Explore The World Through Your Senses

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For many people, the summer season is a time to travel and go on a vacation with family and friends. But not everyone can actually leave and go out of town (much less out of the country) for various reasons.

That does not mean though that you cannot travel or explore the world at all. Here are some videos that will allow you to explore the world through your different senses.


Different places smell differently. Allow your mind to do some “traveling” through your sense of smell.


The world has thousands of great flavors waiting to be appreciated by our taste buds. Just because you physically can’t travel doesn’t mean your tongue shouldn’t!


Due to budget constraints, I may never get to see the many cities I once dreamed of visiting. But thanks to this video, I feel like my eyes have taken me on a grand vacation!

There are many things you can do to “travel” and explore the world without leaving town — read new books, listen to some good music, watch a musical play, or take a stroll at the park. What’s important is you open your mind and your senses to the beauty of even the smallest things around you.


But hey, if you have the money and the time, go plan an actual vacation so you can explore different places!


This is a Fashionista Events opportunity.


Explore The World Through Your Senses — 59 Comments

  1. Good post. There are so many beautiful and interesting places around the world I’d love to visit but due to time constraints, budget, and family obligations I will probably never get to see them. Guess I will try to explore other cultures through food and other means 🙂

  2. Great post! Reminds me that there is more than one way to take a trip away from home:) I especially liked the idea of scents, taste and watching a video of where you want to vacation if you can’t actually travel there. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Yes, staycations are very popular. A great way to gain exposure to a different culture is to go to cultural festivals where you will be exposed to cultural entertainment, you will be able to buy items specific to that culture, and you will be able to eat food from that culture.

  4. You have shown some great sites smells etc. It is important to take life in through all of our senses too. Sometimes we get so busy just doing when we miss out on so much of our daily lives. Great post!!

  5. What a neat idea! I never thought of that before. Thanks for the information!

  6. I love all these ideas and its so true, I know the places I would love to visit and see and most of it I only can do through books or videos or even movies sometimes 😉 thanks for share

  7. Great blog! Like the idea you have about not having time or money for traveling. Your senses could guide you into a whole new perspective. I love the idea it would also help when you are feeling constricted at home. Thank you for your ideas!

  8. I don’t have extra money right now so expensive travel is out of the question. There are, however, opportunities in every day life to sense the world, as you have pointed out.

  9. I’m content to watch a video. I don’t travel well, my husband has horror stories!

  10. These are great ideas to re-experience local places that us to visit in a fresh new way. We like to draw and sketch, this would be a nice way to re-look at local venues for inspiration.

  11. great info thank you for all the posts and blogs and contests you do i love reading it all

  12. I am a tour guide for the Sensory Garden at Denver Botanic gardens and we try to engage all the senses in a tour of the garden.

  13. I have never really been anywhere in person but I’ve been many places through reading, videos, etc.

  14. I know I do this a lot. I will imagine myself at the beach and I can almost smell the salt water and feel the sand on the beach. Also I haven’t been to my favorite park but I will imagine myself there and it always makes me happier.

  15. Over the winter months i imagine I’m somewhere warm, even if it’s just out in my own yard. Being able to feel the sunshine and grass and smell the lilacs in my mind help me make it till spring is really here.

  16. It is good to be open minded when traveling,you meet so many
    different people and cultures which make a big difference in your

  17. These are all wonderful ideas and it would make you see the world different.

  18. I really enjoyed the “Sight” video. I’ve been to some of the places featured and the others are on my wish list. I’d especially love to visit Indonesia!

  19. It sounds like meditation. If nothing else, it can be very relaxing. I find that reading a book can do the same thing as watching a video.

  20. I love the videos. I would love to travel to other countries and places here in the US but since I am terrified of flying, I have to go close by. Within driving areas. lol But this was a nice way to see other countries and learn something too. Thanks for sharing as it was so very interesting and I think I will look for other places on the internet now. 🙂

  21. You are so right! There are many reasons I can’t travel, so I usually read a book to use my imagination to take me places. I often do road trips to the many places around me. fo to concerts, and try different cuisines. I like to go to the many cultural festivals too.

  22. They used to call me gypsy because I loved to travel
    and could pick up and go.I loved to see all of the cultures
    and all the different foods.

  23. We don’t have the time or money to travel to distant places. We find local destinations that have the feel of distance traveling. We watch travel programs too.

