Home Improvement Tips to Remove Odors


If you live in an older home, you might notice a few undesirable smells mixed in with your old home charm. Thankfully you won’t have to move out of your home in order to get rid of the odour. By having something like a window fan installed, this can help eliminate any odour/s within the home. There is always a solution that can be put in place to help you with any problems you may have. Check out a site like topwindowfans.com to find out more. There are several alternatives that you can turn to that will not only get rid of the smell, but will make your home look better in the process. Kill two birds with one stone by sprucing up your home and giving bad odors the boot. How you ask? Below are some helpful home odor removal tips, including the use of an ozone machine to permanently remove odors from your home.

Find and Remove the Source of the Problem, if Possible

One source of bad odor in a home is mold. Mold can grow if the conditions are right and often hide from plain sight. If you are doing a home improvement project, you may want to pay particular attention to areas where mold can hide, such as basement walls, carpet, or ceilings. And if you do find mold around your home, you could look into something like ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba to help prevent any problems that could occur if the mold became worse around the home. If you are replacing carpets and find that the floor underneath the carpet pad has some mold on it, you should contact professionals to help you with remediation.

Another source of foul odor often found in homes is cigarette smoke. It can be necessary to remove this odor if you are trying to sell a home or if you are concerned about the health hazards of second-hand cigarette smoke. Replacing carpets and adding a fresh coat of paint can help, but cigarette smoke can go anywhere air can go such as into the air ducts. So it can be difficult to completely clean and remove the odor. In addition, covering up vaporized tobacco residue with paint will not effectively eliminate the tobacco odor. An ozone generator is an excellent choice because the ozone can follow the same path as the smoke and attacks odors at their source.

Ozone Generator

Instead of using scented candles that might only cover up smells rather than eliminating them entirely, you’ll have better luck with an ozone machine that goes straight to the source. Ozone occurs in nature when UV rays from the sun react with oxygen in the atmosphere or when lightning is present. It basically oxidizes all odors and smells at their source. Using ozone indoors can eliminate odors in your carpets, bedding, drapes and other areas of your home. It allows the air in your home to become fresh and clean again. Rather than having your home smell like lilac, a mountain spring or zesty oranges, your home will have the fresh and clean scent that occurs when odors are actually removed. You won’t have to worry about deodorizers agitating your allergies or overpowering you whenever you step into the home.

Use Ozone Generators Wisely

While using an ozone generator is an effective way of removing odors in your home, you’ll want to make sure that you get one from a reputable and experienced company. You want an ozone machine that comes with a full guarantee to remove odors and a full factory warranty. Always make sure that you closely follow all safety recommendations and instructions whenever you’re using an ozone generator, and that’s especially true if you have asthma.

If you plan on using an ozone generator in your home regularly to make sure that the air is always as fresh and clean as can be, you’ll want to make sure that you follow all directions, such as vacating the property before beginning treatment and waiting at least an hour after the treatment has been completed before reoccupying the space.

If you are doing a large-scale home improvement project in the hopes of removing odors, consider using an ozone machine to help you do the job naturally. Whether it’s a small-scale or large-scale project, an ozone machine allows you to permanently – and naturally – remove odors.

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  1. I’ve been hearing a lot about ozone machines lately. I am interested as it seems eco-friendly but I’d actually like to learn more about how they work before I make the commitment.

  2. I had never heard of an ozone machine. I own property and rent it out. Renters are always leaving awful smells. Cant wait to find out more! Thanks! 🙂

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  4. I found this very interesting because I have never heard of an ozone machine–how smart and efficient! I would definitely prefer using that machine over my house smelling like something generic and fake.

  5. Ozone works really well at eliminating odors and destroying viruses and bacteria. We had a company in town about 20 years ago that made ozone systems for air and water purifying. They worked really good and even made one for the car. The only problems is that you don’t want to let the ozone generator run for a very long time so it builds up too much ozone. Thanks for the info.

  6. I’ve never heard of an ozone generator before. It sounds neat! I can’t stand for my house to smell and this would be a great way to actually get rid of odors instead of just covering them up.

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