The Flex Belt Review

My husband has always wanted to try to tone his abs. Ever since we got married, I think his stomach just started to grow bigger and bigger. Though he has tried a couple of workout programs, he just ended up not completing those programs because of lack of time for it. So when he found out that I was going to receive The Flex Belt for review, he got excited. Yes, more excited than me.

The Flex Belt system basically tones and shapes the abs of the user even while doing something else. How? Just put it on, leave it on your tummy for about 30 minutes, increase the levels every few minutes and the Flex Belt will do the job for you. It is FDA-cleared and clinical studies have shown that it actually works!

As you can see in the photo above, the Flex Belt has 3 gel pads. The one in the middle goes at the very center of your abs. The 2 gel pads at the sides will go to an area depending on your size. In the case of my husband, we didn’t need to place the gels pads at the very last slot where you see the white curved lines. The gel pads receive signals from the controller and it helps send signals to the nerves which then cause the muscles to contract and relax — and it’s not just the muscles right under the gel pads that are being contracted.

So it was my husband who tried the Flex Belt and not me since we figured he needs it more than I do. Here are some “before” photos.

After about 10 days of using The Flex Belt, my husband tells me he feels like his stomach muscles feel tighter and stronger. It still isn’t exactly any much smaller than before he used it but he definitely feels that it was really able to tone his abs. What my husband totally loves about the Flex Belt is that he doesn’t need to worry about whether he’s doing the exercises properly and not develop or tone or strengthen the right muscles. Aside from the fact that he doesn’t have to worry about that, he also doesn’t have to stop whatever he’s doing just to use the Flex Belt. He can tone his abs and still check his Facebook or do other stuff at home.

Because 10 days of using The Flex Belt isn’t really enough to see a significant difference in my husband’s abs, I will be posting an update in about 2 months and show you some “after” pictures of my husband.

The Flex Belt is available for purchase at their website for $199.


The Flex Belt Review — 21 Comments

  1. I’ve tried something like this once it didn’t work for me, I suggest jogging & Lying leg raises 😉

  2. I think we’re all familiar with this and similar products that say they will tone your muscles while you do something else, like just sit there. I think if you really want to get in shape you need to eat healthy meals and exercise, you can’t cheat your way to success.

  3. What a strange device. I so sensitive to the slightest shock, I’d be afraid to use it. It is a bit pricey too.