  24. Sometimes I will catch a whiff of something and it automatically takes me back. I think that’s why I love candles and certain perfumes. The memories.

  25. I like the idea of watching a video of a place and having the scents and tastes of that place to help you feel you are there. Thanks for these tips and ideas.

  26. I’m raising my granddaughter & on a fixed income so trips or vacations are few & far between. I try to have a mini trip here at home once or twice a month. We choose a place, read a bit about it, & have a dish from that region.

  27. I haven’t been on a Vacation in about 6 years & I’m Long Over do! I have had Some Problems with My Neck & Back so I haven’t had a an Opportunity to Travel! I still like to try New Things when I get a Chance! I Might Try a New International Cuisine Restraunt or Read a New Book! As Long as you keep Your Life Interesting & Always Keep Your Senses Heightened with New Music, Food, or Aromatherapy you will Not Grow Tired of the Same Old Routine! Great Blog & Thanks for Reminding Us To Stop & Smell the Roses (Literally)! Have a Great Day!

  28. Thank you for sharing this. I for one would love to travel but my budget will not allow it. I appreciate this so much

  29. I enjoy reading your blogs and I have Commented on Several of them! I do Believe in the Power of your Senses! I am Always burning my Lavender Candles & Incense b/c it Always helps me to Relax! I Also Sip on my Chamomile Tea with Honey at Night when I can’t Sleep! I Also have One of those Devices that Plays Different Relaxing Sounds Like the Ocean or Birds Chirping! I even Put Soft Fluffy Blankets and Pillows on My Bed to Help Create a Relaxing Atmosphere! I haven’t been able to go Vacation and Really Enjoy the Power of the Senses b/c I haven’t been Feeling well! I have decided that with the Help of My Mother I will Paint & Redecorate My Room! I am going to Paint My Walls a Soothing Aqua Shade; I figured if I couldn’t enjoy the Beach than I would Make My Bedroom My a Little Oasis of My Very Own! I Really do believe that your Life will be Much Happier if you try to Enjoy the Scenery & the Sounds! Thanks & God Bless! Jana

  30. I love to watch Bourdain and Zimmerman and see what different foods and places they go to.

  31. Thank you for the wonderful videos to inspire all of us. We went to disneyland in march and can not afford another trip this year. Your posting is a great source of information.

  32. Great idea and great post, it’s always interesting to imagine what it’s like to travel to different places.

  33. It Always Amazes me Just How Powerful your Senses are! I Can’t Exactly go on Vacation at the Moment but if you Learn to Look at the World a Little Differently than Anywhere you go can be a Vacation! OK Maybe Not Anywhere, Not the Doctor’s Office or the DMV but you Catch My Drift! I Like to Apply these kind of things, like opening your Senses or Breathing Techniques to my Exercising & Yoga! Thanks & Have a Blessed Day! Jana

  34. I never thought about enjoying a vacation in this manner. We take for granted a lot we have around us everyday! But I have to say that my idea of a vacation today IS to get away – from phones, pcs, etc. Total piece of mind & body!!

  35. I never thought about exploring the world with my senses!! I am sorry to say that I take for granted the blessings that God has given me!! It definitely would not be as exciting to me if I didn’t have all of my senses when I visit somewhere new. Seeing the sites & eating the cuisine at different places are some of the things that make me want to visit other places, like eating pizza in Italy!

  36. Since I am unable to afford to travel I love using other ways to experience it. I enjoy looking at all the bloggers post on their travel and I really enjoy it. Thank you for sharing

  37. This is such a good post! I like the idea of smells that take you places!!

  38. Thanks for the Fantastic Review on Explore The World Through Your Senses! Well, We can’t afford a vacation this year, so we’ll be staying around the house this year. I’ll have to go take a walk and listen to the birds and the streams and take in all the beautiful foliage that’s around here! Also, once we finally get the deck done (we haven’t done much and this winter ruined a few boards and scuffed it up really good! We power washed it, put new boards in, and now we are in the process of putting the new stain on it!) But, once it’s done, I can always sit out and enjoy nature in my own backyard in addition to the vegetable and flower gardens! Thanks so much for sharing your Fantastic Review, the videos, and your personal and professional opinions on Explore The World Through Your Senses with all of us! You know that I always appreciate all of your reviews! Thanks again! Michele 🙂
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