3 Years Down, Forever To Go

3rd anniversary

My husband and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary a couple of days ago and it was one of the best days of my life.

You see, my husband’s primary love language is Quality Time, but my love languages are Words, Touch and Gifts (yes I have 3!). So the first few months of our marriage was a bit rocky because we didn’t realize that we had totally different ways of expressing our love.Β I can’t tell you how many times I felt neglected when my husband doesn’t give me gifts especially on my birthday, our anniversary, Christmas, etc. I think I was very much like the Edith in the graphic below.


I had to explain to him that I don’t require expensive gifts. It just has to be something from him. I also had to tell him to tell me he loves me and to hug me every now and then. A combination of all 3 — when he comes home from work with some cold Chicken Nuggets, goes straight to me, hugs me and and says “I love you” — would make my day.

Being aware of our love languages helped us a lot in realizing how much we love each other. And since I know that Quality Time is his love language, I have learned to appreciate his efforts in making sure we go on a romantic dinner date when there’s an occasion, and even those daily moments when we sit together and watch Wheel of Fortune or some interesting movie.

I guess that’s also why this particular anniversary was very special to me. Because this time, very unexpectedly, he went out of his way to surprise me with a gift!

He asked me in December what I wanted for Christmas and our anniversary. I said it would be awesome to have a necklace or bracelet or watch that I can always remember as his special gift to me. I was actually inspired by the Kay advertisement about the Love’s Embrace necklace. But I didn’t expect anything because we went on vacation to LA and Anaheim, and we spent a lot of money out there.

So our anniversary day came and he routinely kissed me goodbye before he left for work while I was still asleep. When I woke up, I saw a small box and a card on my bedside table. I teared up right away because I didn’t expect anything, and what he wrote on the card just felt so loving and true.

When I opened the small box, I saw the Love’s Embrace necklace from Kay Jewelers. I didn’t even tell him that that was the reason why I told him I wanted a necklace or a bracelet. He just really looked for a necklace that had a special meaning.

Love's Embrace Necklace

You will always be surrounded by the strength of my love.” (Love’s Embrace tagline)

Needless to say, I loved his gift and I appreciate his effort to “talk” in my love language. I felt so loved by the man I promised to spend a lifetime with. So much that I don’t even know how to reciprocate it. He says I don’t have to get him a gift, that what I do for him and with him every day is indication enough of my love for him. And since I know him and his love language, I believe him.

Three years is such a short time compared to the number of years we still have ahead of us. But I thank God for being with us in getting to know each other, in guiding us and giving us grace every single day. As my husband said on his anniversary Facebook status, “3 years down, and forever to go.”

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    • It’s a really beautiful necklace. Kay Jewelers has some variations that are more expensive. This is the simplest but it’s beautiful nonetheless. πŸ™‚


    • I agree! I can’t believe my husband was able to find a gift with such a beautiful meaning. πŸ™‚


  1. What a nice surprise! We have the same language barrier here.I just buy myself something. That’s how we’ve been doing it for 22 years. Not very romantic. He tends to buy useful things and I like fun things!It works for us.

  2. That is one beautiful necklace,I am sure he is a lucky man.I was a lucky woman too but on Nov 10th 2012 Randy after 20 yrs said”” I love you,can i do a survey? Well . i love you too i said and turned around and he was gone.Massive heartattack took my bestfriend,soulmate and only person i thought i would grow old with,PLEASE take every waking moment to be kinder nicer I am soo happy we said ‘love you’ so often as i wll live with that memory forever. Thank you for sharing ,,dont mean to make you sad

    • Oh no! So sorry to hear that, Marylou.. πŸ™ I’ve thought about that day in the future for me and my husband. My heart aches just thinking about it. I can’t even imagine how painful it would be when it actually happens. I will keep your advice in mind and try to be nicer to him every moment.

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  3. This was the sweetest! My husband and I got married at 24 and 23 respectively, and will be celebrating our 8th anniversary in February. Gifts don’t always show up since we’re on a budget, but it’s fun to get a surprise sometimes.
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  4. That was such a nice post to read! He sounds like a wonderful husband and i am happy for you both. Beautiful necklace!!!

  5. Happy Anniversary!!! I wish you guys the best!!! Guys and Girls do speak Different LOVE LANGUAGES, I am Glad You pointed it out πŸ˜‰ Great Post!!

  6. It’s the little things , a hug,a kiss and a shoulder to cry on. Knowing he is there when you need him (and it goes both ways), for a strong marriage.

  7. Your husband is so sweet! This reminds me of when my boyfriend gave me a gorgeous necklace for my birthday. Gotta love these moments <3

  8. Happy belated Anniversary. We’ve been married 21 years and it’s just like the day we were married. I found a great man and looks like you did too. Wishing you many more Anniversaries in the future.

  9. Clearly, you are blessed by Gods’ good graces. Your husband is so sweet! Congrats and great necklace!

  10. Well now you must be coming up on six years. We all do have different love languages. I am so glad the two of you worked this out. Your necklace is beautiful. Happy Anniversary a little early and God Bless