Hotter Cannes Boots Review

Disclosure: I received a pair of Cannes Boots from Hotter USA for evaluation purposes. Thoughts are my own.

Honestly, I don’t really like how cold it gets during Fall and Winter — and to think this is just San Jose, CA where the coldest I’ve seen is around 23 degrees! But if there’s one thing I like when it’s cold, it’s that I get to wear boots. And one of the most comfortable boots I’ve worn are from Hotter USA.

Hotter Cannes Review

I got to receive the Cannes Boots in Mushroom color. I love that it has lace closure and faux fur lining.

Cosy Cannes has a flexible, lightweight wedge. For maximum warmth, wear at mid calf length; or turn down for a casual look that’s so easy to lace on and off.

About Hotter: Hotter Shoes are shoes with comfort built in. Because the Hotter Team is passionate about comfort and style, they only produce quality footwear with meticulous detail so your feet are happy in them.


The footbed of the Cannes is smooth but unlike other shoes where you feel like a bunch of wood and nails are directly under your feet, these feel so comfortable. And since this isn’t my first pair of Hotter shoes, I feel like they’re really living up to their goal of providing stylish yet comfortable shoes. I remember wearing my other Hotter Boots for 2 days straight in Disneyland last year, and I feel that, like that other pair, I can also walk in these all day and still feel comfortable.


BUY IT! The Cannes Boots is available for purchase at for $175 and is available in Black, Brown, or Mushroom!

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Disclosure: I received a pair of Cannes Boots from Hotter USA for evaluation purposes. Thoughts are my own.


Hotter Cannes Boots Review — 177 Comments

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  3. They do look warm and comfy! I like the ones in brown. I also like the Summit boots which might be better for my beat up feet, less heel. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Omg! I just entered the giveaway over at giftsforallseasons and the Cannes are the ones I picked! They are soooo cute! And now that I see them on you- they are even cuter! I live in MN so boots are essential, Anyway- thanks for the review! =)

  5. I had never heard of this company until now. These boots are really cute and they have some really nice looking shoes too!! Thanks for your honest review

  6. I love the fact that they are not only stylish but also comfortable. I would love to have a pair of these boots. The color also looks great.

  7. I saw a picture of these boots and wasn’t sure if I liked them or not until I saw them on you. They are super cute and look totally comfy!

  8. I love boots! They can really make an outfit. I like the Cannes Boot. I’d choose mushroom over the black and brown.

  9. I love the boots! They are such a cute style and look very warm! You look fabulous.

  10. I picked the Cannes boots as the shoes or boots I would like to have from the website and said they looked warm as well as comfortable. Now, I see them being worn and they look even better than I thought they would. The review said they are warm and comfortable and that they could be worn at mid-calf or folded down. Thanks for the excellent giveaway! I would love to win these boots.

  11. I live in Michigan, we get really cold here, below zero at times. I would really love to have a pair of these boots. My problem is my toes get cold in the boots I do have, they are not insulated like the cannes boots. I need to get a pair of these to keep my tootsies warm and comfortable. Thanks for the review, those are really nice boots. Stylish too.

  12. These look so comfy and cute. I love the wedge heel because it gives you height without a high risk of falling…plus the quality of the heel looks good, which means no wear and tear and a longer shelf life!

  13. These boots look so warm and comfy!! I like that they aren’t high heel wedges but yes aren’t completely flat either!

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  15. Okay any footwear you can wear to Disneyland for 2! straight! days! and not have sore feet, is for me! I am all about comfort, more than style, but these are so very cute!!

  16. This is a new company for me. I think those boots are too cute. Comfort, convertible, and fashionable. Woo hoo.

  17. These boots look really warm, the only thing I don’t care for is the heel. I live where it’s very cold and snowy so I think I’d like the snow boots a bit better.

  18. The fact that you could wear your previous pair for two days at Disneyland is for me the most relevant part of the review. Looks mean little to me if my feet hurt. This sounds like a company I need to look into.

  19. I actually just received a catalog in the mail of this company. I had not heard of them. Thank you for the first hand review of them. I appreciate the fact that the boot seemed comfortable for you as I will look into purchasing. If your feet aren’t happy — you are not happy.

  20. I enjoyed your review. I am convoked these are comfortable shoes. I sure hope they come in extra wide

  21. These boots are absolutely gorgeous. I love that they are lined and that they are made for comfort. The style is awesome and could be dressed up or down to fit the occasion.

  22. Comfort is always the first thing I look for in a shoe, but not only do these look comfortable, they’re also very stylish too. Very nice!

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  24. These would look great on my daughter, she loves things like this and with all the snow and cold weather ahead of us, these look very warm

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  25. It’s so hard to find great looking boots that are comfortable! Thanks for introducing me to these!

