay! My son loves swimming — actually he just loves playing with and in the water — so he’ll definitely enjoy that!


Consider spending a fun day with your family at CA Great America!

If you’re in (or if you’re planning to visit) Northern California, be sure to visit California’s Great America’s official website at CAGreatAmerica.com! Check out their Drink and Dining Deals so you can save some money on your visit! You can also connect with them on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest updates on your news feed!


I received free passes from California’s Great America. I was not compensated financially and I was not required to give a positive writeup. Thoughts are my own.


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  1. California’s Great America looks like a great time. One important thing you forgot to mention was food/snacks. Thank you for sharing this review.

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  4. You are much braver than I am. I don’t have the stomach for any roller coaster type ride. I’d be more comfortable in the water area.

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