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About 2 months ago, hubby and I were in a search for a new home. Since our little one is growing more and more everyday — and seems to be having a certain fondness to and need for more toys and more stuff, we figured it might be time for us to scout for a bigger place to stay. 

We were dreaming of renting (or maybe even owning) an apartment or a house with an extra room just for his toys. I saw a nice one for rent Aurora Heights but we’ll have to save up for a bit! Or maybe a small home office for me so I can do my blogging in a more organized space. It would be very nice if the master’s bedroom had a walk-in closet, and if the shower was separate from the tub.

As I was searching online for possible places to rent, I found

 photo Apts_PrfctFit_rgbjpg_zpsf00a594a.jpg

This website was very easy to use. As you get to the home page, simply enter your zip code and your desired number of bedrooms, bathrooms and maximum rent amount.

Once it takes you to your search results, you can further refine your results by specifying the neighborhood, amenities, property type and minimum square footage. But those are optional so you don’t really have to fill those  out.

I love that is very easy to navigate and easy on the eyes as well. I like the menus ad information are placed where I expect them to be and the site doesn’t look like there’s “too much going on”. The interface is very simple that anyone can easily use it. They also have a mobile app available on the iPhone, iPad and Android.

Aside from the look of the site, I love the amount of information they present on the listings. For one of the results I had during my search, there were 38 (yes, 38!) photos of the apartment complex! They have video walkthroughs, floor plans, 360-degree views and a map. They really show you as much information! The only thing better than presenting all that information is actually going to the place!

It’s just too bad that because of a certain turn of events in my family’s finances, we can’t move to a bigger place as of yet. But once everything’s okay in terms of our budget, I will use again to search for “greener grass” because I like that it shows me what I would actually see if I were to go to the place myself.

And I encourage you to use the next time you are trying to find your perfect fit and searching for a new place to stay! To connect with and get updates from them, simply follow @aptscom on Twitter!

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  1. We are searching for a new home as well and this website sounds perfect. I can’t wait to go to to website and start searching. Thank you for sharing this review.