  26. I don’t think you could have made a better case for the durability and comfort of Hotter USA’s shoes than 2 comfortable days at Disneyland! Those boots you have on look so nice, they’re cute, yet classy so that you can dress up or down with them. I hadn’t heard of them before, so thanks for bringing this company to my attention!

  27. I like the boots as far as color, style, and the way they look on you but not my personal style.

  28. Loving those boots! They are cute and perfect for winter. I also like the Cheshire Boots as well. I can dress them up and make a cute outfit. Thanks for your great review. ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. I visited their site and they have some of the cutest shoes & boots! Love the ones your wearing. They look so warm for Winter!

  30. I really like those boots. They look very warm and comfortable. Thanks for the Giveaway!

  31. Thanks for the review. This company has lots of pretty shoes and boots that I’d like to have

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  33. wow those boots look great on you, i want a pair just like that, those are the greatest boots, i hope they look that good on me. oh my i just ordered them i hope i like them

  34. I love their shoes/boots. I like their Moonstone boots and their Poplar shoes…just to name a few! The Cannes boots would really come in handy where I live!

  35. I picked these boots out from the website before I even saw your review. These are so hott!! I love them. I have had two hip replacements and cannot wear boots with heels so these would be perfect for me!

  36. Those boots are super cute, and you pull them off really well! I was impressed with all the cute boots and shoes on their website, they are kinda pricey, but I guess you get what you pay for!

  37. I would love to win the TREK BOOTS as my prize! Love the look of them, but would have a difficult time choosing my color!

  38. this is a really cool style and I love the fact that they look great with leggings or skinny jeans.

  39. They look so warm and comfortable good for Christmas shopping in this cold weather we have here

  40. THese boots look so warm and cuddly and I bet they would be comfortable to walk in. I love the color and my feet are crying out …giveme…lol..

  41. Those boots look so cute on you. They also look very warm for the cold winters here in the Northwest.

  42. For me there’s nothing better than a good looking pair of boots ..comfortable ones are a definite bonus. Love the ones you picked out..gray is a great way to go as a neutral that’s not ordinary.

  43. I think the Cannes boots are very nice. They look like they are made well and very comfortable. They also seem like they could be a bit hot on the feet indoors.

  44. I love the Cannes boots! These are the ones i would get, except in black. They are so cute!

  45. The Boots you reviewed are so cute!! Their website has a lot of really cute shoes and boots..I am so happy they carry the extra wide width. I am anticipating these shoes will be the most comfortable on me. My Legs and feet need comfort.. :0)

  46. I love that you mentioned that you could comfortably wear these all day… I hate when a pair of boots starts out feeling “ok” and then as the day goes on and your foot swells, it just ends up feeling constricted.

  47. I love these boots! Winter is almost here and I need a new pair!! these are super cute!

  48. I love that you can turn them down for another look. Love the color too- Hotter USA has a lot of colors I don’t normally see.

  49. Very cute boots. They are a little young looking for me but would be perfect for my daughter.

  50. Those boots are so cute, and you’re right; they look very comfortable! I wish I had over $100 to spend on boots! I’d love to get those, but I also need to see if they make wide widths. So many shoe makers don’t. ๐Ÿ™

  51. It funny the question that asks witch shoes would you pick if you won I picked these in black. I love the style so much thanks for your review

  52. I love that the boots are attractive as well as comfortable. Because I walk with a cane now, there are many styles of shoes I can no longer wear – disheartening for a former shoe addict who once owned over 100. These boots sounds like a real possibility. Thanks for the review!

  53. wow, those boots are so cute, you rocked it girl, I would love to try on a pair they look so fashionable and comfie

  54. These boots look really cute on. I too like the platform soles..Platform soles are the most comfortable for me.. Can’t wear flats of high heels of any type..Thankyou for posting the picture of you wearing them & sending all the details….

  55. I’ve not heard of this company before but I love the boots! Those look so cute on you!

  56. These boots are so cute and would dress up any outfit..My daughter would love these ๐Ÿ™‚

  57. Your boots are so cute! I live in Martinez, Ca. and you’re right the lowest I’ve seen it is about 23-25 degrees.I’d love to have some pretty boots to keep my feet warm. Great review by the way ๐Ÿ™‚

  58. Those are cute. I’d love to have them today. It’s seven degrees outside. Luckily, I don’t have to venture outdoors

  59. Those are cute. I like that they are lace up. Boots that are simply slip on aren’t that easy to take on and off.

  60. these boots are so pretty, i love the style and color, not to shabby to wear for a cold day ๐Ÿ˜‰ do hope it gets warm for you soon ๐Ÿ˜‰ thanks for review

  61. These boots have it all. They’re cute, comfortable and look so warm. I’d love to have a pair.

  62. There is nothing better than a warm pair of boots when the weather is cold outside. These are cute too.