Hyland’s Homeopathic Baby Products Review & Giveaway

I received a pack of Hyland’s Homeopathic Baby products to facilitate this review.

For over a century, Hyland’s has produced homeopathic medicines using the highest quality natural ingredients and in accordance with FDA Good Manufacturing Practices. Hyland’s homeopathic medicines provide a safe and effective solution to health care issues that affect the entire family, from infants to seniors.

Hyland's Homeopathic Baby Products

If there’s one thing I hate about being a mother, it’s seeing my son get really uncomfortable when he’s sick. I think the same is true for every mom out there. I hate hearing him cough or seeing him have a hard time breathing through his congested nose. I hate to see him cry when he feels the pain of teething or when he feels the sting of diaper rashes.

So when I received the gift pack of Hyland’s Homeopathic Baby products, I was excited to see what was inside.

I wanted to know which ones I can use for my son when he’s not feeling well. The gift pack includes the following:

 Teething Tablets – This #1 parent favorite has been trusted for nearly 85 years to work quickly to relieve irritability, redness, inflammation and discomfort on a child’s gums. It’s uniquely formulated for safety, effectiveness and quality, and contains no synthetic ingredients, artificial flavors, dyes, or parabens—and has always been benzocaine-free!
 Teething Gel – Another option for teething, great applied with a parent’s soothing touch!
 Vitamin C Tablets – They dissolve quickly and deliver 71% of the daily value for babies under a year,
and 63% for kids between 1-3 years.
 Colic Tablets – One of Hyland’s top-rated products. Helps babies suffering from colic relax and fall asleep.
 Baby Cough – This amazing natural cough syrup helps relieves various coughs from tickling to deep, hoarse coughs.
 Diaper Ointment – It relieves, heals and protects that tiny little tush.
 Tiny Cold – Works fast to shoo away runny noses and congestion.
 Infant Earache Drops – Works quickly and effectively to soothe throbbing ear pain—even the kind that antibiotics don’t take away.

Hyland's Homeopathic Baby Products

At the time I received this, my son was having a diaper rash breakout so I tried out the Diaper Ointment immediately. Whenever my son gets diaper rashes, it would usually last for two to three days. And it’s both annoying and heartbreaking for me every time I change his diapers because he always cries. But what I like about Hyland’s Homeopathic diaper ointment is that it seems to feel more comfortable on my son’s skin than the other brand that I used to buy. How do I know? He usually cries when I apply ointment onto his skin, but with Hyland’s the crying was not as loud as usual. I think it’s because this ointment has a different consistency.

Since I also received the homeopathic Teething Tablets and Teething Gel from Hyland’s, I used it on my son when I felt like he was experiencing some teething pain. Though I can’t personally say that the pain went away, I noticed that he started playing again after a couple of minutes. So I guess that worked.

I have yet to try the other products I received from Hyland’s. Since my son has been quite healthy in the past few weeks, there hasn’t really been any chance for me to use the colic tablets, cough syrup, cold tablets, and earache drops. But having these products here gives me peace of mind that if he ever starts to feel ill, I have something here to combat those symptoms.

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  1. I love Hylands. It works great for my baby girl that is teething, I would love to try all the other homeopathic remedies they have for all sorts of ailments, Hylands ROCKS!! ♥☻

  2. im excited to try the vitamin c tablets b/c i am a big believer in taking vitamin c daily and my baby is the only one that doesn’t 🙂

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