Make Delicious Dinners On The Fly With Ragu From Safeway

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Not every tasty dinner requires hours of preparation. With Ragu, I’m able to take a few shortcuts while still making some wholesome meals for my family. Its quality ingredients — like tomatoes, onions and extra virgin olive oil — make it the perfect recipe starter for a long list of delectable meals families will love.

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Once you have your sauces, I recommend trying Ragu’s Chicken Parmesan recipe. It’s really simple to make! So simple that I was able to create it (remember, I’m not really that good in the kitchen LOL). I just had to make some adjustments because I was just cooking for me and my son. But it’s scrumptious and it will surely satisfy your family’s taste buds!


I made some adjustments to the recipe and cut the chicken breast in the middle.

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*Sponsored post by Lunchbox, all opinions are 100% my own. #spon #ad


Make Delicious Dinners On The Fly With Ragu From Safeway — 70 Comments

  1. It’s just the two of us and we seldom eat at the same time. My meal tip is to have a meal cooked and ready to reheat so there isn’t a big mess to clean up at odd hours.

    • Not trying to be rude, but why would you enter this giveaway if there isn’t a Safeway near you? Safeway is the main store around here. I would love to win!

  2. What a great idea. So many quick meals can be made with this. I am going to buy a couple jars for my pantry for when I am struggling trying to find something fast. 🙂

  3. Thanks so much for the Fantastic Review/Information on Make Delicious Dinners On The Fly With Ragu From Safeway! I don’t know if we have any Safeways here around where I live! We always loved Ragu! Lately, however, we’ve been purchasing cheaper spaghetti sauces. I do miss the Ragu though! I love to use the spaghetti sauce for my meatballs, spaghetti, lasagna, baked beef a roni, etc., etc.! Thanks so much for sharing your fantastic review/information on Make Delicious Dinners On The Fly With Ragu From Safeway with all of us! I know that I most definitely appreciate it! Thanks again! Michele 🙂
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  4. I like meals that freeze well. We make batches and have a quick meal whenever we want, since we’re not always hungry for the same thing.

  5. I take a day and make several meals that can be put in the freezer. Then, on busy days I can just take one out and pop it in the oven and add a salad.

  6. If using a jar sauce, I always add ground beef, hot Italian sausage and fresh tomato, green pepper and onion. I usually add a bit of Italian seasoning. Even though I like sauce from a jar, this makes it better.

  7. I like to some times make enough to have left overs another night so just have to reheat and dinner is ready!

  8. We have homemade pizza every week. I’m kind of tired of it so, I thought today, instead of the usual toppings, that we’d make a chili dog pizza.I hope it turns out okay.

  9. I like fast food so my tip isn’t really a tip. I call Pizza Hut delivery and usually order the pan meat lovers pizza.

  10. Fridays, you can get $5 chicken or meat loaf, if you get the rotisserie you can eat it different ways, like shred it up for a burrito or nachos.

  11. I like to keep something like frozen pizza on hand for thoses nights I just rally don’t want to cook. I also like to post a meal plan in the kitchen so I can glance and see if there is something I need to take out of the freezer or grab at the store.

  12. There’s two of us and we both take turns at cooking. Each time one of us cooks, we make enough to have leftovers for the next night. That way we each only end up cooking once every 4 days.

  13. I like jarred sauces. It makes meal time so much easier. Pasta is always a good choice because you can do so many different recipes with it.

  14. To make things easier sometimes buy shredded cheese,already chopped items etc, It will make it go faster because our house is busy and I don’t have 3 hrs to prep food.

  15. I’m always happy to have grilled food. Steak , tuna, chicken. It doesn’t matter. Grilling just brings out the flavors.

  16. I like foods that can be frozen. I love chili so when my husband makes a big batch, I can pull a serving out of the freezer later for a quick meal.

  17. If I make something new, I always tell my kids to at least take a bite and if they do not like it they can spit it out. That usually gets them to try the new food without a big fuss and most of the time they find out that they do actually like it.

  18. It’s really bad but my tip is to get prepare food from Costco to make life their stuffed bell peppers and they rotisserie chickens

  19. I try to make large casserole dishes every week and freeze individual portions. These are great for quick dinners, just thaw and warm up!

  20. Schedule some ritual easy dinners into the week….like Taco Tuesdays and Pizza Fridays. The kids look forward to them and it gives Mom a little break.

  21. I’m a Prego user, when using a jar sauce. My husband has an excellent home made pasta sauce. When I’m left to my own devices I’ll pop the top off a jar and add fresh tomato, spices and vegetables.I also throw in ground beef and hot Italian sausage. Maybe I could make my own sauce!

  22. There’s nothing a homemade pasta sauce. To get it right, you have to simmer it for hours though. In a pinch, jar sauce is good. I usually use Prego. Ragu also has some good flavors. Whichever brand I use, I always doctor it up.

  23. I have used Ragu many times. Using it tomorrow night as a matter of fact! Planning to have it on spaghetti. So great!! We also add to the Ragu sauce as well.

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