Sponsor Spotlight: David’s Cookies

One of the sponsors of my giveaway for the 25 Crazy Dayz of Giveawayz Hop is David’s CookiesDavid’s Cookies has generously agreed to give a $25 gift code to whoever will win the giveaway when it ends at 11:59pm on November 25. And that winner will be very lucky to get this prize! I did not receive a sample of their cookies so I’m gonna be really jealous of whoever wins my prize package!

About David’s Cookies: David Liederman started it in 1979. Cookie shops were a trend in California at that time and he decided to bring that to the East Coast. Customers fell in love with his cookies that had big chunks of chocolate and were always oven-fresh. It was such a success that it became well known throughout the country and even got many awards. It went under new management which helped innovate new additions to the food offerings. It opened an online cookie store in the 90s and today David’s Cookies is the leading provider of fresh-baked cookies on the internet. Their products:

  • COOKIES. Home-style recipe with wholesome milk, eggs and creamy butter, Hershey’s chocolate, pecans, macadamia nuts, white chocolate, sweet butterscotch and other top quality ingredients. Variations include M&M, Ginger Molasses, Sugar, Macadamia White Chunk, Double Chocolate Chunk, Chocolate Chunk, Pecan Chocolate Chunk and more!
  • FROZEN COOKIE DOUGH. With David’s ready-to-bake frozen cookie dough you can easily whip up a warm batch of cookies anytime. It’s made from David’s famous home-style recipes, packed fresh and shipped directly to your home.
  • BROWNIES AND CRUMBCAKES. David’s brownies and crumbcakes provide you with home-baked goodness without baking. The crumbcake and brownie gifts are made from special recipes made of rich butter, fudge, brown sugar, Hersheys chocolate chips and real peanut butter.
  • DIABETIC DESSERTS. Controlling your sugar intake? You can still enjoy David’s Cookies with their selection of diet desserts! Each treat has fewer calories than its original counterpart. These low-carb, no sugar added desserts are perfect for anyone trying to slim down while satisfying their sweet tooth.
  • GIFT BASKETS. These are a collection of goodies that are great for any occasion. Gourmet cookie gift baskets, cookie bouquets, buckets and boxes are filled with signature treats.
  • CHEESECAKES. The perfect blend of cream cheese and the right ingredients with a sweet graham crust baked fresh for a rich taste that came straight out of the oven makes David’s Cookies’ cheesecakes perfect as gifts!

Check out all their products at DavidsCookies.com now!


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  1. I have been to the David’s Cookies website but I have never ordered anything from them. I would love to try their cheesecakes and their chocolate chunk cookies. Thank you for sharing this post.