Los Gatos Creek Park In The SF Bay Area — Wordless Wednesday


If you’re in the Bay Area and you want a nice picnic area, the Los Gatos Creek Park is a great option! Here are some photos that I took when we had a family reunion picnic there about 2 weeks ago. 🙂

Los Gatos Creek Park

Los Gatos Creek Park

Los Gatos Creek Park

Los Gatos Creek Park

Los Gatos Creek Park


Los Gatos Creek Park In The SF Bay Area — Wordless Wednesday — 25 Comments

  1. Aww…. I miss California, so many places to visit and things to do.. Unlike where I am now! I was born in Los Gatos, and miss it.. The weather The most 🙂

  2. What a beautiful place. It makes me miss Cali. so much to see pictures like this. The scenery is so totally different then that of my home town of New Orleans.

  3. I have been to the SF area twice and think it is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing the pictures the places is really pretty. My daughter would love trying to feed the birds.

  4. This looks almost surreal! How lucky you are to live near such a beautiful area! I’ve only been to Cali once, I’;d love to go back!

  5. There many beautiful places in San Francisco My father had planned to move my Mother and brothers there had he lived. He had been around the world 8 times and San Francisco was his favorite.

  6. wow, that’s such a beautiful park! lots of flat grassy area to picnic. I don’t live in cali, but i went to san francisco for my honeymoon last year. we really loved golden gate park…so big and lots of things to do. we definitely want to go back.

  7. The park looks beautiful but way underused. People need to get out with their families or by themselves and enjoy our public open spaces.

  8. The park looks amazing – I am going to be visiting San Francisco for Christmas which we will celebrate at my sister’s house this year. I am going to ask her to take us to this park, the kids are going to love it.

  9. This is really gorgeous. If you are ever in Richmond, VA you should check out Maymont Park.

  10. Picnics are always a nice little outing that doesn’t take too much work. It’s also nice to get outdoors and just enjoy the weather and surroundings.

  11. What a beautiful place to go and relax. It sounds like a nice area to pack a picnic lunch and spend the afternoon.